The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow permanently closing in early November

Oct 24, 2014 in "The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow"

Posted: Friday October 24, 2014 2:54pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Legend of captain Jack Sparrow is the next attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios to be permanently closing.

Following in the footsteps of The American Idol Experience, the Studios Backlot Tour and The American Film Institute Showcase, The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow will come to an end on November 6 2014.

The attraction opened less than 2 years ago, in November 2012, and presents a walk-through experience of elements from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

The continued closure of attractions at the Studios continues to reinforce speculation that a major redevelopment of the park is on the horizon. Disney has not yet made any comment or confirmed any expansion plans.

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TomPNov 11, 2014

Probably just some left over paint they had backstage. At least they put in a few the sun.

omuriceNov 11, 2014

All that blue paint - a new DisneyQuest? :eek:

rd805Nov 11, 2014

Well -- that was quick

Cmdr_CrimsonNov 08, 2014

Well...I stand corrected....But, what's strange is how long it took for them to put that painting up.

BoltNov 08, 2014

First time we've all heard these ideas!

RAXIPNov 08, 2014

From yesterday:

Cmdr_CrimsonNov 08, 2014

I'd doubt it..

rd805Nov 08, 2014

Caught this on my last trip 2 weeks ago --- was my only opportunity to, and glad i got i suppose. Hokey as all hell, but the effects were cool. With all signs pointing to Star Wars and Pixar presence multiplying, this has to be a start of things to come. ToT, RRC, GMR, TSMM, and Star tours. Indy / LMA / Muppets / Mermaid / Beauty and the Beast Shows. That's not a theme park is it? Updates i'd like to see: -Maybe not "Carsland" completely, but they definitely need that Test Track like ride haha. -Round out a "Pixarland" with a kid friendly dark ride. Monsters Inc could be a quick duplicate (or update) to what's in California. No reason why this couldn't be Ratatouille ride from Paris either, that ride looks great. -How about some new scenes in Fantasmic? -Turn little Mermaid into a new attraction through Disney Animation. Can correlate with the studios right near by. (I picture Philharmagic meeting Despicable Me at Universal). -Give me one additional Star Wars attraction -- make it a thriller. I can dream can't i?

ford91exploderNov 08, 2014

Only when it saves them money

ford91exploderNov 08, 2014

Glad to hear that, I think in-park DVC is a bridge too far.

Kman101Nov 08, 2014

Count me in as those who'd be quite upset to see OMD closed and removed. Let's hope they're smarter than that. It can be moved. I'm sure there's a bunch of dead space somewhere in Animation Courtyard (speaking of, while not a major problem, that area needs an overhaul too) ... and plenty of unused space elsewhere. Curious to see if/when we hear of Beauty and teh Beast and Mermaid closing their shows. Can't Disney come up with a show that includes those plus the newer princess movies for one big stage production? Please fans of both original shows and add in Tangled, PaTF, Brave ... the cruise line shows and Disney on Ice can do a best of. I've also thought The Golden Mickeys (with a bit of a writing overhaul, at least compared to the cruise line version) would have been a fantastic fit for DHS in the Superstar Theater. Back to OMD. I'd guess it depends on what their plans are for that area. They can leave Animation and that space alone and still have plenty Pixar space. It is interesting to see an almost perfect expansion pad right behind the former Sparrow 'attraction' and Toy Story Midway Mania.

HatboxGhostNov 08, 2014

Darn right!!! I LOVE OMD!!! BTW......I find it funny that I couldn't put D A M N in and was forced to put in darn. Wow!! :rolleyes: I haven't said that since I was about 7 years old. LOL.

roj2323Nov 08, 2014

They are training bungalows. Nearly every new cast member goes through them. Its honestly not very interesting its just offices and computer rooms. All stuff thats easily moved into the old animation building if they wanted to.

BairstowNov 08, 2014

I'm really glad this dud is gone, but I hope they find something constructive to do with the nifty heaps of pirate props they had in the main room.