Tron coaster coming to Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland

Jul 15, 2017 in "Tron Lightcyle Run rollercoaster"

Tron concept art
Posted: Sunday July 16, 2017 7:20pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Tron, the hugely popular coaster from Shanghai Disneyland, is coming to the Magic Kingdom.

To be built on a brand new area beside Space Mountain, Tron will open in time for Walt Disney World's 50th in 2021.

The TRON Lightcycle Power Run attraction at Shanghai Disneyland is a coaster-style attraction where riders board a train of two-wheeled Lightcycles. It offers access into the energy, lights and excitement of TRON’s high-tech universe.

The nearby Speedway is set to remain, although various versions of the final plan show the Speedway being radically updated from its current Indy car type look.

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Bocabear16 hours ago

Actually there is a sort of story, but my Mandarin is not good enough to really figure it out... You are players on a team being sent into the game grid against another team...something something something, says the blue eyed Asian lady on the screen... It is very slick and beautiful, but it should have done more and been longer. People will see it as an E ticket...Especially if they improve the Queue a bit over the one in Shanghai,...

UNCgolf1 day ago

I don't see how it's anything more than a D unless someone considers any type of thrill ride an automatic E. It's short, doesn't have a story, and is very lightly themed overall.

TrainChasers1 day ago

I don’t think tron is a huge e ticket.

cookiee_munster1 day ago

I'd like to think that eventually, hopefully, hesitantly that maybe... TRON's canopy design and the overall aesthetic is integrated into the rest of Tomorrowland. But I'm not going to hold my breath.

EricsBiscuit1 day ago

Am I the only person who thinks a huge e ticket like Trom USS the perfect fit for MK? Anyways, I think it’s ridiculous they’ve taken so darn long to build it. Uni makes Disney look incompetent at every turn. In the time it has takes Disney to finish 1 coaster Uni will have built 2 fantastic and unique coasters.

owlsandcoffee1 day ago

That was my thought too. You could do something similar to the old IBM offices too.

doctornick1 day ago

Agreed. It seems like the simple solution to the sightline issues with the Tron showbuilding is to actually theme it in some way; ideally it would be in a manner harmonious with the rest of TL (and tolerable when seen from the circus) but at least make it Encom themed as a building they own.

corran horn1 day ago

Put ENCOM on the side of the giant blue cube! I beg of you! Make it an ENCOM tech expo building!

Bocabear2 days ago

I am positive it will be a big hit...Any coaster built in any Disney park will be a big hit... I feel like the location is a bit of a problem It doesn't fit into it's location...and they are doing nothing to integrate the style into the rest of the land. To me, the style of the building fits more of that futurist vibe like EPCOT... Tron is by no means a terrible ride...It just might have fit someplace else better...

doctornick2 days ago

I haven't been on Tron, but from the ride through videos, it looks like a superior attraction to RNR to me. And I think if that ride has been fine and accepted in Disney parks, no reason why Tron would be a problem at all. I actually think that RNR is the perfect comp to Tron in that it is a somewhat more thrilling option than existing rides at the parks without being so out of whack to turn off the typical Disney fanbase. RNR has the added thrill of the inversion, but similar run time as Tron and IMHO inferior theming to Tron (and the rider positioning for Tron is more unique). Tron also adds to the ambiance of the area with the canopy and lights and kinetics of the vehicles running outside. To me, Tron allows for a nice compromise so teenage Billy can enjoy it while his little sister Annie is riding Little Mermaid and meeting princesses. It expands the breadth of attractions in MK to satisfy a bit more diverse fanbase. No, it's never going to appeal to hardcore coaster enthusiasts, but it's certainly provides some elements not already present at MK. I understand the criticism of the obvious gravity building and concerns about capacity, but I really don't get people who think that Tron as a ride is a poor fit for MK or WDW in general. I expect it to be extremely popular and well received among a large subset of people who go to Disney parks.

Bocabear2 days ago

The thing is, it may be an interim coaster in speed, but the ride system is not at all...the ride system implies serious thrill coaster...not interim young families... If you were talking about 7 Dwarves, I would agree, but having experienced TRON in Shanghai, It is daunting and scary for young the thrills on the ride don't equal how it looks...but the looks make the decision for most. TRON would have been a great fit for EPCOT where Guardians is, but with an expanded footprint and longer ride. Guardians would have been a perfect fit for DHS... But TRON is not the best for for MK at all.

marni19712 days ago

Don’t even try.

celluloid2 days ago

This would be true if it was not a 48 inch height requirement in a thrilling prone position. Slinky Dog is closer to what you are describing. You make it sound like IOA has a ton of thrill coasters that are not as accessible. Hagrid is about as thrilling as Tron will be with the same height requirement and a longer duration and more theming. Velocicoaster and Hulk are the only two intense tall height requirement coasters to appeal to that audience and for a bonus thrill supporting role you have Doctor Doom.

The Aracuan Bird3 days ago

Ohhhh whoops. Silly me read that as “Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge”. I guess that would be SWGE.