New book about the creation of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge now available for pre-order

Jul 24, 2020 in "Star Wars Galaxy's Edge"

Posted: Friday July 24, 2020 5:12pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Coming in Spring 2021, 'The Art of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge' will offer an exclusive look at the land's creation.

This large-format book showcases never before seen artwork – as well as exclusive interviews about the land’s creation – from artists at Walt Disney Imagineering and Lucasfilm.

The book is written by Amy Ratcliffe and includes a forward by Scott Trowbridge, Portfolio Creative Executive, Walt Disney Imagineering.

'The Art of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge' is priced at $50 and can be pre-ordered now for release on April 27 2021.

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JohnDJul 28, 2020

It's not the kind of book I would pre-order either. It's one I would have to pick up and leaf through to decide whether I would want to buy it. So as you said, things like concept art (including Tatootine and OT era) and plans for alternate sites would be interesting to see. So I'll just wait until I see it at a Disney gift shop or a bookstore.

mandstaftJul 27, 2020

^^^ Like this?

choco chocoJul 27, 2020

Yep. The only way this book is worthwhile is to see all the various iterations beforehand. The plans from when the land was in alternate sites. The (I'm guessing) many, many blue sky attraction concepts. Numerous versions of various layouts. Showscenes that got rejected. Ride layouts that got simplified. Et cetera and et cetera. I'm not really interested in seeing things that are close to what we currently got.

AshaNeOmahJul 27, 2020

I'd rather have an art book of all the ideas that got cut from the final product. Before and after Disneyland plans gutted the DHS version.

MovieloverJul 25, 2020

What's a book? 🤨

Stevie AmsterdamJul 25, 2020

Buying a book nine months in advance... Either I am getting too old or people are going crazy... And I'm only 39 ;)

SirwalterraleighJul 24, 2020

...on advice of counsel, I choose not to incriminate myself ⚖️

WondersOfLifeJul 24, 2020

All of the pages simply say: "Money."