Construction walls surround Splash Mountain as work begins on Tiana's Bayou Adventure

Jan 23, 2023 in "Tiana's Bayou Adventure"

Tiana's Bayou Adventure construction walls - January 23 2023
Posted: Monday January 23, 2023 8:13am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Crews have wasted no time moving in to the now-closed Splash Mountain ride at Magic Kingdom.

For a look at key moments during Splash Mountain's final hours, watch the video below.

In just a few short hours since the ride closed, walls are now up around most of the mountain, blocking access to the queue area. The construction walls are stamped with a"Southern Dome Salt Company" logo.

Crews are already inside working on draining the water from the ride system, and the main drop and splash down track area is dry.

On the Walt Disney World Railroad, the Splash Mountain finale scene is still just about visible through the new black curtain blocking the view into the ride. Narration on the train has been updated with "new critters are making a splash."

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imagineer971 hour ago

I've been waiting for this moment since I first saw you give these out...dreams really DO come true!

TomboyJanet1 hour ago

The Corporate version of it at least

Disstevefan11 hour ago

I hope Tiana is treating these native american folks with equity and inclusion.

Disney1923-20231 hour ago

Since they were added this week is why people think it's connected And it's the same peppers that're on the wall posters

TomboyJanet1 hour ago

See thats the thing, The reason for me to ride splash mountain wasn't just the thrills, I mean if I wanted that I'd just go to Hershey park and ride the Tidal Force. (a ride that drenches you). There is a reason I take a plane to get to this log flume (among other rides) and that is the "Disney Difference". What people are saying here is that the thrill element was ENHANCED by having a dark moment in the plot because you don't exist in an emotional vacuum and external stimuli adds to the whole experience. Without that it's going to feel a great deal more bland and generic

tanc1 hour ago

Apparently the rail road Native American tribes have peppers, which people are speculating might be connected to Bayou Adventure... yeah...

Disstevefan11 hour ago

TomboyJanet1 hour ago

I WISH they were on that level! lol. I actually think the plywood is superior to screens. for some reason screens look sooooooo fake to me. That takes me back!

imagineer972 hours ago

Wishful thinking at the time, but "Dreams do come true in New Orleans..."

ToTBellHop4 hours ago

The villain will be a stovetop that provides… … …UNEVEN HEAT!!!!! What will Tiana do? And what will be your fate?!

TalkToEthan4 hours ago

this seems right for you

Disstevefan14 hours ago

I need a jacket as it was chilly today and it seems I had not used this jacket in a while. Look what I found in the pocket. Ahh, the good ol' days......

Incomudro4 hours ago

The whole point of this forum is guessing. Without it, there'd be no discussions and we'd all stay quiet until the ride is complete.

Tony the Tigger5 hours ago

Folks: what is the point of guessing and stressing? Whatever will be, will be. You'll enjoy it or you won't (you probably will, and there will probably be long lines for a long time.) Why imagine the worst? What is productive about that? What is the point? "Let it go." Ultimately, it's a log flume ride. The same log flume ride as before, with different dressing. The drop will be no less fun in any setting they come up with. I have never once cared about or even followed the story while riding Splash Mountain. "Look, there's an animatronic animal," or whatever. Cool. And...splash. I can't imagine a scenario in which I'm so disappointed with the new decor that I don't enjoy the ride. Throwing out ideas is one thing, but making something up out of thin air and then railing against it seems like a waste of energy, and bad juju.