Summer Nightastic to use 'Magic, Music, Mayhem' firework show from 'Disney's Pirate and Princess Party'

Feb 11, 2010 in "Summer Nightastic! Fireworks Spectacular"

Posted: Thursday February 11, 2010 9:00am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff
There has been some confusion on the discussion forums surrounding the firework show to be presented during the very exciting upcoming 'Summer Nightastic' season at the Magic Kingdom. If you have not read all the details on this from yesterday, click here.

Summer Nightastic will to use the very popular 'Magic, Music, Mayhem' firework show that was performed during the hard-ticket event 'Disney's Pirate and Princess Party'. The name will be changed, along with the introductory dialog. The actual show however, will be identical to 'Magic, Music, Mayhem'  as it was shown in the second and final season of 'Disney's Pirate and Princess Party'. This means that it will have the small cut to the Cinderella portion of the show that was made following season 1, but will be otherwise unchanged. All 8 of the perimeter launch locations will be in place, running from Splash Mountain around to Space Mountain. This will mean transporation will not be impacted as much as a full 360 show.

The use of 'Magic, Music, Mayhem' seems a great choice, as it has been one of the Magic Kingdom's most highly rated firework shows of all time. Bring on June!

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