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Tiana's Bayou Adventure walls removed - May 30 2024
Posted: Monday June 10, 2024 12:30pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Tiana's Bayou Adventure, set to open at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida on June 28, 2024, and at Disneyland Resort in California later this year, is a highly anticipated new attraction at Magic Kingdom inspired by Disney's animated film "The Princess and the Frog."

As part of today's media event at Magic Kingdom, Disney has revealed some key facts and figures for Tiana's Bayou Adventure, along with an official story outline.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure - By the Numbers

  • 2,009: The number of fireflies featured in the attraction.
  • 1927: The year Tiana's Mardi Gras season party takes place.
  • 50 feet: The height of the biggest drop in the ride.
  • 48: The number of all-new Audio-Animatronics figures included in the attraction.
  • 40 inches: The minimum height requirement for guests to ride.
  • 19: The number of critters, including a turtle, raccoon, rabbit, fox, bear, and frogs, that appear in the ride.
  • 18: The number of songs featured in the attraction.
  • 11 minutes: The approximate duration of the ride experience.
  • 5 songs: The number of original songs included, featuring "Special Spice."
  • 3: The number of critter bands guests will encounter.
  • 2 opportunities: To smell the scent of beignets during the ride.

Experience the newest attraction at Walt Disney World with our ultra-low-light POV ride-through video of Tiana's Bayou Adventure. This video offers a detailed look at the ride, capturing both the queue and the entire journey through the bayou.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure - The Story

Tiana's Bayou Adventure picks up the story after the events of the film. After opening Tiana's Palace, the princess continues to grow her business with an employee-owned cooperative, Tiana's Foods, which can be found in a former salt mining facility that Tiana has transformed.

The entrance to Tiana's Foods features a colorful mural from Louisiana native artist Malaika Favorite. Princess Tiana's weathervane was crafted by 3rd generation master blacksmith Darryl Reeves at his historic Seventh Ward New Orleans workshop. Inside the queue, enjoy the sweet smell of Tiana's famous "man-cotching" beignets!

Following her successes, Princess Tiana is hosting a party for the people of New Orleans during the Mardi Gras season of 1927, but there's been a mix-up in the party preparations between Prince Naveen and Louis - no one booked a band! The company PA system plays a radio program throughout Tiana's Foods and between tunes is an important message from the radio host: Tiana needs help finding musicians for tonight's party!

While inside the attraction queue, check out the details in Tiana's office and kitchen, like newspaper clippings and photos of Tiana's favorite memories, including the princess and her friends loading ingredients into logs for transport. You'll also see her to-do list for the party, where everything is checked off except for hiring a band!

Listen to the company radio for all-new New Orleans-inspired music arranged and produced by Terence Blanchard, award-winning musician and contributor to the soundtrack of "The Princess and the Frog." In between songs, the radio announcer invites one and all to Tiana's celebration.

Into The Bayou

Now it's time to get "going down the bayou!" Good thing you're up for the challenge to help find "the missing ingredient" for the party. According to Louis, the bayou is the best place to find talented musicians so helpful party goers board log flumes to explore. Among the cypress trees are musical critters with instruments made from found objects and natural materials, playing Zydeco, Rara and Afro-Cuban music.

Tiana loves their sound; it's just the ingredient she was looking for!
The attraction features dozens of all-new Audio-Animatronics figures, with familiar faces from the film like Princess Tiana, Mama Odie, Louis, Prince Naveen, Prince 0% Ralphie, Eudora and Charlotte as well as the musical critters. Voice talent from the film reprise their roles, including Anika Noni Rose as Princess Tiana, Michael-Leon Wooley as Louis and Jenifer Lewis as Mama Odie.

With the talented critter bands booked for the big party, it's time to hurry back out of the bayou - and luckily, Mama Odie knows a shortcut that will send guests speeding down to the celebration.

