Taller construction walls go up around Tiana's Bayou Adventure at the former Splash Mountain attraction

Jan 25, 2023 in "Tiana's Bayou Adventure"

Tiana's Bayou Adventure construction walls - January 25 2023
Posted: Wednesday January 25, 2023 10:01am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The construction walls surrounding the former Splash Mountain attraction at Magic Kingdom have been replaced with taller walls to further restrict the view into the construction site of Tiana's Bayou Adventure.

Walls went up overnight following the closure of Splash Mountain, but in some places were only a few feet tall. The new walls are the full 8ft tall height.

The Briar Patch gift shop remains closed and free of walls, with signage still in place.

The restrooms near the former Splash Mountain exit remain open as normal, accessed with a narrow walkway between construction walls.

On the ride itself, the water is fully drained, and the logs have been removed.

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Drew the Disney Dude4 hours ago

This is likely my final "construction" update ever for this attraction, but they added new props outside of Mama Odie’s house! The candles look fantastic and there's some fun Mardi Gras beads around them. It's a very simple addition, but it adds a lot to this area, especially at nighttime.

Drew the Disney Dude4 hours ago

It operated nearly flawlessly tonight! They opened it 40 minutes before when it was scheduled to open, and it was operating without any major issues for the entire night. I am pleasantly surprised (and shocked) at how smoothly the event went. I hope it's a sign for what's to come.

Meeko776 hours ago

So glad you got to ride! Would love to hear more about the D23 event!

hopemax6 hours ago

Update! Weather stayed away, rode three times. Now I can go back and read all the threads.

peter114357 hours ago

That’s not the problem.

BrerFoxesBayouAdventure7 hours ago

Like what? Making it so the A-1000 animatronics of Tiana and Louis move consistently? I'm not sure what they plan on implementing because the sensors that go off to make them move seems to be the root cause.

Jedi149 hours ago

Unusual places hide unusual talent

EagleScout61010 hours ago

Can anyone tell what Mama Odie says right before she does her "Time to think big! Time to get tiny!" Line in this POV? To me sounds like "Couldn't use your faces, eyes unusual package?"

esskay10 hours ago

That passholder shirt looks super cute, although slightly ruined by the obnoxious "HEY EVERYONE I AM A PASSHOLDER" nonsense down the side. Hope they do one without that once its open but guess thats wishful thinking.

Kirby8612 hours ago

I'm not going to lie I actually like the passholder merchandise.... if it didn't have passholder placed on it. I get having exclusive stuff for people who are loyal to your product but it shouldn't be as lazy as writing "passholder"on a pin or shirt. I know this isn't just a Disney thing.

hopemax14 hours ago

D23 event is tonight! Between the weather and the problems, odds that I actually get to ride? 🤣

themerebear645315 hours ago

Can we just make it a thing where we sing ‘Friends on the Other Side’ during the lift? Rocky Horror Picture Show style

Figments Friend19 hours ago

Have a CM friend telling me they are on a Preview tomorrow…. They received a email to ‘confirm’ their spot, but that might not mean anything. -

Mr. Sullivan1 day ago

No it doesn't. It suggests that these previews have shown them that these technical issues aren't going to be effectively corrected while they're actively sending riders through, so they need to work on it without having to be evacuating riders constantly to do so.