Toy Story Mania accepting FastPass+ only this week and Soundstage One becomes a construction zone

Oct 06, 2014 in "Toy Story Mania"

Posted: Monday October 6, 2014 11:02am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Toy Story Mania at Disney's Hollywood Studios is operating with FastPass+ only this week.

The standby line is not open, meaning that walk-up rides are not be available to guests. The test will be taking place between October 6 and October 9 2014.

It is widely expected that Soundstage One will soon be converted into additional track space to provide more capacity for Toy Story Mania. It is more than likely that this test is related to trialling a FastPass+ only side to the ride, which the additional track space would allow.

In more Soundstage One news, the area has now been closed off to cast members, and is officially designated a construction as of this past weekend. The soundstage is located between Toy Story Mania and the now closed Studio Backlot Tour, and was most recently home to Wandering Oakens during Frozen Summer Fun.

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ChrisMSep 28, 2015

And a business philosophy we haven't seen in 20 years...

G00fyDadSep 27, 2015

One year old thread. Just sayin...

BillqSep 27, 2015

Disney always cares about guests and try to make our visits even better, but I don't believe there us a solution to this, Disney will always have long lines because when you have maybe 20,000 people in a park at one time and only so many attractions to ride, there's going to be a long line. If they were to shorten the ride times to turn over more people per hour, then they would be taking away from that attraction lessening the quality of it.

ford91exploderOct 19, 2014

We call him 'The Submariner' up here amazing how politicos can literally get away with murder and it's why I call them EVIL.

BigTxEarsOct 19, 2014

Well EVIL might be a bit much, I mean no doubt some of them plain suck but evil is not something I would call them. Lazy, out of touch, short sighted......and a few others but I would not say evil. But I get your point :)

ford91exploderOct 19, 2014

No the current bunch in DC and most state capitals are just plain EVIL on BOTH sides of the aisle. Term limits would help mitigate the damage any single individual can do though. Mark Twain noted the only native criminal class in the US was Congress...

BigTxEarsOct 19, 2014

Or labor unions.

BigTxEarsOct 19, 2014

Well I am not that pestimistic :) I think there are a mix of both in office, just like in society. I do think the position can corrupt long term so I am in favor of term limits. Ted Kennedy was in office wwwwwaaaaayyyyyy too long for example, not the only one but he comes to mind.

1023Oct 19, 2014

Sounds like a certain executive group dealing with a profit producing division. *1023*

ford91exploderOct 19, 2014

Perhaps you do, I assume that politicians are deceitful, self-dealing lying B-------s oh and generally evil and dont give a D--- about the people who they supposedly represent.

BigTxEarsOct 19, 2014

Sounds like what we do with our politicians :)

AEfxOct 19, 2014

But what's funny is I wonder if it simply is an arbitrary, "we can cut costs" thing and a sheer "let's give 15% less product" or whatever to save, or if they actually had folks study it - what percentage of the bar do most folks not finish when they toss it, what size are comparably marketed bars, what percentage can they cut before the guest notices the decline, etc. I find questions like that amusing, because on one hand we give them too much credit for thinking things through/properly analyzing them, and on the other, we sometimes don't give them enough.

ford91exploderOct 19, 2014


ford91exploderOct 19, 2014

Steve Jobs was often accused of creating a "Reality Distortion Field", TDO has created a "Value Dimunition Field"