Pricing and Details Announced for D23 Preview of Tiana's Bayou Adventure

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Posted: Tuesday May 14, 2024 1:!5pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

An exclusive event for D23 Gold Members will be held at Magic Kingdom Park on June 22, 2024, offering members early access to Tiana's Bayou Adventure attraction before it officially opens on June 28.

Attendees can experience the attraction multiple times, enjoy live jazz performances, and receive a commemorative pin. Due to restricted capacity, there will be a virtual ticket sales queue starting on May 16, 2024, at 10 am PT. 

Gold Member pricing is $60 + $7 processing fee per ticket. Tickets go on sale on Thursday, May 16, 2024, at 10:00 am. PT/1:00 pm. ET.


This experience does not include access to the D23 The Princess and the Frog 15th Anniversary Screening at Disney Springs - these two experiences are ticketed separately. 

Event Includes:

  • Entry to Magic Kingdom Park (for event hours only).
  • Light refreshments for all D23 Gold Members in attendance.
  • Exclusive entry to D23 preview experience of Tiana's Bayou Adventure.
  • One (1) D23-exclusive Tiana's Bayou Adventure Commemorative Pin
  • Live jazz performances to enjoy at the attraction space throughout the night.

Check-in opens at the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC) from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm with park admission beginning directly after. Gold Members should continue to the Magic Kingdom Park via monorail or ferry. Gold Members and their guests can explore the park up until the event begins at 6:30 pm when they will be able to enter the entrance to the attraction. From there, D23 Gold Members can experience Tiana's Bayou Adventure until 9:30 pm.  Please note, parking at the Ticket and Transportation Center is not included in the cost of the event ticket.

All guests will be required to check-in at the Ticket and Transportation Center for the event. There will NOT be registration at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom or inside the Magic Kingdom at the attraction.

  • All ticket holders for this event agree to comply with the latest health and safety guidelines put forth by the Walt Disney World Resort. Find the latest guidelines at Know Before You Go.
  • Tiana's Bayou Adventure has a height requirement of 40 inches. All attendees of this event must be able to adhere to the height requirement. Any guests who cannot abide will not be allowed to experience this attraction.
  • D23 Gold Members may purchase up to two (2) tickets (i.e., for themselves and up to one (1) guest). All guests under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to attend this D23 event.
  • There are an extremely limited number of tickets available. D23 Gold Members will be required to provide their membership number when purchasing tickets. Gold Members who do not bring their membership card, government-issued photo ID, and tickets may not be admitted to the event.
  • Ticketed Gold Members and guests who do not attend the event forfeit their place as well as all experiences, benefits, and gifts associated with the event. D23 Gold Members must be present for their guests to gain entry to the event.
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FinallyThereTiana5 minutes ago

I love Jennifer Lewis and I love Mama Odie! I'm glad to see she's enjoying herself and enjoying the ride! ❤️ Wish I was there with them having fun... *sigh*

gerarar7 minutes ago

Recap on the second operational day for the public (technically APs..): 7am drop lasted for 24 mins, versus yesterday's ~2 hours. Seems like APs with a MK reservation were more proactive to getting a BG right away after yesterday's situation. 1pm drop only lasted for about 1 sec. This is somewhat of a surprise because there were no extended downtimes leading up to the 1pm drop. Maybe the afternoon 1pm drop really only has a limited allotment/supply to account for any downtimes in the afternoon. Now for the downtimes: It failed to open with the official park open again at 9am. Opened for BGs at 9:39am. Then at around 1:45pm, it closed for another ~1.5 hours. Around 4:30pm, it closed for 30 mins. Then at 6:29pm, it stopped calling BGs and would not call anymore BGs for the rest of the night. The park closes at 11pm, so there was about another 4 hours of operational time. Could also be they ran out of BGs to call, but I doubt. So in total, 376 mins, or ~6 hours 16 mins of total downtime today. Magic Kingdom was open for 14 hours today, so it was closed for ~44% of the day. A little bit better than yesterday's downtime of 7 hours, but still not good and ideal. There are no AP previews tomorrow 6/15. Day 2 Stats Recap in TBA VQ thread:

brettf2234 minutes ago

One question I had after my ride. We got stopped right before the shrinking drop, right past the sitting Tiana. I was directly across from the Louis animatronic with his head stuck in the ground. As we sat there, I noticed a vertical piece of tree/rock work directly off the right hand side of the vehicle that was so close, I could easily touch it with my whole hand, without leaning out at all. It was, at most, a foot from the log, at face level. Was this there during Splash? I can’t imagine why they would place something so close to the human envelope of the ride. Another interesting thing was that the Tiana and Louis animatronics stopped talking after a minute or so of logs being stopped in this area. But they didn’t freeze. They just made subtle movements, bopping along with the music, as if they were just waiting for things to start back up. Very cool. The Mama Odie animation, however, never stopped.

Tha Realest1 hour ago

Should have built a different, or new, ride. Or, figured it out over the last year and a half. Oh well.

Mr. Sullivan2 hours ago

I saw a tweet today mentioning that some CMs have said some of the lighting issues are the same ones Splash was having in its final years. So it seems to me that there’s some carry over of the original attraction’s problems that are being amplified by and playing out alongside the issues with the new modern systems that have been introduced during the refit. As I’m sure many have noted it isn’t uncommon for an attraction with new systems to have headaches during its opening (especially when its not a ground up system). Unfortunately it just seems that they’re struggling to troubleshoot it right now. The new systems they’ve applied are a fair bit more complex than what was originally there and I’m sure its a challenge to correct them while also correct decades old issues at the same time.

Mr. Sullivan2 hours ago

Some people did it get it. Many did not, myself and my whole family included. And that’s even with my parents riding it in its opening year. The storyline and events of Splash just were not all that clear to a large portion of the audience. Some got it most definitely, but I’ve experienced conversations with many people who were unaware there was even a through narrative and not just a bunch of disconnected vignettes.

TrainsOfDisney3 hours ago

If the other attractions are any indication that is far from the worst that WDW is capable of.

co100643 hours ago

Unfortunately I’m afraid they tried a bit too hard with the new log-activated animatronic synchronization. Hopefully they can get it worked out. At worst, maybe they could reprogram the animatronics to loop continuously and independently of the log vehicles.

AdventureHasAName3 hours ago

Get the strobe light (and the excuses).

_caleb5 hours ago

I’ve been following these updates:

akileese5 hours ago

We're seeing a lot more static AAs today, but also the ride isn't taking four hour outages either so there may be a bit of a correlation there. If I had to guess, they made some heavy tweaks to the sensor activations to prevent it from shutting down, but I'm basing this on absolutely nothing other than seeing the same AA behavior in a lot of videos today. I saw the one blog mickey video with the blinking lights, were there others or just that one?

Sectorkeeper716 hours ago

Do you or anyone know where exactly the sensors are located? Is it an issue with fake foliage getting in the way maybe? I’m not entirely sure how it works

Sectorkeeper716 hours ago

Nightmare fuel

Brer Oswald6 hours ago

With the way they’ve designed the new sensor systems, the AAs and other show elements factor in. Issues with how they’ve set up the new safety block zones, many of which are made to account for properly paced triggers for the AAs. The track was not designed for this many show triggers.