PHOTOS - The Seas with Nemo and Friends updated with 'new Epcot' style signs

Jan 29, 2020 in "The Seas with Nemo and Friends (Pavilion)"

New signage inside the Seas with Nemo and Friends
Posted: Wednesday January 29, 2020 2:31pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Seas with Nemo and Friends at Epcot has a new signage package throughout the pavilion, bringing it up-to-date with the new Epcot look.

Click the gallery for more pictures of the new look Seas with Nemo and Friends signage.

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HauntedPirateMar 06, 2022

Gungan insertion CONFIRMED!!!

mergatroidMar 06, 2022

Star Wars water creatures ;)

Mickeynerd17Mar 05, 2022

New species. Sign just appeared outside.

castlecake2.0Mar 03, 2022

Nursery exhibit on second floor has closed for refurbishment, will be interesting to see if it hints to any new art or story direction or if it’s just upkeep work.

Centauri Space StationOct 20, 2021

Reminds me a bit of the vehicles in TT2.0 queue

trainplane3Oct 20, 2021

Wasn't sure where else to put this but the Submousible still lives:

UNCgolfJul 21, 2021

I definitely think they deserve some slack at the moment with Covid and staffing issues. My bigger concern was this kind of stuff happening pre-Covid.

castlecake2.0Jul 21, 2021

I was thinking the same thing, but was wondering if there’s some sort of safety rule with the sign because of the crashing wave effect and such around the sign. Either way I’m glad it’s fixed, now onto getting trees planted behind france!

ImperfectPixieJul 21, 2021

Absolutely. I dunno...part of me just feels like it's such a glaring, yet minor thing? If I were in janitorial and walked by the area multiple times, I'd make a point on one of those trips to bring a rag and something to clean it up with.

MisterPenguinJul 21, 2021

The regularly scheduled cleaners aren't back from furlough yet. But being serious: If they can't staff up their restaurant under the current labor shortage, it's not too hard to extrapolate that their custodial team also has staffing issues.

ImperfectPixieJul 21, 2021

It's not difficult to figure out how long it takes for mildew to return and create a schedule for cleaning.

UNCgolfJul 21, 2021

I wish that's all it was. At least they are fixing stuff when people complain/raise the issue, though.

MisterPenguinJul 21, 2021

"The guy who checks for mildew everywhere" isn't back from furlough yet.

UNCgolfJul 21, 2021

That is one thing that became a serious issue at some point. They seem content to let stuff like that (along with bigger things like broken effects on rides) just sit as long as no one complains about it.