Tomb Warriors exhibit at Epcot's China Pavilion closing for refurbishment

Mar 30, 2016 in "Tomb Warriors"

Posted: Wednesday March 30, 2016 10:33am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Tomb Warriors exhibit at Epcot's China Pavilion will be closing for a refurbishment later this Spring.

The closure begins on May 2 through to June 16, reopening to guests on June 17 2016.

No word yet on if it will be a refurb on the existing exhibit or somethings new in its place.

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MonorailLoverMar 30, 2016

This would be interesting, but I would hate for it to just be the stuff from D23, which I'm sure is exactly what they would just put there, since its already made, and its already a sunk cost. I guess it would be cool for people that didn't go to D23, but boring for people who did attend. I guess that's just a 1st world problem......

WDWBryanMar 30, 2016

Vacation ruined

SmiddimizerMar 30, 2016

Closing for "refurbishment".

Brian SwanMar 30, 2016

This is an exhibit that I always stop by to see. I credit Disney for bringing this bit of Chinese culture to WS, but I have to admit that after seeing the "real" terra cotta warriors in Xian, the half-sized copies in WS are kind of cheesy. But I do hope they bring them back or replace them with a true "cultural" exhibit. But the dark side of me fears that Mulan will somehow be involved...

wdwmagicMar 30, 2016

It does indeed.

peter11435Mar 30, 2016

It seems likely given the timing here

wdwmagicMar 30, 2016

Now that would be nice.

Witchy ChickMar 30, 2016

Han Solo is going to be in this too? ::swoon:: :p

peter11435Mar 30, 2016

Could it be something Shanghai Disneyland related similar to the Hong Kong Disneyland exhibit that was in the space when that resort opened.

wdwgreekMar 30, 2016

Anna and Elsa visit their friend Mulan. And together they join forces to defeat the Hans.

wsmith1978Mar 30, 2016

I love this exhibit, but would welcome a new one, as long as it's as good. Praying we don't get "Anna and Elsa's Vacation To China".

wdwgreekMar 30, 2016

That is a substantially long enough of a time to install a new exhibit. You don't need a month to dust, paint and touch up an exhibit of this size. I hope this means a new exhibit! Fingers Crossed!

tnemgifMar 30, 2016

Epcot is going to be a wasteland this Spring. At least they have the extended F&G to fill some gaps.