Toy Story Midway Mania details and notes

May 05, 2008 in "Toy Story Mania"

Posted: Monday May 5, 2008 by WDWMAGIC Staff
The Queue
  • There is a FASTPASS, single rider and standby line.
  • The majority of the standby queue is indoors, and seems to be able to hold around 60 minutes of wait when FASTPASS is not running.
  • There is an overflow queue area outside the main entrance to the left of the building, which is outdoor.
  • Guests entering via the FASTPASS or single rider line are not going to see Mr Potato Head.
  • Music from the Toy Story movies plays throughout the queue area.
  • Queue is on two levels, with a staircase taking guests up and over the queue, and back down to the load platform.
  • Mr Potato Head audio provides the safety instructions prior to boarding.
  • Guests entering the FASTPASS line can briefly see into the load area via a couple of windows.
  • There is a hidden Mickey in the queue area.
  • Guests pickup their 3D glasses about midway through the queue. There are two independent pickup locations for standby and FASTPASS lines.

Mr Potato head

  • A living Character, that is able to interact with guests in the queue. Eg. Wish someone a happy birthday, or identify someone by the color of their shirt.
  • He is located about midway through the standby queue.
  • Has the ability to remove an ear, and replace it.
  • Tells jokes, sings songs, talks to the crowd, and generally entertains.
  • Has a large number of motions including: eyebrows, lips, eyes, feet. body, both arms, fingers, hat tip, head.
  • Guests entering via the FASTPASS or Single Rider line will not see Mr Potato Head.
The Ride Vehicles

  • There is currently no height requirement, although kids cannot ride on laps due to the lap bar.
  • Ride tram comprises of 2 vehicles per tram, with 4 guests per vehicle, giving a total of 8 guests per tram.
  • Each ride vehicle tram holds 4 guests, seated 2 by 2, back to back.
  • Although you may leave the station facing forwards or backwards, your position will vary throughout the ride, and game play takes place facing sidewards.
  • Each seat has a lap bar, with integrated shooter mount. The shooter moves position depending how far the lap bar moves in, to position it perfectly.
  • As well as the lap bar, each vehicle has a door on both sides.
  • The firing mechanism is a pull cord, that you pull towards yourself, and then let go.
  • There is a LCD screen (roughly 10" width) in each car between the 2 riders that shows score the current game, total score for the ride, and shooting accuracy.
  • There is a CC button under the screen that describes the audio as text.
  • Two 8 person vehicles are loaded at once at the load bay, using a traditional numbered boarding area. Automatic gates are in place.
  • There is a dedicated loading bay for guests in wheelchairs. Once the vehicle is loaded, it joins the main track.
  • The vehicle has the capability to move fairly quickly, and does spin. The spinning is not excessive, and would seem unlikely to cause motion sickness issues.
The Game play

  • Action begins with a training round, that familiarizes guests with the shooter.
  • The vehicle then moves to 5 different game booths, where a different character from Toy Story hosts each game.
  • The action is in high definition 3D, with guests wearing 3D glasses.
  • Hitting certain targets causes physical effects, such as water and air blasts.
  • There is a great feeling of depth and gravity to the shooter projectiles.
  • You and the guest sitting next to you play on the same booth, meaning all the targets are shared.
  • It's possible to hit your partners projectile (eg. a ring), and knock it out of the way to beat them to a target.
  • At the end of your game, you see the top 3 scores of the day, and the current highest score of the month. No names are assigned to the scores however.

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