Splash Mountain closing for lengthy refurbishment in early 2020

Oct 17, 2019 in "Splash Mountain"

Posted: Thursday October 17, 2019 2:16pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Splash Mountain will be closing for a near two-month refurbishment in early 2020.

The closure begins on January 6 through to February 27, with a reopening to guests on February 28 2020.

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riorizMar 10, 2020

on a positive note, the new painting was vibrant all through the ride

PhineasMar 09, 2020

Of course. Though the temptation would be very real.

EagleScout610Mar 09, 2020

If it had fallen off and my boat was under it, I would totally pose with it on during the big drop, perhaps a 'fancy' pose. Then return it of course

999th Happy HauntMar 08, 2020

In all fairness I feel like the show quality issues are much more noticeable in Splash than in Tower.

MaximumEdMar 08, 2020

Well, I guess we can add Splash to the list right below TOT for rides where show quality has been left behind and just good enough is good enough.

PhineasMar 08, 2020

Okay, I knew something was missing on that cave wall, and for the life of me couldn’t remember what. Also Brer Bear’s “Briar Patch??” happened before we were even at the top of the lift hill.

Animator_AlexMar 08, 2020

Yup I noticed numerous problems when I rode it the other day. Broken speakers, Jumping Brer Rabbit not working, Brer Fox's shadow missing before the drop, very quiet/no audio from Brer fox on 2 separate occasions. Very disappointing

PhineasMar 08, 2020

Man, given the fact that this attraction just underwent refurbishment, I would have hoped that the animatronics received more TLC: Brer Rabbit still talks and relates to an invisible, but still talking and singing Mr. Blue Bird. And I know that the Brer Rabbit hopping figure is notoriously problematic, but it’s just depressing seeing him hunched over in the bushes. The projection of the three Brers running over the hill was gone during one of my ride throughs and hardly visible on the other. One of the Boothill Boys’ hats was flopping around and threatening to fall off with every head movement. Audio levels were inconsistent throughout when I experienced it, and the water effects a-la the Imagination leaping fountains were disabled too. I still remember years ago having a CM tell me that whenever a “major effect” goes down, the attraction goes down reopens only once and it’s repaired. Whether this was completely true or not, I have no idea, but the main priority isn’t show quality for sure.

BromBonesMar 02, 2020

Well, At least we know you can read and that’s a great start. Be proud.

JenniferSMar 02, 2020

Unfortunately I’ve read enough of your foolish posts to know that you’re not kidding. 🤦🏻‍♀️

wishiwere@wdwMar 01, 2020

Got on yesterday and noticed a few changes. It’s definitely running more consistent and seems to be flowing through the course overall faster than before. I ride this quite a bit and it just seemed fast to me so I’m curious to hear from others. Audio was much clearer and louder but there wasn’t much in regard to animatronic help. The biggest difference that kinda bugged me was the final drop. It seems they extended the track the guide wheels roll on at the bottom for a good bit afterward and it just feels weird. It reminds me of ripsaw falls but on that ride I don’t mind because they use it for an awesome airtime hill. This just felt strange because you kept rolling. Again, curious to hear what others have to say since I’m a regular visitor. The causal rider may not even notice. Operationally, at least during my time yesterday, it seems to be much better.

MidwestStitchFeb 28, 2020

Anyone been on it since it reopened?

DryerLintFanFeb 27, 2020

They were running the flumes yesterday without guests and without extra splashy water. So it's not operational, but definitely putting enough water through to leak, if that'sthe case. Can't confirm that, but we definitely saw plenty of flumes going down a splash free mountain

ELG13Feb 27, 2020

I thought it was already closed for it's seasonal refurb. Are they saying it's going to be longer than anticipated now?