Latest look at Tiana's Bayou Adventure construction at Walt Disney World

Nov 22, 2023 in "Tiana's Bayou Adventure"

Tiana's Bayou Adventure construction - November 22 2023
Posted: Wednesday November 22, 2023 9:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Here is a current look at progress on Tiana's Bayou Adventure in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

This week's additions include:

New landscaping in the splashdown area

Flowers at the top of the mountain

More branches installed on the artificial Cypress trees

Tiana's Bayou Adventure replaces Splash Mountain with a planned opening in 2024 at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

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donaldtoo2 hours ago

Thanks, it was done pretty quickly…!!! :) I’ve actually never seen the movie all the way through, but, his was the only hat from the movie I could remember…!!!!! :hilarious:

DryerLintFan2 hours ago

I like your drawing! But i wouldn’t expect shadow man to be featured at all because it said this was the further adventures of Tiana, and shadow man died in the movie. Which is a shame because his is my favorite song

donaldtoo2 hours ago

Or, maybe this hat…?! Sorry, best I could do with the markup on my phone…!!!!! :D :hilarious:

BrerFoxesBayouAdventure3 hours ago

Put a big hat on top of it.

DryerLintFan4 hours ago

Hopefully they’ll see that too and add something up to. Doesn’t even need to be fancy like a boat. Just,… something.

BrerFoxesBayouAdventure5 hours ago

Looking at them next to one another makes it look like even more of a downgrade. Spinach Mountain aside, the lack of a focal point on top makes it look like it's missing something. Might be because we've had the stump there for so long but even a smaller version of Mama Odie's boat would make the difference.

Magicart875 hours ago

Just a green muddled mass lacking distinction or focus. At least it isn't a tarp.

Splashin' Ryan5 hours ago

They overdid it with the florals even by their own models and concept standards though. They added so much moss you can no longer see the definition in the rockwork which seems pointless now. Also, salt domes have no or very little vegetation on them so it doesn't stick with that storyline either. And as some have pointed out, the surrounding rockwork hasn't been changed to match either such as on the Briar Patch Shop, around the drop loop, and likely the rockwork directly behind and hidden by the construction walls closest to pirates. Even the new florals themselves don't really pop despite there being so many because its all the same throughout, all the same size, all the same grouping and clustering, and very little exposed rockwork to actually give it contrast and pop. Really makes me wonder who designs these now in imagineering. I'm as exhausted as anyone else here with the "Disney isn't what it used to be" posts here but it's definitely true here. Just because the individual elements look good, doesn't mean it looks like a cohesive whole.

Pi on my Cake7 hours ago

It comes up in discussions around nearly every new thing Disney builds that it looks too bright and too unnatural or fairytale-esque. Then you wait 2 years and those complaints go away. The sun is the one putting the finishing touches on every project

DryerLintFan7 hours ago

That’s a really great point! I was just thinking last week about how less severe both SWL and Pandora looked. Not faded, but not as sharp. I don’t know why i didn’t apply that thinking to this lol

TrainsOfDisney7 hours ago

they really needed that boat (or something) up top. It’s giving me Snow White / fantasyland vibes. It’s like a fairy tale hill sticking up over the swamp.

Pi on my Cake8 hours ago

Keep in mind when looking at photos that new builds always are made brighter and more vibrant than they are actually meant to be since the sun bleaches everything. In a year or two, it should blend in with the surrounding greenery much better and look more natural. But if they painted it trying to make it look exactly how they wanted it to look it would be washed out in a year. The same way Toy Story Land isn't head ache inducingly bright anymore and the castle doesn't look like Pepto Bismal anymore. Sun bleaching is a big thing in florida

DryerLintFan9 hours ago

It does. I do like the Spanish moss on the lower trees. I hope there’s something texturally like that going in up top, because at least in photos it looks kinda cheap. But I’m still really looking forward to riding this, even if it’s done.

luv house of the mouse11 hours ago

Thank you, I now have a better visual of what it looks like. Looking at before and now photos it does look more swamp like and less Southwest like.