Walt Disney Imagineering shares video of full-speed TRON Lightcycle Run launch testing at Magic Kingdom

15 days ago in "Tron Lightcyle Run rollercoaster"

Posted: Thursday May 12, 2022 9:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney Imagineering has shared a behind-the-scenes look at the first full-speed launch test for TRON Lightcycle / Run, which recently took place at Magic Kingdom.

The video, which you can see below, shows the successful launch and includes onboard footage through the launch tunnel and outside under the canopy.

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owlsandcoffee4 hours ago

imo it'd be weird to replace SM at its original location. it'd be like replacing the DL POTC

JoeCamel5 hours ago

Three guys watching a fourth drill composite ties with a weedeater..... Couple of takes This is why it costs so much for anything the mouse does Why are they running a weedwhacker motor in one place for hours during park hours?

doctornick5 hours ago

IIRC Tokyo Space Mountain is a clone of DL’s version. MK’s version with its double track is a unique layout.

mergatroid5 hours ago

railroad track construction started courtesy of Mickey Views

JoeCamel5 hours ago

My post was dripping with sarcasm. I wouldn't hold out hope for space getting anything until something dramatic happens

dennis-in-ct5 hours ago

Is it thought that Magic Kingdom will get a new Space Mountain to share the costs with Tokyo's new Space Mountain? I thought I read that DLR will be getting the same new version with Tokyo. Can anyone confirm if DLR and/or Magic Kingdom will get the new Space Mountain?

ToTBellHop6 hours ago

Well, outdoor construction. It could open while they complete finishing touches on the interior (maybe 2 months before TRON if they want). But they definitely need to finish all of the outdoor walkways. I’d guess September, at the earliest, for the WDWRR. But 10/1 has obvious appeal.

James Alucobond10 hours ago

Indeed. I think they'd at least want all work on the Storybook Circus path, the path connecting TRON to Light & Power, and all related landscaping complete before they run the train again. Basically, everything from the tracks to the Speedway. I can't imagine they'd want to sacrifice the ability to traverse the area where the tracks will go day or night, plus the views rolling through that dust bowl would be abysmal.

dreday310 hours ago

Agree with above. I just don't think they can operate the train until Tron construction is complete. Too many safety issues.

EeyoreFan#2410 hours ago

My pure speculation is they dont want construction access majorly impeded and/or operational/safety issues with constant crossing. I think we at least need to see the area west of the tracks, but probably the entire outside, buttoned up before they lay track outside the tunnel. can it be done - yes, but theres probably a whole slew of new challenges it brings that are not “necessary”. So the best I hope for is mostly completed track and just needing to fill the gaps and test when it’s time to do so, but I think it’s more than a few weeks. Hopefully I’m wrong and around the clock crews have the train going in a month!

Homer fan11 hours ago

So are we down to just installing track from the tunnel to the back of SM? If so, what is stopping the train from opening up in a few weeks?

DCBaker12 hours ago

SpectroMan932 days ago


celluloid4 days ago

It looks cool! It is likely not for the ride. :( Most promos for the Central Florida parks and their events are not even filmed in the state, sometimes not even the country.