The Mandalorian and Grogu to appear at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge in Disneyland but Walt Disney World left out

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The Mandalorian and Grogu meet and greet characters
Posted: Sunday September 11, 2022 1:54pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Mandalorian and Grogu will begin encountering guests inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Park beginning in mid-November.

Mando and Grogu were introduced on stage by Jon Favreau, who revealed the company has been working for years on bringing the duo to the parks.

Sadly for Walt Disney World visitors, the Mandalorian and Grogu will only be appearing at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge in Disneyland.

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truecoat10 days ago

Just wait until you can get to the front of the meet-and-greet line for only $10. Lightning Lane to meet Baymax! Sorry all you standby people, he'll be back in an hour after he recovers from heat exhaustion.

Axoman10 days ago

WDW needs more meet and greets to expand their Genie+ selections. It's easier and cheaper to do that than actually build more attractions.

Mickey515010 days ago

Some guests prefer the meet and greets.

GimpYancIent11 days ago

Yes, a Lando M&G would be good. A Bespin themed area (maybe a redo of the Docking Bay to include a class restaurant) in addition to the Lando M&G.

Phroobar11 days ago

Black Star Wars Characters Matter!

TP200011 days ago

Only if he is allowed to say "It works every time!" before PhotoPass takes your picture. ;)

Mousertainment12 days ago

Can we also get Lando please - either version? k' thanks! 😍

TP200012 days ago

What I find most alarming about them using time and resources at D23 Expo to announce these meet n' greets is the pitifully low throughput numbers that these things inherently get. You put a kid from Fullerton Junior College (Go Hornets!) out there in a costume with a handler or two, and you form a little line, do 50 greets per hour and get maybe 150 people per hour through that process. Then you factor in that these lil' meet n' greets never run during all park operating hours, and you realize that it's only open 8 or 10 hours per day while the rest of the park offerings operate the full 16 hour day. Meanwhile, the parks are full of actual rides that cycle through thousands and thousands of customers per hour. It's an inconvenient truth for some folks here, I'm sure, but these park meet n' greets have a teeny, tiny impact on the actual park experience for most paying customers. :oops: Assuming an average of 3 customers per meet n' greet, 50 greets per hour, 10 hours per day... Disneyland USA, Park Open 8am to 12 Midnight Mandalorian & Grogu Meet N' Greet = 150 customers per hour, 1,500 customers per day Pirates of the Caribbean = 2,800 riders per hour, 44,800 riders per day It's A Small World = 2,300 riders per hour, 36,800 riders per day Big Thunder Mountain = 2,200 riders per hour, 35,200 riders per day Haunted Mansion = 2,100 riders per hour, 33,600 riders per day Indiana Jones Adventure = 1,900 riders per hour, 30,400 riders per day Space Mountain = 1,800 riders per hour, 28,800 riders per day Matterhorn Bobsleds = 1,400 riders per hour, 22,400 riders per day Peter Pan's Flight = 700 riders per hour, 11,200 riders per day Dumbo = 500 riders per hour, 8,000 riders per day And yet, because they didn't want to admit they have other real projects in the works for Disneyland, they wasted a large amount of time at yesterday's Parks Panel talking about a couple of new meet n' greets? Meet n' greets that will actually entertain a teeny, tiny portion of the daily customers? I'm more embarrassed for them for wasting their time on this meet n' greet announcement than I am embarrassed for them for all wearing the same pair of dorky Dad Jeans on stage. 🤨

truecoat12 days ago

Who? Some Disney exec somewhere, probably.

CaptinEO12 days ago

How about Darth Vader? Princess Leia? Han Solo?

MadderAdder12 days ago

For a trip that probably won’t happen again… necessary evils. 😆

Sirwalterraleigh12 days ago

Fair Enough. 11 years is a long time and you’ll be ok if you can navigate the whole “pay extra to ride the stuff you’re standing out front of” thing…

MadderAdder12 days ago

To go to WDW? No, which I understand. To DL? Never been unfortunately. Just planning 1 WDW trip for next fall, first in 11 years and only as an independent adult! Just disappointing!

Sirwalterraleigh12 days ago

But will that alter your travel plans at all?