Disney Remains Tight-Lipped on Tiana's Bayou Adventure Opening Date in Today's Earnings Call with Bob Iger

May 07, 2024 in "Tiana's Bayou Adventure"

Tiana's Bayou Adventure construction - May 2 2024
Posted: Tuesday May 7, 2024 9:14am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Another opportunity has come and gone to announce an opening date for Tiana's Bayou Adventure at Walt Disney World.

Construction is wrapping up on the Magic Kingdom's new log-flume ride, and Imagineers continue to carry out test rides almost daily. While we expect to see some previews to begin in June 2024, we still don't have an official opening date.

Today's earnings call with Disney CEO Bob Iger was a potential opportunity to make the announcement, but it was not to be. The most likely outcome now will be a social media and Disney Parks Blog announcement in the coming weeks.

Once we have an opening date, we expect several weeks of previews for various groups, including Disney Cast Members, media, Annual Passholders, DVC Members, Club 33, and D23.

At Tiana's Bayou Adventure, Princess Tiana is getting ready to throw a big party, but there's been a bit of a mix-up between Prince Naveen and Louis, and the princess suddenly finds herself in need of a band. A true Mardi Gras celebration isn't complete without music. Riders will follow Tiana and Louis into the bayou in a last-minute search for this essential missing ingredient for her party — musical critters!

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tiger0416 minutes ago

My preview allowed re-rides.

Professortango17 hours ago

I understood it when I was much younger. Brer Rabbit says not to throw him that briar patch. Fox says "that's just where you're going!" and we are tossed into the briar patch. Then at the end the new refrains sing about Brer Rabbit tricking them and he signs "its where I'm born and bred in, the Briar Patch is where I'm heading!" There was plenty of information to pick up on.

V_L_Raptor8 hours ago

It’s been a thing for a while at Test Track whenever it’s 101.

gerarar10 hours ago

Recap on the first operational day for the public (technically APs..): 7am drop lasted for a couple hours, so everyone/APs who had a MK park reservation would and should of been able to get a BG. But due to the delayed opening and extended downtime in the morning, the afternoon 1pm drop allotment was most likely reduced (in combination with APs with a non-MK reservation), hence it only lasting for about 2 secs. Now for the downtimes: It failed to open with the official park open at 9am. Took until 11:40am, ~3 hours downtime. Then at around 1:30pm, it closed again for another ~3 hours. Around 5pm and 6pm, it also broke down for about an hour. So in total, 427 mins, or ~7 hours 7 mins of total downtime today. Magic Kingdom was open for 13 hours today, so it was closed for ~54% of the day. Basically, not good. Hopefully things improve in the next week during these previews before it officially opens to the general public. Day 1 Stats Recap in TBA VQ thread:

Brer Oswald12 hours ago

I understood it just fine when I was 11. To make it even more clear, the drop led into the briar patch. His home at the start was the briar patch.

Dranth12 hours ago

I’ve been riding it since day one and it isn’t just the speakers.

Sectorkeeper7113 hours ago

I just learned from this forum a couple weeks ago that the point of the drop was brer rabbit escaping from brer fox. I always just assumed Fox just chucked him off out of spite and he somehow lived. I do think part of both of our issues is the speakers started going over the years so it came out a bit of a garbled mess

Centauri Space Station13 hours ago

I’ll be honest i barely could understand half the dialogue on splash. The most i knew was that the bear and fox were trying to kill the rabbit.

_caleb15 hours ago

I'm trying to engage in discussion about the general reaction to TBA, and how the POV may have affected that. I'm not "addressing people here and their actions" beyond just saying I've noticed some trends. You take my observations as an attack or something? I try to be courteous. I'm genuinely confused by this exchange. My comments have been based on what I've seen in this thread (I've read every post!), and I'm just trying to share my thoughts on the impact that video had (and continues to have). Huh? Of course others don't speak for you... again, I've seen the pattern of response here and I've just been trying to talk about the ripple effect out into the general public. I'm really confused by your replies to me here. Maybe someone else can help explain to me what I'm missing, or what I said that seems to have frustrated you. Or, I'm happy to just let it go.

Professortango115 hours ago

Let's not forget that Disney also did their part in the 90's to help folks become accustomed to the characters. I grew up not knowing the film due to the ban, but I LOVED the characters because Disney put out a wide variety of books telling many of the Joel Chandler Harris stories as well as integrating the animated segments into the Disney Sing A-Long VHS series. Splash introduced me to the characters and Disney's ancillary products opened my eyes to the stories and literature they derive from. I think late 80's Disney knew they had to do some leg work because these stories were not known to new generations and likely wouldn't be. Current Disney got lazy and thought "everyone knows PatF and can watch it on Disney+, so let's just give them something cute to do rather than give park guests a reason to be endeared to them and their adventure.

flynnibus17 hours ago

Because I answered a direct question asking for basically a citation? So I provided it. No, because I know the information is easily missed, or because someone may have simply not known the information is there. It's not a topic of doubting someone's opinion - it's an example of citing material to support your assertion. These two posts are nothing alike.. so not sure why you are trying to connect them. So take it up with them? Why are you addressing people here and their actions based on people not even here? I don't address you based on what someone completely unrelated to our conversation is doing - have the same courtesy to everyone else here. We don't speak for those people... nor do they speak for us... so stop using your interaction with them to assume what someone unrelated is doing. That's not 'giving credit' - that's the opposite... assuming because you saw something over there, everyone over here must be the same.

The Mom17 hours ago

3. Be courteous and respect your fellow members. To be clear, personal attacks, aggressive messages, and passive-aggressive behavior is unacceptable. If you take particular issue with another user and are unable to reply in a civilised and constructive way to their posts, you should ignore the user. Just a reminder.

Ayla17 hours ago

Never ridden it, so that could explain why I've never seen that particular line of CM's.

_caleb17 hours ago

You just posted a really great post showing how the details in the queue set up the story of the ride. Why did you feel the need to make that post? Why didn't you give people credit that they knew what was in the queue and just disagreed that it had any connection to the ride? (To answer my own question:) I assume it's because you thought, as I did, that some folks had formed their opinions without being informed by that information. I think the POV was a major blunder on Disney's part, as it presented the ride poorly by amplifying some of its weaknesses and hiding some of its strengths. You're free to disagree that the POV was that significant. It may be true that everyone has moved on, but I'm still getting texts from non-Disney parks nerds who are sharing that POV and saying, "Have you seen this yet?" So I think it's still influencing people's first impressions.