New details on the table service restaurant that was to be part of the Star Wars Galaxy's Edge experience

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Posted: Friday April 23, 2021 9:22am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The upcoming book 'The Art of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge' shares some interesting tidbits on some of the things that didn't make it into the finished land.

One interesting comment in the book refers to the table service restaurant that was axed during the development phase.

According to an article from the Orlando Sentinel which got to see a preview of the book, the Star Wars Galaxy's Edge table service restaurant would have been called the Kalikori Club. Operating out of a converted two-level bathhouse, the eatery was “supposed to be almost a speak-easy, a hidden club. It is part of the under-the-underground world,” says Chris Beatty, creative portfolio executive with Walt Disney Imagineering. The book includes sketches of the Twi’lek woman who was owner and entertainment.

Another part of the eatery was the Spice Den lounge, which included a two-story aquarium.

Oga's Cantina did make it into the finished land, but hopes remain that the table service restaurant may come in the future.

The upcoming 'The Art of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge' is large-format book showcases never before seen artwork – as well as exclusive interviews about the land’s creation – from artists at Walt Disney Imagineering and Lucasfilm.

The book is written by Amy Ratcliffe and includes a forward by Scott Trowbridge, Portfolio Creative Executive, Walt Disney Imagineering.

'The Art of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge' is priced at $50 and can be pre-ordered now for release on April 27 2021.

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UNCgolf18 days ago

Didn't Universal spend like half that amount (or maybe even less) to build Diagon Alley? And Diagon Alley far more impressive than Galaxy's Edge, although it only has one attraction to GE's two. That would account for some of the difference, but certainly not even close to the full amount. EDIT: Actually I forgot they built the Hogwarts Express as part of Diagon Alley, which is only kind of an attraction IMO but still involved a lot of construction and expense.

lazyboy97o18 days ago

How about the people who spent one billion dollars and couldn’t deliver all of that?

HauntedPirate18 days ago

“You can’t fire me!”

DoubleJ2118 days ago

Got the book about an hour ago. Did a quick flip through. It’s a beautiful book. But, looking through it is a saddening experience. What could have been fills you with desire and hatred of what came to fruition. I was really struck by the how much more ambitious the early concepts were. From the massive land entrance with a gorgeous sweeping archway, the scale and detail of various areas that didn’t make it, Savi’s was much, much more ambitious early on with a beautiful and tall cave where you would grab your crystal before proceeding to build your lightsaber, I could go on and on. Whoever pulled the plug/cut a lot of these things should be fired.

DCBaker18 days ago

HauntedPirate19 days ago

The Bob’s weren’t willing to approve the extra $$ needed to fully flesh out the land. Yes, WDI’s profligate spending has a hand in the “incomplete” final product, but so do The Bob’s. Rockwork at WDI ain’t cheap and guess what they did a **** ton of in GE?

MickeyWaffleCo.19 days ago

They’re these digital things you can buy in the Apple Books store and like Amazon Kindle, I think. You have to like, swipe through pages instead of scrolling. Really weird IMHO.

mary201319 days ago

Wasn't the budget $1Billion? That's hardly not investing the money. And my understanding is that the land went overbudget, even with the cuts. IMO, the Bobs aren't to blame in this instance, it's WDI's inability to stick to a budget.

JeffH22 days ago

Galaxy's Edge is awesome. EVERY project brainstorms everything, then they decide on what goes in day one, what doesn't go in doesn't make it barebones (I think this was the most expensive addition ever?) nor does it make it bad. Rise of the Resistance is amazing and 'new', while Smuggler's Run is a great "D" attraction, BOTH of which put the guests into the Star Wars universe. The things in the book that were 'left out' day one are things to look forward to in the future (if they are truly worthy). Ironically leaving out the sitdown restaurant was VERY fortuitous as it would have been shuttered during Covid, Disney got lucky, and like the new 'western(?)' themed restaurant they are building in Toy Storyland (which you haters could have hated MUCH more than Galaxy's Edge for almost the same reason...1 simpleton roller coaster and a meh alien ride and only 1 minor eatery, yet it serves its purpose and was well done) the unbuilt restaurant in GE is a distinct possibility for us to look forward to as the land expands. People need to appreciate what there is and stop whining about what could have been. Hell, if Disney had his way there would have been NO Disney World at all, because all he wanted to build here was EPCOT (not the park), and only built the Magic Kingdom because his financiers insisted in order to finance any EPCOT he might want to build.

M:SpilotISTC1222 days ago

This is like reading the Trevorrow version of Episode 9. It was so much better than what we actually got. It's so sad to see such great ideas go to waste. If nothing else it proves what the Bob's really think of us, the customer. Slap a Star Wars logo on some rock work, add a few trees, some blue milk and people will lose their minds. They don't need to actually invest the money to make something truly amazing and "out of this world". And why would they need to when the people will come anyway. If you want a real star wars experience go spend tons at the new Galactic Starcruiser!

Jobacca22 days ago

Its REALLY frustrating to see so many amazing ideas in this book that didnt come to fruition. We really did get a bare bones stripped down version of what this land could have been 😕

999th Happy Haunt22 days ago

That bounty hunter speeder bike concept should absolutely come back as a Mandalorian attraction.

Nottamus22 days ago

“Here’s what you COULD have been eating right now”

Disstevefan122 days ago

So this is a book about a restaurant TWDC didn't build due to cost cuts ? "Hey everyone look at the great table service restaurant we decided NOT to build due to cost cuts." This concept art is really great. It's the closest we will come to the actual restaurant...