New animatronic critters and attraction poster unveiled for Tiana's Bayou Adventure at Walt Disney World

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Posted: Tuesday April 2, 2024 10:46am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney Imagineering has released the new attraction poster for the upcoming Tiana's Bayou Adventure at Magic Kingdom.


The attraction poster features a vibrant and colorful design, set against a yellow background with decorative elements that evoke the feel of a bayou. In the center stands Tiana from Disney's "The Princess and the Frog," smiling and striking a confident pose with one hand raised. Surrounding Tiana are whimsical outlines of Madame Odie, Louis, and several critters enjoying music. The poster's border is adorned with stylized drawings of foliage and swamp details, further emphasizing the bayou theme. At the bottom of the poster, in bold yellow text on a dark green background, reads "Frontierland," signaling the location within Walt Disney World where the attraction is found. The Walt Disney World logo is present in the bottom right corner, rounding off the poster's design elements and setting the tone for a music-filled adventure in the Bayou.

The Imagineering team has also revealed a second set of musical critters that will appear in the attraction in audio-animatronic form.

Often found at festivals and street processions, Rara is a musical tradition from Haiti that's part of the musical history and melting pot of New Orleans. Here are the Rara musicians you'll discover further down the bayou.

Octavia the Bobcat – Octavia plays the vaksin, a single-note horn instrument popular in Rara music. She's an adventurous bobcat kitten, and she loves climbing and hanging out in trees almost as much as she loves performing. This daredevil almost never gets scared.

Pawpaw the Bobcat – Not only is Pawpaw Octavia's devoted grandfather, but he also taught her how to play the vaksin! Pawpaw lives to make Octavia smile and has the view that everything has a way of working itself out – he's seen it all but isn't jaded.

Claude the Louisiana Black Bear – Claude is a salt of the earth kind of bear (or, as they say in the bayou, "salt of the mound") who plays his horn along with the other members of his family. He's a tinkerer who loves to create with things found in the forest, and is frequently funny without intending to be, especially when it comes to his home-grown creations.

Bernadette the Louisiana Black Bear – Bernadette loves to enjoy life, from splashing in the waters of her bayou home with her cub, Sebastián, to playing the horn with her mate, Claude. She's a clear thinker and is warm and supportive. Bernadette loves to sink into the bayou waters and munch on plants (so long as Sebastián is clearly within sight).

Sebastián the Louisiana Black Bear – Though he's definitely a "mama's cub," Sebastián charted his own musical course as a drummer, despite his parents being devoted horn players. He's happy to follow his friend Octavia's adventurous lead as they explore and play, and is fascinated with the small details in the bayou, like the insects and mushrooms.

Phina the Gray Fox – Phina's enthusiasm extends beyond her drumming, as she's constantly thinking of new ideas with optimism and energy! This imaginative fox is continually starting new projects with excitement, and her friends accept and celebrate her unique thinking.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure will open in the summer of 2024, but Disney has yet to announce a precise date.

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Magicart871 minute ago

I'm glad someone else said it. Had I mentioned that it would have just come off as Magicart87 whining about the exterior again. But it's warranted. Just because it's colorful doesn't mean it's good.

HauntedPirate1 hour ago

I’m sure the VQ will be booked solid on those 50F January days. 😉

HauntedPirate1 hour ago

It’s Disney‘s specialty these days - Color changing LED’s!!! And everyone goes nuts over them, for reasons I cannot fathom. If they are static, great, I’m sure it will look nice in person. But the colors, to my eye, look awful in the pictures.

dig311dug1 hour ago

reminds me of any given video game streamers' room lighting

pigglewiggle2 hours ago

This all looks great. Very excited to ride in December. With a poncho. 😂

Drew the Disney Dude2 hours ago

I already shared this photo here but I don't think everyone saw it - they have already tested how it's going to look once the fence is covered. As @Disney Analyst said, it's being kept accessible until all the work is done and the plants will be the final things to be reinstalled. If you look at @DCBaker's photo from today, they have also added some form of new rectangular white things, so this work is why they haven't reinstalled the plants yet. I'm hoping these white things are lights for the effect when logs drop, but they very well could be covers for the electrical. We will see soon enough.

MerlinTheGoat2 hours ago

I truly don't think you need to worry at all. Even without my having any direct confirmation and not being particularly happy about this attraction to say the least, there's just no reason to think they'd leave this as-is and uncovered

LittleBuford2 hours ago

That is indeed what I meant. I do hope you’re right.

MerlinTheGoat2 hours ago

If you mean the green railing in front of the drop, I do not believe there is any chance whatsoever that the railing will remain uncovered. They probably are indeed keeping that area clear and easily accessible while working on lighting/sound programming. Whatever I may think about this project and the facade, I am confident that they're not going to leave this as-is literally right in the front middle for everyone to see. That would not be acceptable, and EVERYONE would rightfully tear them apart for it. I'm sure they are fully aware of the consequences for pulling something like that.

Disney Analyst3 hours ago

I have a feeling they want those speakers / infrastructure fully accessible until they are sure everything is set and good.

LittleBuford3 hours ago

Alas, that fence remains uncovered in a different sense. It’s weird that they wouldn’t conceal it all in one go if that’s what they’re really planning to do.

HauntedPirate4 hours ago

My guess this will be VQ/ILL-only for the foreseeable future.

DCBaker4 hours ago

Here's a video tour from today around Tiana's Bayou Adventure.

imagineer976 hours ago

I should have made that one of the options in my latest poll on the pinnacle of WDI at WDW.