Several character meet and greets to be cut at Walt Disney World as labor shortage continues

Oct 19, 2022 in "Town Square Theater"

Posted: Wednesday October 19, 2022 10:04am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Labor shortages at Walt Disney World continue to impact operations at the theme parks and resort hotels.

According to those familiar with the situation, several character meet and greets will be cut starting Sunday October 23 2022. 

Areas impacted so far include Minnie Mouse at Town Square Theater, Minnie Mouse at EPCOT International Gateway, Donald, Daisy, and Max at Disney's Hollywood Studios. It isn't clear how long the meet and greet reductions will be in effect.

Pete's Silly Sideshow in Storybook Circus at Magic Kingdom remains closed, with no return to normal operations currently in sight.

As more character dining returns and cast-intensive shows like Fantasmic!, standard meet and greets have less access to the already constrained performer pool.

Entertainment Cast Members are frequently working six days a week with few opportunities for days off.

The return of the Disney College Program may ease the situation in the coming months, but Disney may be forced to adjust the character dining lineup to assist meet and greets.

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ThelazerNov 05, 2022

Can they alternate it with snazzy "don't drink and be dopey" holiday messages for the springs?

Disstevefan1Nov 05, 2022

LilofanNov 04, 2022

Was that signage approved by legal?😉

UnbansheeNov 04, 2022

It's been around for months, if not more than a year at this point

Disstevefan1Nov 04, 2022

Animaniac93-98Nov 04, 2022

"we spared no expense"

lazyboy97oNov 04, 2022

That’s just classy.

DisneyDebRobNov 04, 2022

I have been by that building a million times over many years. Also have many friends who have been cast members. I’ve never see them post a sign for help.. or anyone I knew that worked for Disney saw a sign and applied that’s why I was wondering. Things must be very bad .

JoeCamelNov 04, 2022

One of the ways

CompedNov 04, 2022

For a ton of posts, particularly housekeeping, front line attractions, and F&B? Absolutely. It's a more critical shortage than even pre-pandemic when it was usually difficult to find people, but they somehow managed to fill enough thanks to DCP and international programs. Character-wise it's probably never been this bad though. At least in my lifetime.

DisneyDebRobNov 04, 2022

Is this serious? I really want to know if this is how they are doing it now.

HauntedPirateNov 04, 2022

I think we saw that in late September. Laughed at it then, laughed at it now. :)

JoeCamelNov 04, 2022

Suprised no one posted the help wanted sign at I-4 desperate times

HauntedPirateNov 04, 2022

Wait... you want to ...raise labor costs?!? To try and attract and keep workers??? :eek: Please report to Disney Reindoctrination Training immediately. Bob & Josh will be waiting to talk with you once you're done, to ensure you've seen the error of your ways.