Studio Backlot Tour to permanently close later this month

Sep 20, 2014 in "Studio Backlot Tour"

Posted: Saturday September 20, 2014 7:58pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today announced to Disney's Hollywood Studios cast members that the Studio Backlot Tour will be permanently closing on September 27 2014.

No information about what will replace the attraction has been announced, although the area has been rumored in the past to become home to a Cars Land and Pixar Land expansion, and more recently part of a possible Star Wars expansion.

Part of the exit to the Backlot Tour will soon be used for the relocated Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post.

The Studio Backlot Tour experience has been greatly reduced over the years since it debuted at the park as a major attraction. The most recent change saw the narrators replaced with a pre-recorded spiel.

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tonganprinceApr 27, 2015

Just got back from there and that section of the park is pretty depressing. They really need to update ASAP. I've never felt that the park wasn't worth it until this past visit. The juice just isn't worth the squeeze.

HauntedMansionFLAApr 20, 2015

I don't think much of anything has happened.

JwheeApr 20, 2015

Status update on buildings that have been emptied and props that have been removed?

SandurzMar 29, 2015

Yesss been looking forward to this! Part 1 was awesome. Always amazed at the footage you come up with.

GoofyernmostMar 29, 2015

Good, I'll check it out... thanks!

marni1971Mar 29, 2015

Thank you. I did get some stage footage in part one. Not an awful lot but there's a bit.

GoofyernmostMar 29, 2015

I remember all of that... The Robin Williams/Walter Cronkite film was a highlight. I was disappointed that there wasn't footage of the sound stage part of the walking tour, but, I guess they didn't allow filming up there. Once again... great job Martin!

marni1971Mar 29, 2015

If I may, part two of my trilogy is now available, documenting every major change to the Disney MGM Studios tours since 1989

LeRaposaMar 18, 2015

What you have said is partially true. Disney's licensed the name Tarzan, not the character. The name Tarzan is unfortunately still trademarked (not copyrighted). The character however is not and neither are several of the books. In 2020 however Disney will be able to do whatever they want with that name as the trademarks and (remaining copyrights) on all of Edgar Rice Burrough's work will expire. Unfortunately there is a legal loophole in this country where you can trademark something that's in the public domain. There's been a similar situation with Zorro. Disney has to play ball with ERB's estate or face a nasty lawsuit (like what happened with the comic publisher Dynamite Entertainment). A legal battle between the two would certainly be interesting. Disney has a noted hatred of the public domain. I'm not surprised Disney didn't renew the license. ERB's estate probably wants a fortune and Disney probably feels it's better off to wait five years for the trademark to expire.

bunnymanMar 18, 2015

Ah, I got to participate in the water scene once. Between the splashing and wearing the rain suit in 95 degreen heat I was soaked.

marni1971Mar 18, 2015

Wasn't that drained within a few days of closure? Anyway, I've heard rumblings of more plans to move existing things out of the area to elsewhere.

BoltMar 18, 2015

Kind of cool to see the Pearl Harbor scene drained

ford91exploderMar 18, 2015


space42Mar 18, 2015

Because they are clearly loosing money.