Star Wars Galaxy's Edge operating update - Day 2

Aug 30, 2019 in "Star Wars Galaxy's Edge"

Posted: Friday August 30, 2019 9:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Star Wars Galaxy's has entered its second day of operation today with much lower crowds than yesterday's opening day.

The park once again opened at 6am, with no Extra Magic Hours. Maximum wait times for Millenium Falcon: Smugglers Run have been just over 100 minutes, with current wait time listed as 85 minutes.

No virtual queue has been used so far today, and the land is open to all guests.

Check back later for an update as the park gets busier.

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Now there's a droid I want to build at the droid depot.

SirwalterraleighAug 19, 2020

Well they said it would be “the most immersive land ever”... Rolling ads certainly fit 😳

HoustonHornAug 19, 2020

Man, if that was the case, nobody would be complaining about a lack of kinetic energy anymore!

UNCgolfAug 19, 2020

I briefly read this as saying there were now Coca-Cola themed droids rolling around Galaxy's Edge and you could get beer from them. That would have been far more interesting!

MisterPenguinAug 19, 2020

May I introduce you to the latest lovable Star Wars droid, IK-1 Can-OB...

gerararAug 19, 2020

mergatroidMay 04, 2020

I do hope that @itsy bitsy spider has overcome his sickness :)

G00fyDadMay 04, 2020

mergatroidNov 10, 2019

Be careful or that poster that got upset with me for using the term "May feel like committing suicide" will be all over you thinking you're condoning knife crimes :rolleyes: But you're correct, I'm sat her all 'puckered up' waiting to give @itsy bitsy spider a big old smooch 😘

THE 1HAPPY HAUNTNov 10, 2019

Will yo two just kiss already and get it over with?! You could cut this tension with a knife.

mergatroidNov 09, 2019

Well Sir, do you even read what you're putting in your posts? You said I'm so sick of Galaxy's Edge. Those are your words and not mine and are different to just saying you don't like it. Perhaps think before you write and choose the words that match what you mean, that way you can make the point you want to and others can understand it. Where have I said you can't write about Galaxy's Edge, I've merely pointed out that if you're sick of it (your words) that it might help if you avoid the topic, this is not saying 'you can't write about it'? Maybe read what is said before replying in future, or don't as it's a free world. Again I'm happy to help.

itsy bitsy spiderNov 09, 2019

Do you even read what you are putting in your posts? Even though I don't like it I can still write about Galaxy's Edge in a thread about Galaxy's Edge. Where else am I going to put my comments??? The Resorts Forum???

mergatroidNov 08, 2019

Indeed and that's what I was doing by replying to you, giving my opinion on what you said. I stand by my amazement though that even though you've said "I'm so sick of Galaxy's Edge. If I have to hear about the Ronto Wraps one more time I'll puke", that you decide it's a good idea to continue reading and posting on a thread dedicated entirely to, well Galaxy's Edge? I'm sick of some reality television shows, so I don't watch them. I don't go on internet forums looking for threads dedicated to them and offer opinions on them by telling others how sick it makes me reading about them. By definition it would achieve nothing, be a waste of my time and last but not least, if it made me want to puke why would I do that? Now if it's a form of 'self abuse' then you may have actually hit the jackpot, you've discovered a never ending selection of discussions over a subject matter you've admitted to hating. Feel free to read 'until you puke' if that's your vice, you have my blessing and your opinion is very welcome despite mine differing to yours. If it's not a form of 'self abuse' then I strongly recommend that you just don't continue reading and posting on this thread. Not for my sake or anyone else's, but for your own because you're sick and tired of Galaxy's Edge. Not reading this thread will be the first step in the process of ridding your life of this problem for good. Believe it or not you should quickly find that not discussing or thinking of Galaxy's Edge will quickly cure the problem you get when discussing or thinking of, Galaxy's Edge. It may seem a complicated thing to get your head around at first, but honestly it will help you with this 'issue' immensely. Some psychiatrists would charge you a fortune for enriching your life with this little gem of advice, but as I like you so much I'm giving it to you for free. So take my advice or don't, it's entirely up to you. I just hate the thought of you suffering feeling there's no cure to your predicament and thinking that you have no choice in whether you think about Galaxy's Edge or discuss it or not, YOU DO HAVE THAT CHOICE! So stay strong and remember when the temptation arises to discuss Galaxy's Edge, JUST SAY NO.

itsy bitsy spiderNov 08, 2019

This is a message board, you are supposed to voice your opinions. Even if it isn't overly positive. If you want to talk to robots with no opinions then you're in the wrong place.