Construction walls surround Splash Mountain as work begins on Tiana's Bayou Adventure

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Tiana's Bayou Adventure construction walls - January 23 2023
Posted: Monday January 23, 2023 8:13am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Crews have wasted no time moving in to the now-closed Splash Mountain ride at Magic Kingdom.

For a look at key moments during Splash Mountain's final hours, watch the video below.

In just a few short hours since the ride closed, walls are now up around most of the mountain, blocking access to the queue area. The construction walls are stamped with a"Southern Dome Salt Company" logo.

Crews are already inside working on draining the water from the ride system, and the main drop and splash down track area is dry.

On the Walt Disney World Railroad, the Splash Mountain finale scene is still just about visible through the new black curtain blocking the view into the ride. Narration on the train has been updated with "new critters are making a splash."

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GhostHost10001 day ago

I still wish they could have left splash and converted TSI into a New Orleans themed area with a new tiana attraction and restaurant and the riverboat (on the mississippi) could have helped with the theming around it as well

LittleBuford1 day ago

We were talking about Breaking Bad, for goodness’ sake! Let’s not pretend the moderators stifled some super relevant and insightful discussion.

Scuttle1 day ago

Another one of my harmless comments was deleted. I’m outta here. I forgot why I left these forums years back.

mysto1 day ago

Spicy Louisiana style special edition cupcakes! Spicy popcorn in a must have bucket! I'm certain this will be a "hit". Maybe not with parks fans who've ridden the original but a hit. I think this plot is OK and great execution may really make it work, but still not as fun as the original so far. It'll probably grow on us. I wonder if Pecos Bill's will become Tiana's Palace? Apologies if someone already proposed that somewhere. I like hot sauce.

mightynine1 day ago

Notice what was whacked. Keep the W-word out of the conversation and you'll likely be fine.

Scuttle1 day ago

Exactly, I’d expect some understanding from the mods in this special case. We’re talking about one of the most popular attractions in Orlando.

Disney Rocks1 day ago

I'm really not a fan of the "Help the characters do X"-type of story in a theme park ride. Yes, it's an attempt to be immersive and create a first-person narrative for riders...but they're strapped into a ride vehicle and have no agency in how the experience plays out. I guess it just comes off as kind of silly to me. Haunted Mansion or even Frozen Ever After work far better as first-person stories because we are asked to only be tourists and observe while things happen to us.

mightynine1 day ago

While the...background? details? of what was released all sounds very nice., like I said previously, if this was being used for the inspiration of a new community program funded by Disney for co-op kitchens and companies and supporting women of color in that effort (honestly, I can see that show on Disney+), it works and sounds great. It just doesn't work, to me, as the building blocks for a ride experience. On top of that, everything else just feels like someone filled the rest of the details with "New Orleans" and "Louisiana" keywords - Beignets! Bayou! Mardi Gras! - that don't feel in any way authentic like the movie did. PatF was very much a love letter to New Orleans, this feels like someone watched the movie, went to Wikipedia, and connected dots that don't really work. It does not come across as something from a creative endeavor but rather a corporate endeavor. That's not good! Know your audience!

Drdcm2 days ago

The nature of this re-theme makes it tough to stay within the community guidelines because it rides that fine line of social commentary unfortunately

LittleBuford2 days ago

To be fair, it was off-topic. We took the risk of deletion when we decided to engage in such a conversation. I can’t fault the moderators, who do a great (and thankless) job overall.

Trauma2 days ago

I honestly don’t know and my google searches aren’t helping. Are salt mines actually spaces that get repurposed?

Fox&Hound2 days ago

Maybe this will end up like Flight of Passage. An awesome ride with way too convoluted of a backstory. Every time I ride it I am like “shhhhh” during the pre-show. Just let me ride the banshee! But test track 2.0 does not inspire faith. Nor does Soarin 2.0 or even Guardians. TT 2.0 is souless and nowhere near as fun as the crash test dummies. Soarin 2.0 is all CGI and even Guardians IMHO is fun but a narrative mess. The ride is so fast it is difficult to know what is going on. If the ride is horrible maybe backlash would be enough for a Dr Facillier halloween overlay that eventually is permanent?!? Although come to think of it I would kind of love if all of this is a PR stunt and their plan all around is to have this safe, boring tour go wrong with Dr. F!

MLeota182 days ago

I know they promoted the ride concept originally with clips of imagineers visiting New Orleans to learn about the culture for inspiration. This sounds like they went out in teams to different areas and were told to incorporate every aspect into a ride concept. "Okay, so let's combine the art gallery with the information we got from the hot sauce tour and man, I'm just glad we found a mountain type structure in Louisiana. Salt is important for cooking and Tiana is a cook, so BAM, let's make it happen people. Oh wait, Mardi Gras. We have to include something about Mardi Gras too because who doesn't like Mardi Gras. PARTY!" :banghead:

Scuttle2 days ago

Add the fall of WDI to the list of Simpsons accurately predicting the future.