New Video - A Deep Dive into the Making of Tiana's Bayou Adventure with Walt Disney Imagineers

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Posted: Friday March 22, 2024 10:39am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The New Orleans Book Festival hosted Walt Disney Imagineering for a panel discussion on "Bringing Tiana's Bayou Adventure to Life," moderated by Leslie Iwerks.

In this 45-minute video, you can hear from WDI's Charita Carter and Carmen Smith and "honorary Imagineer" Stella Chase.

The New Orleans Book Festival brings the world's leading authors to Tulane University for a multi-day celebration of their works. The Festival features both fiction and non-fiction and convenes readings, panel discussions, symposia and keynote speeches. It provides an opportunity for outlets, authors and readers to interact with each other in one of the most vibrant and culturally diverse cities in the world.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure will open in the summer of 2024, but Disney has yet to announce a precise date.

The earliest and most optimistic estimates place a soft opening around Memorial Day (late May), which may put an official opening sometime in July.

The upcoming D23 Down in New Orleans event on March 23 provides Disney with one of two opportunities to announce an opening date; the other is the Annual Shareholders meeting on April 3.

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donaldtoo1 minute ago

“Infinitely better”…?!!! 🤔 I remember Splash Mountain being no slouch with nighttime exterior lighting…others memories may differ…

donaldtoo11 minutes ago

Definitely gold, green and purple Mardi Gras colors in there…!!! :)

donaldtoo30 minutes ago

Yea, the “Disney ‘splaining” will be annoying if kept. It’s not like the majority (;)) of us great unwashed masses are gonna’ get to the end of the attraction and go “duhhh…?! 🥴“

DisneyDodo36 minutes ago

Yes, 7DMT does have slightly lower capacity than Tron, but I think that actually works against it from an ILL perspective, since it means Disney can sell fewer ILL passes for 7DMT than it can for Tron. I’m actually surprised Disney hasn’t moved Tron off VQ by now simply for the proposes of assessing its true ILL demand before TBA opens. That’s actually making me second-guess my assumption that MK won’t have multiple VQs and/or 3 ILLs.

donaldtoo57 minutes ago

Surferboy5674 hours ago

Pokémon land CONFIRMED.

donaldtoo5 hours ago

aladdin20075 hours ago

Do they still have the monorail cards? I got one several years ago but haven't seen them since.

Centauri Space Station6 hours ago

Disney has plenty of cards they do, from transportation cards to Space 220.

ToTBellHop7 hours ago

I don’t know that it would increase sales much, but satisfaction? Sure. If a family with little kids gets that, they’ll think Genie was worth it. They won’t care if all they get the rest of the day is Pooh and PhilharMagic. It will also free up capacity for Peter Pan Lightning Lanes since that’s a similar crowd and has very low capacity.

UNCgolf7 hours ago

My guess is that 7DMT will have higher demand than TRON once the VQ is removed for a variety of reasons -- the two main being that 7DMT has a lower hourly capacity (I think, not 100% sure on this) and it has a larger rider base (i.e. there are more people who interested in riding 7DMT than TRON). TRON is much newer, though, so it's possible they leave it on ILL and hope 7DMT moving to Genie+ increases Genie+ sales.

TheCoasterNerd9 hours ago

Well that would explain it lol

McMickeyWorld9 hours ago

I hadn't finished watching it xddddddd