'Star Wars A Galaxy Far, Far Away' stage show and some meet and greets to end alongside entertainment shift to Galaxy's Edge?

Feb 07, 2020 in "Star Wars A Galaxy Far, Far Away"

Posted: Friday February 7, 2020 1:30pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Hollywood Studios is expected to begin a reshuffle its entertainment and character line-up as the focus shifts towards bringing more entertainment to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

The 'Star Wars A Galaxy Far, Far Away' stage show is speculated to being coming to an end later this month. The show debuted in 2016 as Disney moved quickly to add more Star Wars content to the park ahead of the completion of Galaxy's Edge. The show has been relatively poorly received by guests and requires a lot of resources to accommodate its performance.

Elsewhere in the park, it is expected that Mike, Bo Peep and Frozone will be taking a break from meet and greets.

The result of the changes will free up entertainment budget to bring more offerings to Batuu. The first addition is thought to be a stage show taking place on the Tie Fighter stage in the First Order area of the land.

Since opening, the main criticism of Galaxy's Edge has been a lack of atmosphere entertainment in a land that initially promised to be alive with the local residents of Black Spire Outpost and beyond.  These changes look to be the first step in addressing that criticism.

Disney is yet to announce any entertainment changes, so until then, consider this to be speculation.

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WEDway Inc & Company LLCFeb 27, 2020

the saving us too from obstruction of the Chinese Theater ;)

DisneysonFeb 27, 2020

I’m sure there were plans to beef up GE, but... the virus will probably make it difficult to do that. By cutting this show they’re essentially saving the Citizens, saving the Kylo moment, etc... It’s a horrible way to think but... it’s kinda true.

RaphdudeFeb 27, 2020

Cheapeck: "We'll raise ticket prices to $300 a day and cut all parades and entertainment. We have more than enough WALLS to take photos of!! People should be grateful we even let them LOOK at Cinderella Castle!!!

RaphdudeFeb 27, 2020

And now Cheapy Chappy is the CEO! :(

TrainsOfDisneyFeb 23, 2020

My guess is it’s going to keep the entertainment that didn’t get cut from the budget. If they are cutting mike and Sulley down to just mike you know they are getting tight with the cash!

Darth SnipsFeb 23, 2020

Well, “A Galaxy Far Far Away” has its final performance today. Not gonna lie, I’m really gonna miss that show. Yeah it was a simple production, but it was always surprisingly emotional for me to see that “best of” reel of moments, characters, and lines from across the Saga. I remember seeing it for the first time back in 2016 shortly after TFA came out; I think I’ve attached a lot of my feelings and memories of this new era of Star Wars to this show. Still, I know it’s time to end. And hopefully, this will lead to something better. As Yoda said: On that note, is there any update on where this budget is going? Do we still think a new show is coming to GE?

Deano77Feb 21, 2020

This may have been answered and I just have missed it, but when will the Bo and Frozone meets be ending? Thank you

TrainsOfDisneyFeb 12, 2020

I hadn’t even thought about that... yeah Star Wars weekends they had constant entertainment on the main stage. It wasn’t always a big budget show but something was happening. And then of course each night they had a finale show with the real Star Wars fireworks, not a projection show with limited pyro. And honestly... I remember waiting in line to get into the “darth mall” and being excited... and it was a temporary gift shop. For that matter.... good grief the backlot turned Star Wars counter service had characters roaming for photos!

RaphdudeFeb 12, 2020

Agreed. There was more Star Wars immersion during Star Wars Weekends. I LOVED those funny stormtroopers before each Stars of the Saga show. They need to bring Star Wars Weekends to Galaxy's Edge full time, and add Darth Vader and Boba/Jango Fett and more OT characters!! Stop cutting entertainment, Cheapy Chappy!!!!!

BromBonesFeb 12, 2020

I'm not calling you out to be a loyalist....though many others on this site are. And it looks like you and I agree that Space Adventure Land (in space) can be better. I just don't like how Disney oversold it the same way they oversold Pandora. It could be and should be much better. We as fans deserve much more for the money we pay.

TimmayFeb 12, 2020

Again, you clearly didn’t read what I posted, just looked and the post I responded to and not the post he was responding to. I’ve explained it once and that’s plenty. I’m obviously not saying GE is the greatest thing ever. It’s lacking some but is still fun. Another post of mine said Star Trek The Experience did it better than GE. For some reason, saying something positive about GE is seen as being a loyalist and apologist for Disney in general. The two can be mutually exclusive of course.

WEDway Inc & Company LLCFeb 10, 2020

I know this is a big shot, but could it be a parade? I could have sworn there were parade rumors a few years ago for DHS, and I think this structure would block where it would occur. Any insight?

PiebaldFeb 10, 2020

They should bring Jawas back over by the droid area that leads out to TSL. Also, do we count the $20k R2-D2 that is on sale and occasionally moves around the store as a "character"? 🤔

RobWDW1971Feb 10, 2020

The way they spin observable reality, if I was ever on trial for murder, I’d want them as my jury: Prosecutor: She was found dead in his room. Disney Defender: Could have been put there by someone else. P: He was standing over her with the bloody knife DD: Could have just picked it up when he walked into the room. P: He was heard saying “I’m glad I finally killed her!” DD: Could have been a ventriloquist in the next room pretending to be him.