PHOTOS - The Seas with Nemo and Friends updated with 'new Epcot' style signs

Jan 29, 2020 in "The Seas with Nemo and Friends (Pavilion)"

New signage inside the Seas with Nemo and Friends
Posted: Wednesday January 29, 2020 2:31pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Seas with Nemo and Friends at Epcot has a new signage package throughout the pavilion, bringing it up-to-date with the new Epcot look.

Click the gallery for more pictures of the new look Seas with Nemo and Friends signage.

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GrandCanyonConcourseMar 25, 2021

My apologies I misunderstood then

HauntedPirateMar 24, 2021

Thus the reason I said “The current post-show area...”. Normally it has plenty of things to do, I agree.

GrandCanyonConcourseMar 24, 2021

Maybe with Covid you mean but normally that isn’t the case

HauntedPirateMar 24, 2021

Hardly. Turtle Talk - Closed. Bruce's Shark World - Closed. You could walk around and look at fish, that's it. Unless the signs I saw posted last week were incorrect.

GrandCanyonConcourseMar 24, 2021

Hardly. Sea base is full of activity and exhibits

Scott the LawyerMar 24, 2021

Definitely worth it - ton to do, lots of outdoors, world class hiking and rock climbing, and other attractions. But I don't want people to yell at us for not talking about The Seas with Nemo so feel free to DM me to discuss.

WondersOfLifeMar 24, 2021

It was related my dude.

HauntedPirateMar 24, 2021

TLS has a good queue. The ride is a horrible let down. And the current post-show area is basically devoid of anything other than looking at fish. And a gift shop.

MikeyK72Mar 24, 2021

Last page+ seemed to be about Atlanta. Was just hoping to get us back on topic.

techgeekMar 24, 2021

This thread is still about Epcot. The problem is other places in the world do Epcot better then Epcot itself does now.

WondersOfLifeMar 24, 2021

Would you say it/the area would be worth a 4 hour drive?

SplashZanderMar 23, 2021

I for one never knew it existed. I wonder how Sydney is doing.

HauntedPirateMar 23, 2021

Atlanta is not The Living Seas featuring Disney/Pixar’s “Finding Nemo”.

MikeyK72Mar 23, 2021

This thread used to be informative when it was about Epcot.