Disney gives reporters a first look inside Tiana's Bayou Adventure at Magic Kingdom

Jan 17, 2024 in "Tiana's Bayou Adventure"

Posted: Wednesday January 17, 2024 3:30pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney is entering the final stages of transforming Walt Disney World and Disneyland's Splash Mountain attractions into Tiana's Bayou Adventure, and a few lucky reporters have been given a hard-hat tour inside for a look at the progress.

Mike Scott from NOLA.com was one of the reporters to go inside Tiana's Bayou Adventure, and you can read his full report at NOLA.

Here are some takeaways from the tour, led by Ted Robledo, Executive Creative Director of Walt Disney Imagineering.

Concept and Design: The retheme starts from the ride queue area, with storytelling elements integrated throughout. A mural by Malaika Favorite and various New Orleans-inspired artistic touches are featured. The first floor of the barn, that was the entrance to Splash Mountain, now houses the main offices for Tiana's Foods business.

Integration of New Orleans Culture: The attraction includes a soundscape with New Orleans music, scents like beignets, and contributions from local artists and musicians like Terence Blanchard, Darryl Reeves, P.J. Morton, and the Chase family. In the outdoor queue, speakers will broadcast an old-timey radio show featuring reimagined New Orleans classics.

Ride Changes and Features: The ride maintains the same track and ride vehicles as Splash Mountain but incorporates new elements like native Louisiana flora, animatronic swamp animals, and scenes involving Tiana and other characters from the movie.

The loading area where guests board the ride vehicles includes cranes hoisting pallets of crates marked "Tiana's Foods," reinforcing the notion that it is a working food operation which Tiana founded after the events of The Princess and the Frog movie.

Advanced AA Technology: The attraction uses advanced animatronics similar to those in Hong Kong Disneyland's World of Frozen, meaning we should see real physical faces, not projections. Tiana will make multiple appearances, seeking guests help to find a missing element for a Mardi Gras celebration she's planning.

Preservation and Adaptation: While much of the interior architecture will be retained from Splash Mountain, new additions have been made. According to Walt Disney Imagineering, the tree trunk from the old attraction was removed to accommodate new elements.

Final Surprise: Reporters were not allowed into the finale scene, and the tour stopped just before the Laughing Place scene. Robeledo said, "I'll just say it's got a lot to do with magic. It's a magical moment that happens down there."

Tiana's Bayou Adventure opens in 2024 at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. The earliest and most optimistic estimates place opening around Memorial Day (late May) at Magic Kingdom, but Disney has yet to make any announcement beyond "2024."

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Raineman9 minutes ago

The CG model of Tiana doesn't even really look like her, imo.

WorldExplorer20 minutes ago

They should have done something other than shrinking for that segment. For one thing, it's not even unique as we have a whole land plus another ride with that same idea. Two, it doesn't make any sense. We can't find FROGS unless we're smaller than a mushroom? Three, if it's going to be used as an excuse why they needed to use screens for this replacement or a ride that was screen free then it's absolutely not worth it, especially not if they were going to go with the awful CGI route. And yes, I understand it's trying to match the animatronics, but I don't really care because it looks terrible.

Kirby8621 minutes ago

I think it would be better if it was 2d animation the CG models they used just look bad.

ToTBellHop34 minutes ago

Raineman37 minutes ago

"Please wait while Windows installs important updates"

monothingie39 minutes ago

Now that's scary! I'll take the Yeti. My Time Machine on SSE wanted me to login to special version of Windows 7.

Raineman40 minutes ago

Wasn't it the screen on EE of the Yeti ripping up the tracks that showed a Windows desktop on it once?

dreamfinding41 minutes ago

Is the Louis AA back in operation?

monothingie42 minutes ago

Much better.

ToTBellHop44 minutes ago

LittleBuford45 minutes ago

I admit that I overstated the disconnect between the two, but could you specify which key ideas the queue sets up for the ride? The first Tiana animatronic in any case tells us that we’re on the hunt for animal musicians for her party. Does knowing more than that really change anything about the subsequent experience?

ProjectXBlog46 minutes ago

Some of you need to learn what “cringe” means. I’m not a big fan of screens but I think the Tiana/Louis thing is cute.

ToTBellHop50 minutes ago

gerarar52 minutes ago