TradNation comes to a close at Epcot with a new band to appear soon

Apr 25, 2016 in "TradNation"

TradNation overview
Posted: Monday April 25, 2016 8:33am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Epcot's Canada Pavilion will have a new musical act with TradNation's engagement coming to a close.

Alberta Bound will begin playing at the Mill Stage early in May 2016. The group had previously played at Epcot during downtimes of Off Kilter.

TradNation's limited engagement was part of Epcot's latest strategy of using short-term entertainment acts rather than the permanent acts of the past, such as Off Kilter.

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wannabeBelleMay 04, 2017

Happy One year Anniversary Alberta Bound!!!! Here is to many more years with great music, dancing singing and happiness at the stage!! Marie

wannabeBelleAug 31, 2016

Today is the day!! Alberta bound is returning, assuming they don't get rained out. Have a great time everyone! Marie

wannabeBelleAug 28, 2016

And the schedule for this week is: Alberta Bound Light and energetic traditional fiddle styles. Wednesday-Saturday at 2:15, 3:30, 5:00, 6:15 & 7:30pm Length of show: 30 minutes @wdwmagic

wannabeBelleAug 25, 2016

Hey everyone Alberta Bound will be back soon!!! If you find yourself in EPCOT between August 31st and October 2nd come by the Mill Stage in Canada for some great live music!! Marie @wdwmagic

Thumper 32Jun 06, 2016

According to Twitter reports, this is the next act:

wannabeBelleJun 02, 2016

One can but hope, however I doubt it. Marie

Texas84Jun 02, 2016

Glad I got to see both new bands. Rush cover band is next, right?

wannabeBelleJun 01, 2016

Hey all, It is the last week to catch Alberta Bound if you haven't done so already!!! Marie

wannabeBelleMay 10, 2016

Well with Alberta Bound having some of the members of Off Kilter playing, it is still being supportive of the band. From my understanding though the other guys all do have full time jobs so it is highly doubtful. I do still go see Off Kilter whenever I can and am happy to support them in all of their offsite venues. Marie

DubmanMay 10, 2016

Hmmmm. I know there is probably zero chance of them coming back, but Off Kilter is releasing a new album in June... Wonder if it's possible?

dreamscometrueMay 10, 2016

I wonder what after that?

wdwmagicMay 10, 2016

Looks like they are only playing until June 5.

CdnDznyLuvrMay 08, 2016

Sadly there are a lot of people who do not like Celine ...

CdnDznyLuvrMay 08, 2016

So glad they incorporated Paul Brandt's Alberta Bound into the set ... and glad to see both Off Kilter and Mulch, Sweat and Shears alumni :) ... bravo Disney!!!