PHOTOS - Demolition of Soundstage 4 at the new Toy Story Land entrance

Sep 19, 2017 in "Toy Story Land"

Toy Story Land entrance Soundstage 4 demolition
Posted: Tuesday September 19, 2017 9:04am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The removal of Soundstage 4 at Disney's Hollywood Studios is nearing completion to make way for the entrance to the upcoming Toy Story Land.

The recent Hurricane Irma preparations meant the construction scrim was removed, giving a look at what is left of the old soundstage.

The entrance that will be made available with the soundstage demolition can be seen in the lower right corner of the image below.

Soundstage 4 was most recently home to the Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow attraction, and later a Mickey Mouse meet and greet.

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Disone14 days ago

lol. Yup. That was pretty bland was it not. :) Great memory jogger though. I had completely forgotten about those days. That space mountain did in fact have that. Thank you for this.

_caleb14 days ago

egg14 days ago

While I don’t agree with their overly negative opinion of the queue, I have to imagine they’re suggesting something fitting, like a screen posing as an Etch a Sketch doing drawings. Not just a standalone TV screen showing Disney XD or something.* I certainly think there’s room for improvement across every queue you mention and a goal should be to keep you from resorting to your phone. * Unless they had a giant tv screen with a faux episode of Property Brothers showing Andy’s house getting renovated. That would be clever!

UNCgolf16 days ago

Yeah, the problem is that the theming itself is just poorly done (in my opinion, of course), not that it doesn't exist.

MisterPenguin16 days ago

SDD's queue is outdoors for an outdoor rollercoaster. All around you, you can see the larger than life toys and the coaster itself. You're surrounded by theming. It's be like standing in the middle of Italy pavilion's square and asking "Where's the theming?" Or standing in the outdoor portion of Flight of Passage with a giant floating rock over you and asking "Where's the theming?"

MagicHappens197116 days ago

I don't really understand your qualm with the Slinky queue, they could've added interactive elements ala SDMT or even A.S.S. has the little thingies you can play with. However, it is really just a queue, for an outdoor attraction.

DonniePeverley16 days ago

Okay let me rephrase that - why make such a horrific 1980's style queue for one of the longest waiting attractions in your park ? The day of the queue with no themeing has been long gone.

OG Runner16 days ago

Disone do not interact with the Troll. Donnie is always good for a bizarre take on anything.

Disone16 days ago

IMO No need for a few reason Everyone has a cell phone and if they want to watch something they can. Plus TV screens in the queue line seems very six flags line management to me. Also if you do that then why not space mountain and why not expedition Everest and why not Frozen ever after..... Etc... The highly themed que lines is supposed to be the entertainment. If you want to watch something, you have your cell phone. Chances are whatever you select, there is going to be far more interesting to you than whatever Disney chooses for you.

DonniePeverley18 days ago

Slinky Dog - why not put some screens up to entertain the crowd?

ToTBellHopOct 25, 2022

And puke it up after Alien Swirling Saucers! I’ve been saying it since 2018: this land needs more color! Make guests the Magic to save on paint!

OG RunnerOct 25, 2022

That was the whole point and attraction of Club Cool in EPCOT. 🤣 🤣 🤣

HauntedPirateOct 25, 2022

So kids can spill sticky syrup all over the ground? Sounds like fun!

J4546Oct 24, 2022

A dedicated snowcone stand would be awesome in tsl imo