Time To Celebrate

Following a thrilling 50-foot drop, the logs roll into a New Orleans neighborhood soiree at Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen's home! The party is full of new and familiar faces, musical critters, and a new, original song written and produced by award-winning musician PJ Morton and performed by Anika Noni Rose, "Special Spice."

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Squishy13 minutes ago

It's only illegal if you get caught 🙃 Also I'm sure they got better things to go after than some Disney shill going nuts about a ride.

SilentWindODoom13 minutes ago

It doesn't seem necessary at all. The company has a culture of extreme fandom loyalty and it's said that many won't say the wrong thing so they don't lose their access. If that's all in play, why outright pay people off? It's not like Big Tobacco paying off doctors to falsify studies. The truth is if this were outright, 100% hated, then all they'd need to do is sit back and wait. People will still ride it. Children will grow nostalgia for it. Eventually it would all blow over. Sinking money into trying to turn the tide of popular consciousness seems like a waste of money and against the company's current philosophy according to the people suggesting it's happening.

Jedi1415 minutes ago

I think it’s more the idea that anyone who does like the ride is either wrong or being paid to praise it.

MisterPenguin20 minutes ago

U.S. law requires disclosure of sponsorships on YouTube videos. Keeping it secret, besides being illegal, exposes both the sponsor and the influencer future income if the public thinks they're corrupt if it's ever found out. Ten years of bloggers, vloggers, and influencers. Still waiting for the secret sponsorships to become exposed...

SilentWindODoom26 minutes ago

In 2007, I went on the Jungle Cruise alone for one last time on the last day. It happened to be the skipper's first time, two other skippers sitting in the back along for the ride. I'd honestly never given much thought to their playing with the wheels and levers. Figured it was just for show. But when we got to the elephants, the shot actually struck across the bow right in front of him. It didn't get into the boat, but because he'd missed the timing on when to slow down and got there a little too early it was closer than I'd ever seen or thought possible. I can imagine an inexperienced or distracted skipper might possibly cause a few wet guests. Here's a pic, by the way, in the event anyone knows the guy. He did real great overall. Just one mistake.

Consumer31 minutes ago

Corporations and politicians paying influencers for promotion Is a very common and normal practice. I don’t know why this is being treated as an unhinged conspiracy theory.

easyrowrdw1 hour ago

Naw, not especially. I think it was just a glitch. But I did wonder if it ever happens with the elephants on Jungle Cruise.

JoeCamel2 hours ago

I think you give them way too much SM credit. With the gaffes and blunders TDO has shown in the past they just don't have the skillz to manipulate the narrative like that. A few DMs saying how nice it would be to hear how they feel about it now but no armies with a coordinated agenda to save the ride buzz Yeah, they do like to brag about special access even if they don't say they have special access

Sectorkeeper712 hours ago

To be fair, splash has been less than reliable in recent years. This bad, no, but this is also what happens when you add more intricacies to a system that was already temperamental

MisterPenguin3 hours ago

That would be incredibly stupid. It only takes one paid influencer to break the NDA and say they were paid. And since this conspiracy theory has been going on for a decade and no one's posting their "I was paid by Disney to pretend I liked their stuff," then, no, I don't believe this.

Magicart873 hours ago

When has wasting time and money ever stopped Disney? I don't think the mouse is immune to spin. Surely they'd want to nip any negativity in the bud. But you're right in that whatever it is good or bad the truth will out in time.

gorillaball4 hours ago

No. The ride will prove itself over time, good or bad. Thinking you can control the internet narrative would be a waste of time and money.

James Alucobond4 hours ago

It is of course possible. And influencers are frequently incentivized (or at the very least may feel somewhat pressured) to be positive in order to stay in Disney's good graces when it comes to future event invites. That is true of absolutely every attraction opening and would not be special for TBA. However, posting a source would be great when spreading accusatory rumors so that people can evaluate the reliability.

monorail814 hours ago

I’m 5’1” and it‘s happened to me. Just have to be floating by at the right moment.