PHOTO - New concept art for Star Wars Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Nov 19, 2016 in "Star Wars Galaxy's Edge"

Star Wars Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios concept art
Posted: Saturday November 19, 2016 10:00am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney Imagineering has released its first piece of concept art showing Star Wars Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

See the close-ups below for more of the details shown in the art.

The land will feature two signature rides, a thrilling battle experience, and an attraction that puts guests behind the controls of one of the most recognizable ships in the galaxy, the Millennium Falcon.

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Jobacca17 days ago

Star Wars Weekends were 1000x more fun than Galaxys Edge

mickEblu17 days ago

I agree. I think a lot of people think not going with the OT was the main issue but I don't think that's the case.

HauntedPirate17 days ago

I didn't say they should have focused on the OT, just that their focus on the ST was a mistake. One of many.

999th Happy Haunt17 days ago

mickEblu17 days ago

I don’t think focusing on the OT would have brought more people to the land as much as I think more fun/whimsy throughout the land would have. The Falcon ride should have been a coaster. They missed the mark on Smugglers Run and thought it would make Star Tours obsolete. The OT would have just been a cherry on top of the land being more full of life and being more fun.

HauntedPirate17 days ago

Almost as if those in charge were so sure they'd be printing money with their sequels for decades that they'd have to ration access to their wondrous land dedicated to them because people would be coming in droves to see Kylo and other ST stuff. Just another misguided spending spree, this one resulting in another under-built Bob-land.

LSLS17 days ago

Personally, no, that's not what bums me about it. The lack of rides, and the narrow pathways is what I still don't really like about it. Give me some room and a lot more to do (and no, I don't consider shops things to do).

mickEblu17 days ago

Well good news is they don't have to do any swapping. Just get some OT characters walking around, have more of a "Force" presence, lightsaber duels at various times in the day, a AA Yoda walk through attraction, a Jabba's palace dinner theatre show and base the lands third attraction on the OT. Oh yea some more missions in the Smugglers Run with some of them being OT centric.

MagicHappens197117 days ago

Nothing about Galaxy’s Edge was built to be “swapped”. The land was built based on the directive from “up top” to make it based around the sequel trilogy. End of story

Purduevian17 days ago

Looks like we are in agreement that it is possible! I was just saying I don't think ROTR was specifically designed to be a quick swap to the OT based on the specific FO stuff that would be difficult to replace

𝕴𝖒𝖆𝖌𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖊𝖗9717 days ago

Retheme of Big Thunder confirmed

mickEblu17 days ago

True just find some room for a Trench Run coaster somewhere.

999th Happy Haunt17 days ago

Not denying those would be decently big changes, but I refuse to believe the retheme is not possible because of them. Look at Splash Mountain. By relatively fast I mean like around a year to switch over.

Purduevian17 days ago

I think that is a rumor there quite a few large things that really can't super easily be swapped to the OT. Off the top of my head: BB8 animatronics in the preshow All of the storm troopers are First Order not empire and would need to be re-skinned The Tie wings in the hanger are First Order The AT-ATs are FO Sure anything is possible, but it's not as simple as changing Kylos outfit/helmet to a vader one and changin dialog.