TRON Lightcycle Run construction update from Magic Kingdom

Dec 02, 2021 in "Tron Lightcyle Run rollercoaster"

TRON Lightcycle Run construction - December 1 2021
Posted: Thursday December 2, 2021 11:20am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Construction has resumed at TRON Lightcyle Run in the Magic Kingdom after almost two months of very little activity.

The entrance ramp is now clearly visible, which will take guests up over the railroad tracks and into the ride itself.

This concept art shows how the entrance ramp will look when complete.

More of the exterior canopy is also being put into place.

On the other side of the site viewed from Fantasyland, working is continuing on the new building.

It is now starting to be enclosed with the same blue cladding material as on the main ride building.

We still don't have an opening date for TRON at Walt Disney World, and Disney is remaining silent on the issue. At the recent D23 event where updates were offered on upcoming projects, TRON was mentioned, but no opening details were given. The ride was originally planned to open in Spring 2021, which obviously did not happen. The expectations were then that the ride would move to a 2022 opening, but with Disney announcing 'Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind' to open in the summer of 2022, it remains possible that TRON will be pushed to a 2023 opening.

Click the gallery to see more construction pictures of TRON Lightcycle Run.

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James Alucobond46 minutes ago

I don't think anyone actually believes this is the case. Just pointing out that the discussion last year was about other tunnels, so if this represents the source for the claim made about the TRON tunnel in the video posted on the previous page, it's based on a misunderstanding.

JoeCamel1 hour ago

If they ordered the wrong size replacement ties it may have been but the clearance in the tunnel is not a matter of an inch or two and standard ties are all the same right? Wood, concrete or synthetic I don't know how much credence I give to existing tunnels being an issue. eta: or did they pour a concrete roadbed to put the ties on changing the grade? Nah, I don't think so.

M:SpilotISTC122 hours ago

Not sure if I’m alone in this thought but I’m more excited for the railroad to reopen than the actual ride. I’m over being excited for it. Eventually your excitement runs out when it take 6 years to build a clone.

egg2 hours ago

Hey it kinda looks nice with that sunset.

danlb_20003 hours ago

JoeCamel3 hours ago

I thought it was for this and the actual tunnel was redesigned, one person asked about the new stack height so maybe they trimmed the stack and lowered the tunnel. Haven't seen any pics of demo in the area so maybe a redesign of the tunnel and roadbed to squeeze out a few inches. Can't wait to see if the guests get that real old timey feel of being in an open car behind a diesel or coal burner. Maybe this smells more like fries from the biodiesel.

James Alucobond3 hours ago

I thought what was said last year had nothing to do with TRON and was instead someone claiming that, when laying the new synthetic ties, they had raised the level of the track too high for one of the existing tunnels. This was summarily dismissed by most in the know, as I recall.

JoeCamel3 hours ago

Isn't that last year's "news"? I'm sure someone close to the project mentioned it and was soundly chastised with people saying that just doesn't happen on a project like this? I thought it may have been because Shanghai has no train so Tron canopy was not designed to accommodate one. The tunnel was rumored to be changed because of this. Not sure where or from whom but I wouldn't know this unless I heard it long ago.

gerarar4 hours ago

I agree, but it may be a reason why it took so long for the tunnel part to start going "vertical". Regardless, good to see many progress on it in the recent pic updates.

James Alucobond4 hours ago

If there were issues, I would imagine they've already worked past them given the network of supports and forms that are currently in place. They would be backtracking instead of barreling ahead.

gerarar4 hours ago

DSNY Newscast is reporting that it's been rumored that there may have been errors in the orientation and sizing of the train tunnel, further complicating things. Wonder what's the source on this if it was even reported anywhere (since he usually mostly compiles various sources for his vids) or if it's his own source. Timestamped video:

DCBaker14 hours ago

J45464 days ago

yeah seeing the pathways finally taking shape and getting concrete is a huge step imo

CastAStone4 days ago