Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room closing for short refurbishment in the fall

Aug 20, 2014 in "Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room"

Posted: Wednesday August 20, 2014 7:05am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room will be closed for refurbishment in late September.

The refurbishment is scheduled for September 27 through to October 3, reopening to guests on October 4 2014.

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Sage of TimeOct 07, 2014

Saw the show. Looked great. Lots of vibrant colors (were the tikis repainted!?) and good animation.

BoarderPhreakOct 03, 2014

Ha! Stitch who? :D

JediMasterMattOct 03, 2014

Nah, TDO is busily working on adding FP+ to snack items. Be sure to get online first thing 60 days out to reserve your Dole Whip. To be honest, if you were looking at a FP+ kiosk screen and had the choice of Stitch or a Dole Whip return time... you know which would be the offer you couldn't refuse.

Brian SwanOct 03, 2014

Appologies in advance in case I missed your "ironic font"... The original idea for the Tiki Room in DL was, in fact, to have it as a restaurant where the birds would periodically come to life and put on a show. Not sure what the reason was for turning it into a "show" instead (perhaps to allow more people to see it?). It would be interesting to convert it into a TS (MK could certainly use another one) - but I'm not sure how they could incorporate a kitchen to serve it, and it would be pretty low capacity given it's size. Downside is that the Tiki Room is one of my favorites, and I would hate to have to make an ADR for a no doubtedly expensive meal 180 days in advance in order to see it...

Texas84Oct 03, 2014

They're putting in a Dole Whip counter, like DL. Right?

wdwmagicOct 03, 2014

Yep it is back open Sat. You can also keep an eye on http://www.wdwmagic.com/refurbishments.htm for the latest dates.

Tip Top ClubOct 03, 2014

Tiki Room reopens tomorrow.

Sage of TimeOct 03, 2014

Anyone? Anyone?

Sage of TimeOct 03, 2014

Is the current Tiki Room refurb still scheduled to end on Saturday? I'll be down in WDW this weekend and I would love getting to catch a classic attraction on Sunday. thanks!

GoofyernmostAug 20, 2014

Easy now, it might have been a birth defect. How will you feel then?;) I'm not sure I understand that statement. Part one... what you're saying is either mechanical things just should not break down or it should all be shut down because an eye, limb, earlobe, you name it isn't functioning on 1 out of hundreds of AA's? That without that one AA functioning properly, we should all miss out on seeing the show? All because of a wild thought that it's a bad show? Part two... You don't think that all the AA's were replaced because there was a fire up in the ceiling do you? The Tiki room has been working almost constantly since the grand opening in 1971. That makes a lot of that original stuff almost 43 years old. It's damn amazing that any of it is still functioning.

wdwgreekAug 20, 2014

One of the drummers were missing last week and some of the tiki's had lazy eyes... most likely from little kids reaching up and prodding at them.

DoctorDisneyAug 20, 2014

As of last night, Enchanted Tales was not available for a full 60 days out from today on....and then I was able to actually go ahead and look past that through all of October and it was not available for FP+ through then either. Upon looking again this morning, now it IS available for FP+ reservations and I only see a few random dates in Sept. and Oct. not available. Me thinks it's a glitch. But also, yeah...Tiki will be down.

ScuttleAug 20, 2014

That's no excuse for non functioning AA's. Plus it is somewhat new since the fire.

danv3Aug 20, 2014

Cleanup and repairs would be great. Further cuts to the show would not be great.