Tiana's Bayou Adventure added to the Magic Kingdom Guide Map

Jan 23, 2023 in "Tiana's Bayou Adventure"

Posted: Monday January 23, 2023 7:40am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Tiana's Bayou Adventure has now been added to the paper version of the Magic Kingdom guide map.

Following yesterday's permanent closure of Splash Mountain, the map has been updated to include Tiana's Bayou Adventure, with the text "Coming 2024!"

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DisneyFanatic121 day ago

I heard Zip a dee doo dah at WDW a little bit ago, but can’t remember where. Felt like it was at one of the train stations, but I feel like remember it being removed from the loop. Maybe I heard it right after the loop switched back from the Christmas loop, but I’m guessing it was somewhere else. 🤔

SpectreJordan1 day ago

I definitely agree with what you said of a completely original ride being better for the IP & that this ride has an uphill battle as it's replacing one of the GOATs. I just think others using this movie's initial middling success as an argument isn't justifiable tbh.

DisneyDean973 days ago

regardless, I don't think WDI has the necessary talent to create a ride that can match Splash anymore. This 1000x

aladdin20073 days ago

The project is screaming frozen ever after me to me, if what were hearing seeing so far is true....bad cheap patch job on the logs and not replacing detail (IF they are truly done, there has been mixed thought on that),,,, ascent screen tunnel like frozen...not impressed with the chopped food wall mural nor the yellow entry mural for all the reasons that have already been shared from many others..etc,,,sure it may have a couple of good scenes in it, but I bet the rest does not live up to its predecessor in design as a whole when it should have blown it out of the water or not been done at all. Another shoe horned in effort. And should have been based off only the movie, and not some plus cartoon. The soundtrack is what will really make or break it here I think. That's just how Im feeling so far, will see, I want to be wrong I really do.

erasure fan13 days ago

Yup. A great ride can come from any ip. I'd be one of those as well. I've been a backer of a PatF attraction on these boards from the time it was originally released. Why? Because the film would really lend itself to a great ride if done correctly. My scepticism comes from them having to limit themselves to the infrastructure already in place. Instead of exploring every option and picking what fits best for the ip and placement in the parks. And let's face it, they haven't done great with this type of retrofitting anyway. I hope it turns out great as PatF is my favorite WDAS film since Lion King. I'm not confident that it will even match splash, but it's definitely something I'll be more than happy to eat crow on if I'm wrong.

MerlinTheGoat3 days ago

It's Bob Iger who usually laser focuses on a movie's initial popularity when determining whether it has any sort of substantial future and deserves a ride. People are simply pointing out that the decision to promote PATF in spite of its lack of massive success has been very uncharacteristic for the company these days. A movie's popularity is not something I personally care about at all when it comes to what receives a ride. I'm a big fan of Atlantis The Lost Empire for instance and think it has great ride potential (they considered basing the old Fire Mountain concept around the IP before the entire thing was scrapped). Hell, i'd be game for a Black Cauldron ride (yes really), moreso than some of the other far better movies that have gotten disappointing rides. The vast majority of Disney's best rides aren't even based on movies at all. A lot of the people who are skeptical of this attraction are in fact big fans of PATF, myself included. I think it has great ride potential with the right people and proper planning. But given that it's a replacement for a legitimate cream of the crop classic, even a hypothetical dream team of the best imagineers who ever existed would have a nearly impossible task matching, let alone surpassing what it's replacing. And I do not consider anyone at WDI to be remotely dream team material. I also have a considerably less pessimistic outlook on the attraction than most others. Based off of the claims i've heard (assuming it's true), I don't think this will be nearly as egregious as Imagination v2/3 for instance. But regardless, I don't think WDI has the necessary talent to create a ride that can match Splash anymore. If this was its own thing built from scratch, it would probably be better able to stand on its own as a really good ride. Perhaps even the best they've created in decades. But as a replacement, don't underestimate WDI's ability to screw it up. It would take a miracle to come anywhere close.

SpectreJordan4 days ago

It's crazy that people are trying to use PATF's popularity as a reason to diss the new ride when probably 99% of the people who rode Splash never saw what it was based on lmao

Rich Brownn5 days ago

Because we're proud of our concrete :)

Clowd Nyne5 days ago

I think the word you’re looking for is… Anyway… My family recently move to Florida and we got APs for the first time. The first thing I did was head over to the Bayou to check things out. I looks great in person and I can not wait to see what they have for us inside.

yensidtlaw19695 days ago

It's a rule to obey the moderators. Failing that, I would prepare for the idea that this thread could be closed. The mods have put up with enough.

yensidtlaw19695 days ago

You're being obnoxious. The Mom was very clear. After years of people proving it's unreasonable to expect decency, nuance, and rule-following on this subject it's been officially ruined for everyone. She's not saying pretend Tiana is a brand new ride. She's saying that since people can't play nice the time for actively discussing the old ride and its basis is over. Please get a grip and move on.

Chi845 days ago

The title of the thread says re-theme so that’s the word I used. I have no idea what you’re getting at with the “brand new, constructed-from-the ground-up” stuff because it is what it is regardless of terminology.

GladToBeHear5 days ago

Be careful, Chi84. It's not a re-theme. It's a brand new, constructed-from-the-ground-up attraction. And it will be magical.

Disney-Universal Fanboy5 days ago

I think the flowers at the top of the salt mine spell something… Its very tricky to see, but I think they spell “Brer Rabbit is attacking us… HELP? lol I just drew this