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Feb 28, 2019 in "Star Wars Galaxy's Edge"

Posted: Thursday February 28, 2019 8:54am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Declared as "one of the most advanced and immersive experiences ever undertaken by Walt Disney Imagineering," Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance looks set to break new ground in theme park experiences.

As new Resistance recruits, guests will join a climactic battle against the First Order, including a run-in with Kylo Ren. Their journey will take them inside a full-size starship and aboard a nearby Star Destroyer.

In a quote to D23, “It’s more than just a ride,” says John Larena, executive creative director, Walt Disney Imagineering. “It’s a cinematic immersive experience.”

Calling it “one of the most complex things we have ever done,” Reardon promises Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is replete with “experiential, jaw-dropping, how-did-they-do-that? moments.”

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opens at Walt Disney World in fall 2019.

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DCBakerJan 27, 2023

While the prices in Walt Disney World are currently still listed the same as quoted above, in Disneyland Savi's Workshop and Droid Depot have dropped back down to $219.99 and $99.99 respectively. Will the pricing in Walt Disney World follow?

SpectreJordanDec 31, 2022

I love all of that too; I like the concept of the ride but I'm not a fan of it in its current state, I'd revamp it in a heartbeat. But from a financial perspective, I don't see much they'd gain from it.

_calebDec 31, 2022

THIS. Honestly, the biggest weakness of all WDW parks is acoustic drop ceiling in ever attraction!

UNCgolfDec 31, 2022


MisterPenguinDec 31, 2022

1. a much better IASW that's longer with better puppets, a better ceiling, better effects 2. updating IASW to be more culturally sensitive and diverse can most easily be done with a whole re-do, especially with plans to add IP dolls 3. updating the song to highlight the various languages of the world better and to re-orchestrate it to be less cloying and repetitive 4. moving IASW from Fantasyland opens up access to all the land behind HM and RoA better than the current plan to go thru Frontierland's train station (in that area). 5. IASW in Epcot is the perfect all-ages ride to introduce the concept of World Showcase... which is thematically better than being in Fantasyland. Is world peace a fantasy?

GoofGoofDec 31, 2022

I remember those plans too. I think Radiator Springs was supposed to go where the backlot tour was (where SW is now) and the SW land went from echo lake over the location of Indy stunt show and into the parking lot. As far as I know the expansion pad into the parking lot should still be available. The SW hotel is further back so I don’t think used up the space.

SpectreJordanDec 31, 2022

It's a fun idea, but I don't really see what Disney would gain from it. It'd probably anger a lot of normal people too, as your average person expects IASW to be in the castle park.

HauntedPirateDec 31, 2022

Not that I’ve ever heard from people I trust.

HauntedMansionFLADec 31, 2022

The African area in world showcase has a nice plot of land

mickEbluDec 30, 2022

No what

ppete1975Dec 30, 2022

No and neither is cop

mickEbluDec 30, 2022

I know this has been a fan idea forever but has it ever really been considered? To me it makes a lot of sense. Move it to world showcase and give it a proper facade. Then you have a nice plot for a new E ticket in Fantasyland. Of course I’m not sure where or if they could even fit it into World Showcase somewhere.

_calebDec 30, 2022

Maybe they'll move it when they move IASW to Epcot

SpectreJordanDec 30, 2022

Man, that's a nice amount of space. This park desperately needs that to be used.