Disney's recent updates point to a potential early opening for Tiana's Bayou Adventure

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Posted: Thursday November 9, 2023 9:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

It is appearing more and more likely that Tiana's Bayou Adventure may open earlier than its originally announced late 2024 timeframe.


When the project to reimagine Splash Mountain into Tiana's Bayou Adventure was initially announced, Disney's messaging consistently suggested a "late 2024" opening.

The message changed in an update from Carmen Smith, Senior Vice President, Creative Development - Product/Content & Inclusive Strategies, on the official Disney Parks Blog in mid-October, which referred to a "2024" opening.

Another announcement from Disney made during yesterday's Q4 2023 earnings report reiterated the "2024" opening. This mention was even more significant because Tiana's Bayou Adventure was included in a timeline with entries for "2024" and "Late 2024." Tiana's Bayou Adventure was placed in the "2024" list, with the DVC Polynesian Resort project being placed in the "Late 2024" list.

While the recent shift does seem to suggest Tiana's Bayou Adventure may open earlier than initially announced, the 2024 timeline does still give Disney the option of a late 2024 opening if needed.

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Epcot82Guy6 hours ago

You're spoiling the surprise. That's the real opening date... to drive synergy and strategic spend. I believe it will become a festival center in the meantime.

tanc7 hours ago

I happen to have a one day ticket to the magic kingdom I never used. I can't wait for them to announce the opening date. Being that I recently rode the one in Tokyo, it'll be quite an experience to compare the two. Definitely would plan to go at that time since Splash happens to be practically my favorite ride of all time.

HoustonHorn7 hours ago

If you haven't seen it in person....well, it's actually worse. And the washed-out yellow of the barn is certainly a choice.

BasiltheBatLord7 hours ago

The rainbow mural in the queue kills me. They're really turning one of the greatest theme park attractions of all time into a "live, laugh, love" house.

JoeCamel9 hours ago

And the final drop is the crash of '29?

EPCOTCenterLover9 hours ago

So far, the exterior is looking ok for what it is. But I really don't like that mural.

Incomudro10 hours ago

There will be a re-education camp, er... room - rather than a gift shop at the end of the ride.

Brer Panther11 hours ago

I know you're just joking around, but the idea of the animals being reskinned as humans, but still looking animal-esque, sounds terrifying.

ToTBellHop13 hours ago

I did hear a rumor that The Laughing Place is becoming The Sensitivity Training Room but thought nothing of it. Now I’m not sure what to think. I am now certain that the rumor I heard about the iconic double drop becoming the Double Dip Recession sequence is true. Apparently, the flume will simulate riding the stock markets.

Bocabear14 hours ago

that is not Aunt Tessa, that is Eula Mae Johnson from Human Resources...

ToTBellHop14 hours ago

His family members make up the entire collection of Bond villains? To be fair, instead of exclaiming to my kids, “there’s Brer Roadrunner!” I will just exclaim, “there’s Tiana’s great aunt Tessa (who is the same size as a roadrunner)!” At least we can be certain the visuals will still be better than those on Ripsaw Falls.

imagineer9717 hours ago

I'm hearing that Naveen's entire royal entourage will be present and playing instruments! They are all humans, but they have very strangely-shaped features—for example, one of them playing the guitar looks like a turkey that pulled a rubber human mask over itself. Others have long snouts and sharp teeth like gators.

Disstevefan117 hours ago

Wow. There is a lot of work going on beyond a re theme. Looking forward to seeing this when its finished. As long as the flume remains the same as it was, I am happy.

EagleScout61017 hours ago

Pay attention, there's a quiz to get your Splashdown pic