Disney offers two new VIP Tour Experiences - one geared towards thrill seekers and one for families

Jun 27, 2014 in "The Ultimate Day of Thrills - Walt Disney World VIP Tour Experience"

Posted: Friday June 27, 2014 11:50am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has launched two new VIP Tour Experiences at Walt Disney World offering a 7 hour VIP day for guests wanting to experience a number of attractions geared towards their interests.

The Ultimate Day for Young Families - Walt Disney World VIP Tour Experience and The Ultimate Day of Thrills - Walt Disney World VIP Tour Experience both cost $299 per person, and include access to around 7 rides across three of the parks. Both tours also include lunch at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel.

You can get the full details about both tours below.

Tours are offered on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays, and can be booked at 407-WDW-TOUR up to 180 days in advance. 
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linersJan 13, 2015

Hello....has anyone tried this tour? thanks!

omuriceJul 03, 2014

Have people not heard the Good News about 5-day park hoppers? 5 days instead of 6 hours, for only 10 bucks more.

SabrielJul 01, 2014

That's probably why they're posting 1000 job openings. :joyfull:

tigger1968Jun 30, 2014

Yes. At the time of my post the announcement was very new. The park admission requirement was clarified later. I was just too lazy to edit my post... :rolleyes:

mm121Jun 30, 2014

Park admission tickets are required. park admission is seperate

wilkelizaJun 30, 2014

You would have no legal standing because the small print says that attractions, shows, etc are subject to availability and not all may be offered at any given time. Also Disney would not sell 2000 front of the line tickets for a ride that only has a 2000 person ride capacity. Many of these tours have 10 or less families and only have one or two groups out each day. Even the $399 an hour true VIP tour guide has a limit because only so many guest relations CMs are allowed to give these tours.

BigTxEarsJun 30, 2014

I would love to see the judge/jury in your $0.15 case :) An FP+ issue like I posted does indeed directly effect those who does not book a resort room at WDW (i.e. pay Disney more) just as this VIP tour does. I had a FP+ this past June for the Frozen M&G, booked it 60 days out as we stayed on property. Folks who did not stay on property could not book that same FP+ 30 days out, this I know due to a thread on this forum saying just that. I then checked out of curosity and that was indeed the case. So because I paid more (via my room) than they did my FP+ effected them as they could not get one. And then the folks in the standby line had to wait longer while I was using my FP+ so it effect them as well. Either way though this VIP tour is not going to be so popular that it effects the line in any real way in my opinion. I just don't think the numbers will be there to effect the lines.

Tigger1988Jun 30, 2014

You can't be serious about a court case. Again, VIP tours are NOTHING NEW. Money has always had the ability to get you whatever you want in WDW, be it a guide that gets you on rides to a private dinner inside the Great Movie Ride. If someone has the money to do this more power to them.

The Empress LillyJun 30, 2014

Whatever my thoughts on that, my point was that these VIP Tours are not an added extra at WDW, not an extra service that merely provides more for an upcharge to those that buy it, but something that also directly affects those who do not. Capacity attractions are a zero sum game. One can see this if Disney were to sell 2000 front-of-line tickets...uh vip tours, per hour for a ride with a 2000 per hour capacity. Your ordinary ticket for that ride is now worthless. The greater the number of front-of-line passes move from zero to that 2000, the greater the worth of your ordinary ticket is diminished. If you have bought a ticket before these tours were announced, for a period when they will have been installed, you have a good case in court for a partial refund. (Barring, no doubt, crafty small print :p ) I wish I had a ticket, I would sue TDO for $0.15 just because I enjoy armwrestling multinationals!

BigTxEarsJun 29, 2014

I would guess that train of thought follows for 60 out FP+ for resort guest as well? I mean it's the same concept, I get a place ahead of someone in line if I pay for a resort room and they do not if the FP+ for that time or attraction are all gone when they can book their FP+. Thus I paid more for a place in line correct? We have seen this for the Frozen M&G recently at WDW. To me it's all part of the perks for paying more be it staying on site or a tour like this. I am personally fine with it as it is just how the world operates. I know using the express pass at Uni is much the same thing, pay more and get a shorter wait. I sometimes get some dirty looks when using the Express Pass at Uni :) I would say from a "fairness" standpoint Disney method is more fair than Uni, at Disney everybody get a shot at FP+, at Uni if you don't pay more (for a room or OOP) you get no shot at express pass. But then I am not a big believer in the whole "fairness" mentality that says everyone must be treated equal at all times :confused:

The Empress LillyJun 29, 2014

If I skip ahead of you in line you would freak out and tell me to get back behind you, wouldn't you? And you'd be right too. Same thing here, except people paid to skip ahead, in effect taking your place. What WDW ought to do then is refund the other guests the proceeds from these front of line passes for lessening their experience.

AEfxJun 29, 2014

Yeah, that was my thought as well. That's gotta be a whirlwind trip. Even with backstage road travel (presumably they won't be going through the main gates after you enter the MK for the first time that day), that is a lot to hit and quite a distance to cover. I mean, they would have to plan that like a marathon - for instance, van parks and you enter at the backstage entrance next to Star Tours (you can drive right up to it), do Star Tours, then Midway Mania, and then cross over through the park to RnR/ToT, and then the van is waiting for you at the backstage road there. Doing stuff like that is the only way I can see this reasonably accomplished.

note2001Jun 29, 2014

Chances are that guests on this tour will be coming through back stage to access the front of the line. This shouldn't affect anyone too much, and they will only be given one ride, per ride planned. I don't think I'd like it as by entering back stage you miss the queue's build up to the story for each ride, which is part of the experience which makes it a true theme park verses an amusement park.

Kman101Jun 29, 2014

Money grab or not (and it is), who really cares if someone wants to drop the cash on the offerings?