Last of the Splash Mountain signage removed as work continues at Tiana's Bayou Adventure in Magic Kingdom

Mar 16, 2023 in "Tiana's Bayou Adventure"

Tiana's Bayou Adventure construction - March 16 2023
Posted: Thursday March 16, 2023 12:19pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The final pieces of Splash Mountain signage have been removed from the former attraction's main entrance area, including the standby sign marking the queue entry.

Elsewhere on the mountain, work continues on the splash-down area, and a crane is onsite moving equipment at the back of the attraction.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure remains on track to open in late 2024, with significant changes to the mountain coming this summer as the new water tower is installed.

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easyrowrdw40 minutes ago

Naw, not especially. I think it was just a glitch. But I did wonder if it ever happens with the elephants on Jungle Cruise.

JoeCamel1 hour ago

I think you give them way too much SM credit. With the gaffes and blunders TDO has shown in the past they just don't have the skillz to manipulate the narrative like that. A few DMs saying how nice it would be to hear how they feel about it now but no armies with a coordinated agenda to save the ride buzz Yeah, they do like to brag about special access even if they don't say they have special access

Sectorkeeper711 hour ago

To be fair, splash has been less than reliable in recent years. This bad, no, but this is also what happens when you add more intricacies to a system that was already temperamental

MisterPenguin2 hours ago

That would be incredibly stupid. It only takes one paid influencer to break the NDA and say they were paid. And since this conspiracy theory has been going on for a decade and no one's posting their "I was paid by Disney to pretend I liked their stuff," then, no, I don't believe this.

Magicart872 hours ago

When has wasting time and money ever stopped Disney? I don't think the mouse is immune to spin. Surely they'd want to nip any negativity in the bud. But you're right in that whatever it is good or bad the truth will out in time.

gorillaball2 hours ago

No. The ride will prove itself over time, good or bad. Thinking you can control the internet narrative would be a waste of time and money.

James Alucobond3 hours ago

It is of course possible. And influencers are frequently incentivized (or at the very least may feel somewhat pressured) to be positive in order to stay in Disney's good graces when it comes to future event invites. That is true of absolutely every attraction opening and would not be special for TBA. However, posting a source would be great when spreading accusatory rumors so that people can evaluate the reliability.

monorail813 hours ago

I’m 5’1” and it‘s happened to me. Just have to be floating by at the right moment.

Squishy3 hours ago

I will say there is a few influencers who were invited or paid by Disney earlier this month and are all of a sudden saying positive reviews or other related criticism about it. One for example posted by BrerOswald on twitter:

Magicart873 hours ago

So you don't think Disney would incite an army of "payrolled" influencers to prop up TBA due to poor reception of their official on-ride video and the tepid word of mouth criticisms both here and elsewhere?

MisterPenguin3 hours ago

Anyone who's been posting anything other than hate toward TBA has already been accused of being on Disney's payroll. So, the source is the mindset of many, who post here, that if someone has an opinion other than your own, they must be defective in some way. They're on the payroll. They're crazy dusters. They're CMs. etc... It just amounts to an ad hominem. A childish schoolyard taunt. And oh, the high dudgeon if someone does the same to them and call them 'haters.'

Tha Realest3 hours ago

Can any of them get a 35 year old tried-and-true log flume working again?

James Alucobond3 hours ago

Would you like to source this or just remain vague? Here's hoping for a YouTube video with a clickbait title in all caps next to an isolated image of a random wincing Disney character in the thumbnail.

CampbellzSoup3 hours ago

Allegedly Disney hired a bunch of social media posters to turn the tide on the negativity of this ride.