Top of the tree lopped from the former Splash Mountain as work continues on Tiana's Bayou Adventure

Apr 06, 2023 in "Tiana's Bayou Adventure"

Tiana's Bayou Adventure construction - April 6 2023
Posted: Thursday April 6, 2023 2:16pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

More changes are visible today at the former Splash Mountain, where work continues to transform the attraction into Tiana's Bayou Adventure.

A section of the tree at the very top of the mountain has now been removed.

Work is taking place on new rockwork alongside the track at the splash-down area.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure will open at Magic Kingdom in late 2024.

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EPCOT-O.G.14 hours ago

None - we only exist on these boards

Stupido15 hours ago

I'm pretty sure this is the area they are talking about. It has a fresh concrete pour that seems to widen that lip a bit, and it still needs painting/theming. Personally I'd love more atmosphere in that quiet little bend. All that was there previously was the random Elixir cart and the birdhouses, no? Happy to see them taking more advantage of this outdoor section of the ride.

MisterPenguin15 hours ago

How many Troll AAs will it have?

imagineer9715 hours ago

I can't discern what they're talking about with an extension of the former birdhouse location for a new show scene. Could someone label it on the image?

ddisneyd16 hours ago

Can we get this chat back to Tiana construction… Great images taken from the air above. How do people feel it looks?

Casper Gutman16 hours ago

Also, the blue sky actually looks like a classic Disney ride, not the glowing-faces-in-empty-rooms nightmare of FEA. That’s nice too.

Disstevefan120 hours ago

If they had any imagination, they could have created a new friendly troll IP to go with this! Too bad.

BrerFoxesBayouAdventure20 hours ago

I love this. Why didn't they go with this.

UNCgolf21 hours ago

That's exactly my point. You're the one who said Arendelle was more Norwegian than this concept; I was taking issue with that. As for the rest -- the concept art doesn't show the entire ride/every single scene. It's certainly possible it included more Scandinavian history/culture than Frozen Ever After (wouldn't be hard), even if it was supported by Disney creations. That doesn't really matter to my original point, though.

TomboyJanet21 hours ago

Like I said Elsa should have saved you from the dark trolls (as new villians that threaten the rock trolls) at the last moment before falling down to a rocky cliff doom by pushing you down a gentler waterfall freezing what's behind you. They could have some ice pillars come up or spray some mist or even projection map something or all of the above. That would have made it more girl power and less beauty pageant Instead she tries to kill you I guess

Ghost9322 hours ago

Johnny and Ginny are icons of American cinema. Miss Sally is one of the greatest villains in film history. And the live-action could you forget the bull!!??

MisterPenguin23 hours ago

Yeah... the very artwork shown makes it clear they're just making up a new story. What does it matter if it has an exact replica of a Viking ship if the religious pre-Christian history is all a modern work of fiction? Besides, I doubt they would have had trolls in Viking ships. People say they hate Frozen in the Norway pavilion because it's not "real." Neither was the story this blue-sky concept was going to tell. Not to mention that until you get to a point in history in which there is finally a Norwegian kingdom that is distinct from the rest of Scandinavia, it is already Christianized and the old Pagan religion is defunct and mostly lost to history. The pre-Christian history of "Norway" belongs to greater Scandanavian and the North Germanic tribes. Neither Viking ships, nor trolls, nor Odin were a particularly Norwegian thing. Writings from that time are very scarce. And that's why this blue-sky concept wanted to make up it's own story of trolls. It would have been the Smurfication of Maelstrom. FEA has a lot of authentic Norwegian art and architecture. It is a made-up fable that is set in cultural Norway. And that's what this blue-sky concept was going to do, namely, tell a fable set in Norwegian Old Scandinavian mythology.

UNCgolf1 day ago

How? This one could potentially have included some actual true info about Viking longships/sailing techniques, e.g. (which would easily put it ahead of Arendelle). Even if it didn't, at worst they're identical; there's nothing about Arendelle that's more Norwegian than this concept.

MisterPenguin1 day ago

An original myth of Norway? That fails the 'edu' of 'edutainment' in more than one way. And makes Arendelle more Norwegian than this concoction.