More changes at the top of Tiana's Bayou Adventure as changes to the shape of the former Splash Mountain continue

Apr 10, 2023 in "Tiana's Bayou Adventure"

Tiana's Bayou Adventure construction - April 10 2023
Posted: Monday April 10, 2023 11:57am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The former Splash Mountain is a little shorter than it used to be, with the majority of the tree now removed from the top of the structure.

At the splash down, work is continuing on the new rockwork.

The large section that was opened up alongside the drop has now been patched up.

Later this summer we expect to see a tiara-topped water tower added to the mountain, one of the most significant changes on the exterior.

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Royal Purple Pigment4 hours ago

I was able to ride during the first day of passholder previews. My kid asked why they were wearing Blippi outfits. 🤣

gerarar4 hours ago

AP Previews have come to an end with just 6 days of previews! Today, being the last day, was nothing short but eventful. The morning 7am drop lasted for almost 3 hours, which is the longest out of the 6 preview days. However, this was overshadowed by the lengthy extended downtime TBA experienced today. A late opening after 2 hours. 4.5 hours of downtime around 12pm to 5pm. 2 hours at the end of the day with no BGs called. In total, 8.5 hours of extended downtime today. While MK was open for 14 hours, it was down/closed for ~60% of the day, making it the worst operational day thus far (that we have data for). With a little over a week away, things need to (and should hopefully) improve for the grand opening on June 28th. Regular day guests won't be happy if the new ride is down for majority of the day as we've seen during these limited previews. Full Day 6/6 Stats:

LittleBuford4 hours ago

I believe it’s supposed to be a ghoul that looks like Goofy rather than Goofy himself. Either way, it’s all meant in good humour.

Figments Friend4 hours ago

Anyway folks…. Back on topic. How about that Bayou Misadventure? Had a CM friend try to ride today. She had a heck of a time, with all the down time and delayed opening issues. After she finally had the chance to ride, it hit her - “This is SO BAD..!” She came away feeling deflated and disappointed. This is coming from a Disney ‘lifer’ who rarely has anything negative to say about the Company. But even she had to admit that this ride experience for her was a let down. Lots of AA issues , ride control issues, etc…not to mention the problems just getting on the thing. Yeah I know….glitches are to be expected during previews, but still….i found her reaction somewhat surprising as I was expecting her to gush about how ‘cute’ or ‘good’ it was. Nope. Completely panned it. She basically once again hit all the points some here have been addressing since the first POV video hit. There is ‘something missing’ and it ain’t just the ‘special spice’ …. -

Figments Friend4 hours ago

Oh I have watched them. Enjoy the fun little Theme Park related ‘in jokes’ they slip in once in a while. Some of the cartoon shorts are fairly wacky fun and harmless lighthearted entertainment. But I gotta admit I have yet to have seen the episode with ‘zombie Goofy’. Does seem a bit ‘extreme’….but I’m sure it was done for laughs. Not sure how funny Goofy found it though..he’s the living dead! 🤣 -

LittleBuford4 hours ago

The (no longer so) new Mickey shorts are great. One still taken out of context is not a good basis on which to judge them.

Figments Friend5 hours ago

Just….wow. 😳 -

CntrlFlPete8 hours ago

I imagine the word 'lot' is misleading. Still, I am viewing this as a WDW attraction. WDI always seems able to build stuff for their independent operators that WDW does not seem whiling to invest in or something. I was sort of looking at it as three to five anomatronics impressed me in some form or another. WDW is the only park I've seen save Disneyland over in CA, but it has been four decades since I was last there, so just WDW. Last time I rode NRA, the cool animatronic was a video, I've seen Kylo like that. Seems WDW likes ONE impressive in their rides. I've riding Everest w/ Yeti in A mode and know the ride is NOTHING like it once was. I imagine Mr Potato Head doesn't even take his ear off anymore at WDW. Here, even if it just three (the other figures, atmosphere and such still add to the enjoyment) if not impressive from a tech standpoint. I would bet around five anomatronics are more impressive than any we had on Splash. Anyway, I do feel most families will enjoy this at WDW and I can see how folks (judging the ride based on a ride at WDW's MK and not what came before it). I just think it would/will get more love if looked at via that lense and I feel it is a far way to view it and I know I am not on the take from Disney because I have this view. Maybe WDW is a low bar for Disney, but as one who get ill on Guardians, this one is a decent swap for me.

wdisney90009 hours ago

I'm honestly glad you and your family enjoyed the attraction. But are the animatronics actually that impressive? If I'm not mistaken, 95% of them aren't capable of blinking. I could be wrong on that which is why im asking. Especially compared to animatromics that are in Anna and Elsas Frozen Journey at Tokyo Disney, which are absolutely mind blowing IMO

MerlinTheGoat9 hours ago

Disney thought this was appropriate in a Mickey Mouse short, I think you're safe-

wdisney90009 hours ago

You win! Lmao!

Figments Friend9 hours ago

Hoping it’s not ‘too gory’… Apologies to The Mom if the image is too graphic for the forum. Feel free to remove it if need be. No harm meant…. -

TheCoasterNerd9 hours ago

whoah, I've never seen the whole cartoon before, that's wild!

Figments Friend9 hours ago

Everything is fine. Just fine and dandy. No issues here……none at all…. Meanwhile in Burbank -