Latest look at Tiana's Bayou Adventure construction at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Mar 09, 2023 in "Tiana's Bayou Adventure"

Tiana's Bayou Adventure construction - March 8 2023
Posted: Thursday March 9, 2023 9:41am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Here is the latest look at the progress on the former Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom as it is transformed into Tiana's Bayou Adventure.

Scaffolding is in position throughout the mountain for crews to access different areas of the structure.

As we have seen at the bottom of the main drop, sections of the mountain's rockwork are marked off, likely to be cut into.

The signage and characters have been removed at the former main entrance to Splash Mountain.

In the splash-down run-off, work continues on the guide track.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure will open at Magic Kingdom in late 2024.

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Disstevefan19 minutes ago

I think "kids" so its not mentioning gender (identity) at all and therefore totally inclusive.

Ice Gator17 minutes ago

I assumed Lost Kids were used for the Japanese translation, but it also makes sense for the characters to appeal to girls as well if they’re into Peter Pan. Anyways, we should probably get back on topic of Bayou Adventure progress- sorry for the detour but thanks for your insight.

mickEblu18 minutes ago

Same reason they changed the MSEP intro.

Professortango120 minutes ago

Hadn't heard or that. That is weird. Not sure why "boys" would be problematic unless they were trying to sell merch to young girls as well.

Professortango123 minutes ago

Funny, if you speak to actual practicians of Voodoo in NOLA, they will tell you very differently and express frustration with the depiction that has stuck around since the turn of the century. They are still harassed and assaulted to this day because people still believe the narrative is true. The "fun" concept of Voodoo still has some very real and violent consequences for Black Americans. As for NOLA, most of the gift shops in the French Quarter are operated by a company from New York and don't care about truth or facts, they just want to sell things to white people on vacation. The Ghost Tours also will tell the more sensational and false versions of historical events, because it is more exciting. But then people leave thinking those are the true stories. Most of the experiences in the French Quarter is as historically accurate as visiting New Orleans Square at Disneyland.

mickEblu25 minutes ago

Not right for a theme park where you would zoom past a few shadows with a song playing in a dark room? It's over kill. They re scared to death of offending anyone. It's why the Lost Boys are called the Lost Kids now in the new Tokyo Peter Pan attraction and yet it's still the same old characters.

Professortango129 minutes ago

I have no issue with PatF. But many of the criticisms of SotS are seen in PatF, a movie that came out generations later. I also have no issue with a black villain. But when you set it in 1920's NOLA and make the man a practician of Voodoo who sold his soul to demonic-looking spirits and uses his magic to try and take over the city from white kind of are checking a lot of boxes on that HP Lovecraft checklist. My dad and I were just talking the other day about Westerns and how all modern Westerns have very little to do with the films that made the genre popular. Now they are these slow, majestic journeys and all feature either Noble Native Americans or victim Native Americans. We can no longer have settlers attacked by Native Americans. And, unlike evil Voodoo men, that actually did occur in history. I think in film, all art is valid. If showing to children, then I'm all for a card or featurette before the feature that lets folks know that the depictions are not accurate or speak to full truth. Disney does this with Dumbo and other flicks, they should do it with PatF and SotS. Heck, I'd just love them also to get Something Wicked This Way Comes on Disney+. They have a Bradburry Tree for Halloween, but we can't show Disney's adaptation of a Bradbury Halloween story? As for theme parks, I do think that parks need to be a little more careful as we are seeing ideas represented in a more "real" way that we can interact with, especially when young. A 4-year-old isn't going to watch The Searchers, but they might ride Pirates. Hence why I think Facilier is okay for a movie with context beforehand but maybe not right for a theme park.

mickEblu29 minutes ago

It seems they may be in the process of phasing him out or at the very least disassociating the character from voodoo/ Black Magic. If I'm not mistaken he wasn't at Oogie Boogie last year.

Ice Gator34 minutes ago

Or, you know, it could just be the fact that the ride is set after the events of the film, considering Facilier is still used in the parks and on merchandise. I don’t think anyone has a problem with the character and the belief of dark magic/voodoo is still very prominent in New Orleans culture.

mickEblu47 minutes ago

What if he had never used the word “voodoo?” Are we just one made up word away from it not being problematic? Or are Black people not allowed to be villains or perform any kind of dark magic? As it stands, Disney animation has one Black villain and he’s problematic. The one story that centers around a Black character is also problematic because she spent too much time as a frog. Seems like they have to walk on egg shells when they make movies with Black characters. Which is why we now end up with movies (and rides) that are sterile and check boxed to death.

Professortango152 minutes ago

The depiction of him and Voodoo is tied directly to how white writers depicted the beliefs of freed black Americans in the turn of the century. It was a reaction to white people feeling uncomfortable and they began making up stories of hedonistic cults that practiced human sacrifices to dark spirits and that they were out to overtake the cities using these practices. This then contributed to Sundown Towns and acceptance of groups like the KKK since Black Americans were being depicted in papers and stories as essentially Devil worshipers who would stop at nothing, even demonic bargains. Imagine Speedy Gonzalez, but instead of the character being shown as a sneaky thief here to break into your homes and steal cheese, being shown as dangerous and justification for violence. Mama Odie is closer to an actual depiction of Voodoo beliefs and not a character which promotes violence and fear of a race of people and their customs. I like Facilier as a character. But he is extremely problematic for a kids movie and theme park. And Disney is trying to move away from anything problematic.

ToTBellHop1 hour ago

If you insist on lagging behind with them on opening day, you may not need to volunteer!

aladdin20071 hour ago

that's for sure, at least in the beginning, and depending on word of mouth.

Disstevefan11 hour ago

Love the Haunted Mansion reference, LOL. There will be high demand for this as its a new experience so there will be no problem as there will be thousands and thousands of folks wanting to ride ;)