PHOTOS - Birds-eye view of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge construction at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Feb 15, 2018 in "Star Wars Galaxy's Edge"

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge aerial pictures
Posted: Thursday February 15, 2018 9:24am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The new Star Wars Galaxy's Edge land at Disney's Hollywood Studios is really starting to come together with more of the outer buildings and perimeter berms taking shape.

Click the gallery for more pictures of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge, opening at Walt Disney World in late 2019.

Photos for WDWMAGIC by Colin Chardavoyne @cchard.

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mergatroid25 days ago

Ok thanks for that, that makes some sense.

britain25 days ago

I think they are an element that adds to an effective advertisement, but most observers wouldn’t book a trip JUST to see the droids. The droids in an ad communicates what KIND of things are at the parks. It definitely IMPLIES that you will see these things if you book a trip to the parks, but most guests understand that they might not see every character, parade, or performance that is advertised when they get there. To put it bluntly, it is bait and switch, but one that is more permissible and overlooked by the general public. And, sure, this is legitimate R&D, but by saying “it’s a test“, they are under no obligation to make these fanciful characters perform like work horses every day in the sun and the crowds.

mergatroid29 days ago

So you're saying that they're not needed then because people won't even notice their absence? I've read your sentence several times and can't work out why if people booked to go on the basis these droids are there that they won't recognise the droid's absence, unless what's there already is so fantastic that it will make them forget why they went? Is that right? I love Galaxies Edge but think these additions would be great if feasible, certainly if I went expecting them I'd notice them not there though.

adam.adbeOct 20, 2023

Those are definitely not the droids we're looking for. :confused:

britainOct 15, 2023

These R&D tests have earned back their investment money already. These videos have spread across social media making the non-careful observer think that Galaxy’ Edge is full of cool stuff like this. It is advertising, and when those observers become guests, they will not recognize the droids’ absence during their trip.

No NameOct 13, 2023

The whole criticism of Disney being too cheap to have roaming droids in Galaxy’s Edge is kind of ironic, because there will come a time when it becomes financially beneficial for Disney to replace some of their guest-facing staff with robots, and fans will be like “finally, they’re giving us the droids we were promised!”

MagicHappens1971Oct 13, 2023

I’m not even surprised. In the slightest

Disney AnalystOct 13, 2023

Disney parks admits in the comments it was a 1-day play test. Ugh.

Architectural Guinea PigOct 13, 2023

Wow, they came out pretty quick - I saw these just yesterday on the Disney Imagineering channel on YT!

Henry MysticOct 13, 2023

This is the kind of thing Galaxy’s Edge has been missing.

SplashZanderOct 13, 2023

What happens when most everyone who calls the shots is out west, if only there was a plan to move them here… Oh wait

J4546Oct 12, 2023

awesome, glad to see droids making an appearence

Disney AnalystOct 12, 2023

Looks like another Disneyland W.

sedatiSep 29, 2023

“A lot of construction and hoopla” is what I’d call the Disney difference and why those lands are attractions in their own right.