Disney's recent updates point to a potential early opening for Tiana's Bayou Adventure

Nov 09, 2023 in "Tiana's Bayou Adventure"

Posted: Thursday November 9, 2023 9:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

It is appearing more and more likely that Tiana's Bayou Adventure may open earlier than its originally announced late 2024 timeframe.


When the project to reimagine Splash Mountain into Tiana's Bayou Adventure was initially announced, Disney's messaging consistently suggested a "late 2024" opening.

The message changed in an update from Carmen Smith, Senior Vice President, Creative Development - Product/Content & Inclusive Strategies, on the official Disney Parks Blog in mid-October, which referred to a "2024" opening.

Another announcement from Disney made during yesterday's Q4 2023 earnings report reiterated the "2024" opening. This mention was even more significant because Tiana's Bayou Adventure was included in a timeline with entries for "2024" and "Late 2024." Tiana's Bayou Adventure was placed in the "2024" list, with the DVC Polynesian Resort project being placed in the "Late 2024" list.

While the recent shift does seem to suggest Tiana's Bayou Adventure may open earlier than initially announced, the 2024 timeline does still give Disney the option of a late 2024 opening if needed.

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hopemax1 hour ago

D23 event is tonight! Between the weather and the problems, odds that I actually get to ride? 🤣

themerebear64533 hours ago

Can we just make it a thing where we sing ‘Friends on the Other Side’ during the lift? Rocky Horror Picture Show style

Figments Friend7 hours ago

Have a CM friend telling me they are on a Preview tomorrow…. They received a email to ‘confirm’ their spot, but that might not mean anything. -

Mr. Sullivan13 hours ago

No it doesn't. It suggests that these previews have shown them that these technical issues aren't going to be effectively corrected while they're actively sending riders through, so they need to work on it without having to be evacuating riders constantly to do so.

MagicHappens197115 hours ago

CM previews are 100% being canceled….

Smiley/OCD18 hours ago

Gotta love the optics…way to go, Bob…I NEVER thought I’d say this, but maybe, MAYBE Chappie just might be having the last laugh out of this dumpster fire that is TWDC.

LittleBuford18 hours ago

It seems you like that particular commentator and are twisting yourself into knots in order to show that he was somehow right. He wasn’t. A flawed product isn’t the same as an unfinished one. Goodness knows I too have been critical of the attraction; there’s plenty there to fault without having to make stuff up.

James Alucobond20 hours ago

I don’t think you know what “unfinished” means.

Tha Realest20 hours ago

Scrapping CM previews after a disastrous DVC/AP preview phase to make some “last minute fixes” suggests an unfinished product:

SilentWindODoom20 hours ago

Got ninja'd by a minute.

SilentWindODoom20 hours ago

And once again, we see merch that looks so much better than the attraction poster. 🤣 But... but... how could you show off how special you are without it being in big gold letters? Without that, people could think you're a mere tourist. With AP previews finishing, are there any other scheduled previews that need to take place? Can they just shut down for a couple of days to try to figure this out before that day?

gerarar20 hours ago

CM Previews supposedly being cancelled. Going forward, there are some Cast Member previews scheduled for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure before it opens to the public. According to Cast Members that we’ve spoken with at the attraction, it’s possible that some of the upcoming Cast Member previews may be canceled as Disney World looks to try and implement some last-minute fixes before the ride opens to the public. Seemingly confirmed in the replies:

Figments Friend21 hours ago

I would like that Passholder shirt shown above much better without the overly huge and obnoxiously scaled lettering shouting PASSHOLDER along the left edge. 🤨 Seven days to go until the big public Grand Opening of the Attraction….! Going to be a entertaining day, methinks. 🍿 Place your bets now - How many hours will you think the Attraction will be down on June 28th? -

Jambo Dad21 hours ago

I’m This crappy AP merch reminds me of the sketch where Will Ferrell went on jimmy kimmel dressed as Little Debbie. “I am excited to tell your guests that each of you has the opportunity to go out and buy little Debbie snack cakes!”