Construction update from Tiana's Bayou Adventure at Magic Kingdom

May 11, 2023 in "Tiana's Bayou Adventure"

Tiana's Bayou Adventure construction - May 10 2023
Posted: Thursday May 11, 2023 9:30am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Construction continues at full pace in Magic Kingdom's Frontierland on Tiana's Bayou Adventure.

The mountain is covered in more scaffolding, with work taking place on new rock work throughout the structure's exterior.

Work on the splash-down area appears to be wrapping up, with the areas that were previously removed now back in place and painted.

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𝕴𝖒𝖆𝖌𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖊𝖗9715 minutes ago

Look quickly and you'd think this promo shot of Fantasmic's DL return was a picture of TBA:

The Mom1 hour ago

Again, discussing the ride itself and how to ride it is on topic. Discussions of history, social issues, religion, the previous ride, etc. are not.

JohnD3 hours ago

Naah. I'm good. I want to ride it but can wait until October.

mickEblu3 hours ago

So I think the below image kind of lends itself to the rumor that we get shrunk down. I’m guessing Mama Odie shrinks us down to the size of a firefly. Which is why there will be some “big” frog AAs at some point - which I believe Disney mentioned in one of their park blogs? If the fireflies actually have a prominent role on the attraction and are telling us “where the shortcut is” then it would make sense that they appear on a larger scale while we are also the size of fireflies. Otherwise they would be tiny and get lost in the scene(s). Also makes sense why we meet the Frogs last if we are following the order the critters were unveiled in the park blogs. The lift hill must be Mama Odie turning us human again. Which would be great place for them to play the “human again” song and might be how they reverse engineered this plot point in the first place. Or it could be “Human Again” during the latter half of the old LP scenes and then "Dig a little Deeper" on the lift hill. Dig a Little Deeper in this context would be finding the courage to take the drop/ shortcut. Having this plot point surrounding frogs and fireflies is not only a nice callback to the source material but also a clever way of working around the fact that Ray is dead and Tiana can’t be a frog. If any of the above is accurate the only question left is what happens while we’re shrunk down? Would the musical frogs try to eat us? That seems unlikely but not impossible. There has to be a bigger/ better reason for shrinking us down other than to showcase some large frogs. Perhaps, like I said, it really was just created as a way to have the “Human Again” song on the ride. Which happens to be my favorite song on the soundtrack. Regardless, this was their way of adding some suspense/ adventure into Tiana’s Bayou ADVENTURE. Wonder what the story reason for turning small is? Maybe this is where the secret ingredient plot point comes up. Have to be small to fit somewhere to get it.

TheCoasterNerd3 hours ago

I will be one of them 😉

ToTBellHop4 hours ago

If you insist on lagging behind with them on opening day, you may not need to volunteer!

aladdin20074 hours ago

that's for sure, at least in the beginning, and depending on word of mouth.

Disstevefan14 hours ago

Love the Haunted Mansion reference, LOL. There will be high demand for this as its a new experience so there will be no problem as there will be thousands and thousands of folks wanting to ride ;)

aladdin20074 hours ago

but there's room for a thousand any volunteers?

Disstevefan17 hours ago

No matter what, its still a fun log flume ride. And it will be in high demand because its a new experience. I personally am looking forward to the 382 Disney Vloggers who will be covering it so I can see it on YouTube.

mergatroid7 hours ago

Really looking forward to this now. Went from people saying there'd be no animatronics and just screens along with a coat of paint outside to what looks like a very well done set of animatronics and a very good looking exterior. Obviously until I've experienced it I'm unable to say it's better, worse or equivalent of Splash as an overall attraction. However it does look great on the exterior and the animatronics revealed look brilliant too. I have high hopes for this.

mickEblu16 hours ago

What’s funny (or sad) is that if you would have told me when I first saw the concept art/ model that I would eventually get used to the tiara water tower but there would be things that are even more egregious like the yellow street art barn or food mural fence that are jarring every single time the images pop up I wouldn’t have believed you.

MagicHappens197116 hours ago

Yes. It’s not going anywhere

Epcot81Fan16 hours ago

Just checking - is there still an idiotic water tower with a gigantic tiara on it in Frontierland?