Tiana's Bayou Adventure construction update from Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Mar 31, 2023 in "Tiana's Bayou Adventure"

Tiana's Bayou Adventure construction - March 29 2023
Posted: Friday March 31, 2023 12:04pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Here is the latest look at the progress on the former Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom as it is transformed into Tiana's Bayou Adventure.

More scaffolding has been installed this week, with crews working at the very top of the mountain.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure will open at Magic Kingdom in late 2024.

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Drdcm52 minutes ago

I do legitimately think the general sense and atmosphere (until the lift bill at least) will be similar. They’re clearly paying attention to the music, it sounds like there will be a bunch of AAs and most likely quite a few more advanced AAs. I personally love that style of music, which might not be for everyone. Now I say this as someone who’s favorite ride hands down was splash. I suppose all good things must come to an end eventually… I suppose I can continue to be upset, or just hope for the best

Prince-11 hour ago

These posters are just regurgitating their same old tired nonsense. They don’t worry about letting facts get in their way.

matt91121 hour ago

Just visit Japan…..

MisterPenguin1 hour ago

How many times do we need to debunk this totally made-up story that Disney is cancelling Facilier out of concern for Voodoo/Hoodoo? Facilier shows up quite regularly in the parks. Every time there's a cohort of villains, he's there. He's there in Fantasmic! (the recently refurbed Fantasmic! which would have been an opportunity to remove him). He's there in the Halloween parade and the Hocus Pocus Spelltacular castle show. Stop making up stuff.

Incomudro1 hour ago

The one saving grace.

WorldExplorer2 hours ago

The movie was trying to be inclusive, but apparently ended up being so bad that 70% of it or so can't be acknowledged. The ride is trying to be inclusive, and this time, absolutely, it will be looked upon as a shining gem of inclusivity for all time. Really.

Incomudro2 hours ago

This is the same logic Disney uses with Star Wars. We see how well that turns out. These people are handed gold, and they make lead out of it.

Brer Panther2 hours ago

And yet Mama Odie is allowed in. Go figure.

Incomudro2 hours ago

Inclusivity. These new people, bereft of creativity, and most importantly - a sense of FUN - believe they know better. And they're going to teach us.

Midwest Elitist3 hours ago

I don't remember riding Splash until I was 14. It was mind-blowing seeing the indoor area for the first time, I thought it was just a drop. And the way the bluegrass music starts up when you get off the second lift hill into the ride proper. It's almost like a transition into the world of Br'er Rabbit. The birdhouse singing HDYD. The geese greeting you. The animals playing NATURAL instruments. The scream on the dip. The vultures taunting you. Dropping into the Briar Patch, which is genius, followed by the calm violins and harmonicas of Zipadeedoodah. Then the finale. While things were broken when I went in 2021, those feelings remained. It's all perfect. Now it's gone.

TDLFan3 hours ago

There was nothing like the Hollywood Backlot at Christmas. It just oozed warmth, charm, spectacle. It was an amazing experience.

Bleed0range3 hours ago

I think sometimes this is muddled with nostalgia. I do think some things have been replaced by better things. It could be my personal opinion not being colored by nostalgia. I am not nostalgic for splash because I didn’t ride it much when I was a kid. I have nostalgia for Haunted Mansion for sure but it’s also an OG ride. I know that I never really participated in any of the attractions Galaxy’s Edge replaced and I love Star Wars so I’m going to say I prefer it. I think GE is a pretty stellar place despite its shortcomings. My favorite parts of MGM/Hollywood didn’t get replaced.

Midwest Elitist3 hours ago

I remember how fun the stunt show was, and the cast members were really enjoying themselves (Circa 2013)! Now it feels like everything is just marketing attractions, and the staff are miserable.

TDLFan3 hours ago

I think also another aspect of Disney fans getting riled up, is that virtually anytime Disney replaces something nowadays, what comes after is a vastly inferior product and I really don't think that's an opinion that can be argued at length. I don't want another attraction where I'm sitting on it, only to be thinking of my fond memories of what was before. I'm looking at you Mission Space, Imagination, Test Track 2.0, Runaway Railway, Stitch's Great Escape, Frozen Ever After, Beauty and the Beast Sing a long, Galaxies Edge. Sigh. I'd add that it's more than just nostalgia anchoring those feelings. The care, quality, and artistry were all right there in plain sight and the difference in modern Disney is staggering, but we now live in an age where it's easier to just label someone you don't know and disagree with a racist because it's a no win, one way argument, rather than hold accountable what was ONCE the pinnacle of themed entertainment.