Disney updates fans on the timeline for Tiana's Bayou Adventure in Magic Kingdom

Mar 15, 2023 in "Tiana's Bayou Adventure"

Posted: Wednesday March 15, 2023 9:56am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney provided a brief update on Tiana's Bayou Adventure in a press briefing earlier today.


With construction on the Splash Mountain replacement moving at full pace, we will soon see the tiara-topped water tower added to the mountain.

Disney says that we should expect to see the new water tower installed later this summer.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure remains on target to open in late 2024 at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

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donaldtoo6 minutes ago

Generally speaking, a car is considered a classic at 20 years old, and an antique at 50. If that standard applied to theme park attractions, Dinosaur, as well as many still existing opening day/opening day-ish attractions at other Parks, would be considered classics. Which would also make every still existing opening day attraction at both DL and MK an antique…!!!!! :eek::hilarious:

zipadee99916 minutes ago

Is the version playing in the pond instrumental now too?

James Alucobond16 minutes ago

Uh, the plot of the show is collecting animals for a party?

LittleBuford19 minutes ago

This looks beautiful! Thank you for all the updates!

celluloid22 minutes ago

It is a book report. You just have not seen the media that inspired it.

Drew the Disney Dude35 minutes ago

"Down in New Orleans" playing out front right now. The pool noodles are gone from around the water lilies, and more of the plants and flowers have been installed. Looks good! Edit: The instrumental of "Down in New Orleans" is also playing coming out of the load station, the same combo I heard the other night.

Disstevefan11 hour ago


Mr. Sullivan1 hour ago

In a follow up post I clarified I wasn’t and that that critique is aimed at a certain kind of person. As I said there, there are fair criticisms to be had. The issue is many people are not making fair criticisms, or they are using fair criticisms as justification for the poor behavior they’ve been displaying since before we had anything to criticize since now there’s something physical to hide behind. Not everyone is behaving that way. Those that are, are rather obvious and transparent about it, and they know who they are just as much as everyone else does.

LittleBuford1 hour ago

It's neither accurate nor fair to lump all criticisms together in this way.

Mr. Sullivan1 hour ago

I don't think the barn is like stellar or anything, I'm not gonna come in here and say its a masterpiece of Imagineering. And i do think there are most definitely some genuine things to be critical of. I just am frustrated by those who're using the barn as some grand gesture of proof that this is going to be a disaster and that Imagineering has failed when it's in reality just a mid looking barn for a queue that people will spend all of 5 minutes looking at in the park.

James Alucobond1 hour ago

I'm generally not a hairsplitter with this ride, but the exterior of the barn is legitimately just puzzling at the moment. It's the one piece that I really can't make much sense of other than to suppose that they really wanted a New Orleans local to do some art and couldn't be bothered to find someone who does period-appropriate work. I am really hoping there are some finishing details that help subdue it, though. I keep thinking there's going to be some bunting or decor at the top to cover the few blank slats of siding and some props at the bottom to block out the same issue below, but even that will only mitigate things slightly. A much lighter hand would've gone a long way here.

Mr. Sullivan2 hours ago

I think there's every chance in the world it turns out as good as or better than if they did a book report style ride. The fact of the matter is we know next to nothing about the story or what's inside that mountain. People are running wild with speculation based on nothing but simple backstory that will likely not factor in a whole lot to the attraction itself, just like all the other attractions around the world with large and detailed backstories don't really factor in that much to the ride experience. And I don't meant the following as being directed toward you, I want to be clear, this is just a general statement. The hair splitting over things like would or wouldn't Tiana venture into food wholesaling, fonts on a sign, and all of this other nonsense stems from nothing but a large swath of people who just refuse to believe that this do-over is not some personal attack on them and their childhood. Splash Mountain was iconic and had it's time, but we all saw as time went on that the attraction was no longer running at it's best, not to mention there was very little engagement with it from an audience perspective beyond "oh fun flume ride." Whether Disney park die hards want to admit it or not, the vast majority of guests that come to Disney parks want to come and engage with their favorite Disney characters in some form or fashion. Princess and the Frog is a popular film and Tiana is a popular character that just so happens to mean a hell of a lot to a swath of young girls who don't very often get to see somebody like them be treated like a Disney princess. At the end of the day, it's a ride. It's not that deep. Especially not when it's the exact same ride it has been since day one, just with different characters that the vast majority of people actually care about within it. It's okay to have liked Splash and to miss it. I'll miss it too. But a huge group of individuals really need to look deeply within and ask why exactly they're taking this so seriously and why there is a need for an online crusade against a re-theme of a 35 year old log flume.

Drew the Disney Dude2 hours ago

New artwork of Tiana with her lantern, an animatronic we haven't seen photos or videos of.

Sectorkeeper712 hours ago

My hope/thought is optimism for the ride experience itself, but there’s definitely some strange design work going on with some of the signage and queue art. Feels like they could’ve more or less kept a lot of the feel of the barn from splash with maybe a little set dressing and called it a day. But then folks would call it a “lazy re-theme”, so idk 🤷