Latest look at Tiana's Bayou Adventure construction in Magic Kingdom

Jun 22, 2023 in "Tiana's Bayou Adventure"

Posted: Thursday June 22, 2023 12:12pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Here is a quick update on the construction progress for Tiana's Bayou Adventure at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

Crews are in the process of clearing a section of the former Splash Mountain queue area.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure attraction is coming to Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in late 2024.

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Figments Friend41 minutes ago

I would like that Passholder shirt shown above much better without the overly huge and obnoxiously scaled lettering shouting PASSHOLDER along the left edge. 🤨 Seven days to go until the big public Grand Opening of the Attraction….! Going to be a entertaining day, methinks. 🍿 Place your bets now - How many hours will you think the Attraction will be down on June 28th? -

Jambo Dad51 minutes ago

I’m This crappy AP merch reminds me of the sketch where Will Ferrell went on jimmy kimmel dressed as Little Debbie. “I am excited to tell your guests that each of you has the opportunity to go out and buy little Debbie snack cakes!”

Jambo Dad55 minutes ago

They should put THAT on a shirt!

Smiley/OCD2 hours ago

Wait, Jersey swamp…did you see Jimmy H?

TheCoasterNerd2 hours ago

Honestly, Disneyland's Magic Happens is so unfinished! The pepita float broke so quickly!

Disstevefan13 hours ago

I presume these are completely different teams. They work independent. The attractions operations team sure has its work cut out for them! The operations team says to the imagineers, "these things are not working". The imagineers says to operations, "they worked fine in the lab". ;)

LittleBuford3 hours ago

Whatever issues there are with the ride as it currently stands—and I agree there are many—in what way does it count as unfinished? By that definition, one would have to call Expedition Everest and Rise of the Resistance unfinished for having effects that stopped working soon after they opened.

Tha Realest3 hours ago

(Waves hand) Is this finished?

HauntedPirate5 hours ago

Anyone else notice that the animals/critters on the shirt are a turtle, a fox, and a bear? 😂

Tha Realest6 hours ago

The thing about relevance activations is, you know, they have to reliably activate.

Greg from Philly6 hours ago

Anyone on this thread think Disney should worry more about making attractions that actually work and are engaging to the audience and less about merchandise?? It almost seems like Disney builds attractions around merchandising and not the other way around. So pathetic

Brer Oswald7 hours ago

I love the artstyle, but again, Tiana is just standing around. For a ride that is all about her ongoing on a bayou adventure, she sure doesn’t do a lot. Also, realized how much of a missed opportunity it was to not have Louis play his trumpet at all on the ride.

DCBaker8 hours ago

Here's a look at Tiana's Bayou Adventure Annual Passholder shirt and pin that will be available at the Emporium on June 28:

monothingie10 hours ago

Just pure speculation. At first I thought the breakdowns were just the bugs getting worked out of the system and that it was just tied to sensors needing adjustment, settings needing to be tweaked, etc. Basically a lot of small things that revealed themselves when the ride went live. But as shown, it looks like the problems have only gotten worse (or more complicated) the more the ride was used. I believe all the previous attractions ride controls were replaced, so to me it seems like the issues with the ride are deep seated and design related to whatever replaced the previous system. Maybe they should have spent less on PR junkets to New Orleans and more for programers and engineers.