Star Wars Launch Bay to open in December

Sep 14, 2015 in "Star Wars Launch Bay"

Posted: Monday September 14, 2015 3:26pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

We already knew from the original announcement that Star Wars Launch Bay was opening in late 2015, but new construction walls up in-front of the Star Wars Launch Bay tighten that timeline up just a little.

"arriving December 2015" is the message displayed on the walls, along with the previously released concept art.

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Sped2424Jul 22, 2019

Thus the cycle continues. And in 20 years time this new trilogy will be looked at the same.

FigmentJediJul 22, 2019

Sorry bud, the Prequels have undergone significant re-evaluation in recent years as the result of kids who grew up with and *gasp* enjoyed them becoming a louder part of the Star Wars fandom, the popularity of the Clone Wars animated series making the era more well rounded, and even some of those people who deem the Sequel Trilogy as a mistake have regretted crapping on the Prequels and began touting its merits.

larryzJul 21, 2019

If they were smart, they'd re-theme the ABC Commissary as an Imperial Dining Hall and turn it into a character dining experience with the Darths, Chewbacca, a Han Solo look-alike, and a couple of droids. Then they could call it the ... wait for it ... Star Wars LUNCH Bay.

KevinPageJul 21, 2019

Launch Bay is destined to be a Disney Junior Black box ride (if I had to take an educated guess). Something easy to change over as new shows come and old ones fade in popularity. It’s also aimed at a younger less discerning audience so the “black box” concept only makes too much sense. This way you keep Star Wars related stuff in one section of the park. RE: Star Tours, it’s always been a half baked attraction and even with the upgrade years ago it’s still preposterous: tourist vehicle can evade tie fighter and best Boba Fett and maneuver like the greatest most nimble aircraft in the galaxy? The whole concept needs a total redo for this attraction. Get rid of all prequel crap, it’s better we forget those movies ever existed. Keep the ride focused on OT and make it something logical/plausible, not what it currently is. Someone can figure out a clever way to tie the idea into GE. And for all the armchair brainiacs who seem to revel in this so called “Disney screwed SW and they blew a billion $$$”. I heard NO ONE complain prior to opening that this was a new planet, set in new trilogy universe and they’ll be nothing to do. Now that the CA GP/AP got freaked about crowds, everyone comes out of the woodwork claiming how they knew better. GE will be just fine. WDW will be packed 8/29 and even more on and after 12/05. From all reports the only negative thing you can say is stuff they can easily fix: - open ROTR - add roaming aliens/droids - find a way to add music/more sounds Ya know, stuff that any new area or land needs time to fix when the scale is so grand. I was a kid during the OT and saw all those movies in theaters with my friends and not only am I fine with GE being focused on Kylo/Rey, I applaud it whole heartedly.

mm52200Jul 21, 2019

There also just isn’t really a suitable replacements for Chewie at Launch Bay in that space. Rey will be on the new land, and there really aren’t any other resistance themed characters available to put in there. I don’t think most people realize that Luke, Leia, and Han no longer exist as a meetable Star Wars characters, they have all been retired. C-3PO would also be very hard to make happen for a daily operational meet and greets.

Tavernacle12Jul 21, 2019

My understanding was originally there was going to be more streetmosphere but due to budget cuts and a fear of destruction by guests they were cut. Fair point about Chewie, but I'll maintain that if they thought Vader was going to be more popular than Ren they would have brought him back earlier. It could also just be that Chewie is popular enough as is they just want to leave him be.

Marc Davis FanJul 19, 2019

I’ve always thought Star Tours could “stand on its own” against GE and “remain relevant” if it focused exclusively on OT/PT characters and locations. That way, you have the “old-fashioned” (but still high-quality) ride featuring the “old guard” of Darth Vader and Princess Leia, along with familiar locations like the battle of Hoth, to help offset those concerns with respect to GE. This would be valuable in DHS and in DL. The only reason I’d see them not doing this would be because they use new ride scenes to advertise each new movie (but maybe they’ll stop with that after Episode IX). And they can just go ahead and close Launch Bay. Regarding MV3D, I think putting Star Wars there or in that area (Grand Park) would “dilute” GE too much. The separateness and “reveal” of GE will require a “palate cleanser” area that’s not Star Wars. Otherwise, how will people in the general public understand/experience where “old Star Wars stuff” ends and “the planet of Batuu” begins? It would be thematically confusing and “thunder-stealing” to put Star Wars stuff right outside an immersive Star Wars land - IMHO.

TrainsOfDisneyJul 19, 2019

I wish that was really the case....

WDW ProJul 19, 2019

Muppets is about as likely to move as It's A Small World. It's Jim Henson's final performance as Kermit, and thus is sacrosanct.

jumpinjamieJul 19, 2019

They should replace Chewbacca with C3PO if Chewie is going to be in GE. Meeting C3PO during SWW was honestly the most "magical" meet and greet I have ever done.

Walt dJul 18, 2019

He won’t be there forever “

MisterPenguinJul 18, 2019

Ooooorrrrrr.... Since Kylo is meetable at GE (and shows up at the Academy), makes sense to have the Dark Side represented at Launch Bay by Vader. Maybe they should replace Chewie at LB with a Leia. Time honored tradition of a Disney princess M&G!

Chet DakotaJul 18, 2019

Chewbacca makes appearances at Disneyland GE. You would assume that he would make appearances at DHS GE also. They are not pulling Chewie from Launch Bay. Ren over Vader at LB is because Disney wants to push the ST to the masses.

iwantthescoop337Jul 18, 2019

Do you think this is also why Galaxy's Edge doesn't include streetmosphere featuring C3PO and R2D2 (yet)? Even though they are iconic Star Wars characters featured in the OT, PT, and ST?