Disney shares new details on the music of Tiana's Bayou Adventure

Jun 01, 2023 in "Tiana's Bayou Adventure"

Posted: Thursday June 1, 2023 11:10am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has announced today that Walt Disney Imagineering is collaborating with award-winning artists PJ Morton and Terence Blanchard on the music guests will hear as part of Tiana's Bayou Adventure.

Disney's Carmen Smith said, "Both natives of New Orleans, PJ and Terence will help score a lyrical love letter to the region that first inspired our endeavor with Princess Tiana. We’ll have more to share down the road as our teams make progress on a new original song composed by PJ Morton and new renditions of fan favorite music from the Walt Disney Animation Studios hit film, 'The Princess and the Frog.'"

PJ Morton is writing, arranging and producing the original song for the attraction. He is performing on and producing the sessions in New Orleans of all-new arrangements of the song, as well as songs from “The Princess and the Frog” within the attraction. 

Terence Blanchard is helming music arrangement for the attraction’s queue. Terence is working to select songs from “The Princess and the Frog,” as well as iconic themes from New Orleans.

The music will borrow from several musical styles that either originated or took up permanent residence in New Orleans. Some brand-new Audio-Animatronics figures will bring the invigorating sounds of New Orleans to life. Take this new rendering of Prince Naveen’s brother, Ralphie, for example. It’s a scene you commonly see in New Orleans: the joie de vivre influencing his every movement as he jams to the beat of his songful soul. Or this band of friendly critters playing joyful Zydeco-style music. Ralphie will be one of 17 new audio-animatronics in the attraction.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure attraction is coming to Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in late 2024.

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CntrlFlPete1 hour ago

I imagine the word 'lot' is misleading. Still, I am viewing this as a WDW attraction. WDI always seems able to build stuff for their independent operators that WDW does not seem whiling to invest in or something. I was sort of looking at it as three to five anomatronics impressed me in some form or another. WDW is the only park I've seen save Disneyland over in CA, but it has been four decades since I was last there, so just WDW. Last time I rode NRA, the cool animatronic was a video, I've seen Kylo like that. Seems WDW likes ONE impressive in their rides. I've riding Everest w/ Yeti in A mode and know the ride is NOTHING like it once was. I imagine Mr Potato Head doesn't even take his ear off anymore at WDW. Here, even if it just three (the other figures, atmosphere and such still add to the enjoyment) if not impressive from a tech standpoint. I would bet around five anomatronics are more impressive than any we had on Splash. Anyway, I do feel most families will enjoy this at WDW and I can see how folks (judging the ride based on a ride at WDW's MK and not what came before it). I just think it would/will get more love if looked at via that lense and I feel it is a far way to view it and I know I am not on the take from Disney because I have this view. Maybe WDW is a low bar for Disney, but as one who get ill on Guardians, this one is a decent swap for me.

wdisney90002 hours ago

I'm honestly glad you and your family enjoyed the attraction. But are the animatronics actually that impressive? If I'm not mistaken, 95% of them aren't capable of blinking. I could be wrong on that which is why im asking. Especially compared to animatromics that are in Anna and Elsas Frozen Journey at Tokyo Disney, which are absolutely mind blowing IMO

MerlinTheGoat2 hours ago

Disney thought this was appropriate in a Mickey Mouse short, I think you're safe-

wdisney90002 hours ago

You win! Lmao!

Figments Friend2 hours ago

Hoping it’s not ‘too gory’… Apologies to The Mom if the image is too graphic for the forum. Feel free to remove it if need be. No harm meant…. -

TheCoasterNerd2 hours ago

whoah, I've never seen the whole cartoon before, that's wild!

Figments Friend3 hours ago

Everything is fine. Just fine and dandy. No issues here……none at all…. Meanwhile in Burbank -

Figments Friend6 hours ago

bwr8271 day ago

It was plenty for me; I don’t work for the FTC. (I’m picturing bureaucrats who ask their grandkids how MySpace works.)

Consumer1 day ago

That is not adequate ad disclosure. It needs to be outright stated that this is a paid sponsorship. https://www.ftc.gov/business-guidance/resources/disclosures-101-social-media-influencers

CntrlFlPete1 day ago

I do not follow any influencers so I am not sure what all they are saying verse what the general public is saying. From what I have read in some threads around here, well, to me it seems like it needs to be compared to Splash or something as opposed to just judging it as TBA. After one ride through, my family is pleased with the makeover. Looking at it compared to other recent additions, well NRA has a great visual environment and one extremely impressive animatronic wrapped into a short ride. Here, we have a lot of very impressive animatronics and a wonderful visual environment in a lengthy ride that has a better pay off for the wait verses many shorter ride times around the park. My family is happy we have been on Splash (and other rides that have left the MK) and yet TBA is an attraction we will enjoy when we visit. I am also happy that I know I will enjoy future rides for there is a lot that I did not take in on one ride through.

Incomudro1 day ago

Hey, at least THIS Tiana isn't middle aged!

Unbanshee1 day ago

Well done. Honestly, the extreme hate for the company is as predictable as the extreme love - they just speak to different audiences, but neither are authentic

JD801 day ago

Like this? (This is just a gag, it's not real)