TRON Lightcycle Run rollercoaster construction from Magic Kingdom

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TRON Lightcycle Run construction - November 14 2022
Posted: Wednesday November 16, 2022 9:31am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Here is our latest look at TRON Lightcycle Run construction at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

The official opening for TRON Lightcycle Run at Magic Kingdom remains Spring 2023.

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UNCgolf17 hours ago

It would be a much, much better ride if there were more scenes (which would also make it longer, which is another problem). It's nowhere near as good as it should have been, but it was enjoyable enough to ride when I could just walk on with no wait.

DCLcruiser17 hours ago

I think I expected more scenes throughout the ride. It's decent and then there's the little scene at the end.

UNCgolf17 hours ago

I think it's a fun little attraction that I enjoyed riding with a FastPass, but I definitely wouldn't wait 60 minutes to ride. Nor would I want to pay $15-20 for it.

DCLcruiser17 hours ago

Agreed. I think it was 60 min this past week. I didn't ride it. Not my favorite, and not worth the wait or $.

UNCgolf17 hours ago

Sure you can, but there are obviously a bunch of guests who don't do that, so it'll still have a big effect. It's not like 7DMT doesn't still get relatively long wait times even with the ILL option.

DCLcruiser17 hours ago

Yes, but you can ILL 7DMT, so no point in using the SB. LL will at least make you play the game, and possible get in line because you used LL on Peter Pan, etc.

Kaitlin Murphy17 hours ago

Safe to assume second half of March? Or do you think earlier?

wdwmagic17 hours ago

They will be in March assuming everything goes to plan.

Kaitlin Murphy17 hours ago

Any whispers on previews? Passholders, DVC, D23?

nryder8117 hours ago

Hi guys! Longtime lurker but first time poster. Excited for TRON coming but I noticed that there is going to be D23 ticketed event. Maybe they bring ElecTRONica or something like it to the east coast for one night? Just a thought....

UNCgolf18 hours ago

7DMT has standby now, though. TRON will be fully VQ with no standby at all, so that'll likely be a couple thousand extra people doing other things instead of waiting in line.

DCLcruiser18 hours ago

I would guess that when TRON goes VQ, 7DMT will go Free-LL/SB, in order to offset. Splash will be a big loss (although, it was weird, I got a Splash LL, walked passed like 100 people in the SB line. People are weird)

UNCgolf18 hours ago

Putting everyone in a VQ for TRON (even though it was inevitable) with Splash down is going to really exacerbate crowding problems at MK.

DCLcruiser21 hours ago

I was at MK on Thursday. They were testing TRON.