Disney Imagineer Charita Carter comments on leading the Princess and the Frog remake of Splash Mountain

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Posted: Thursday June 16, 2022 3:23pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

In an interview with Essence, Walt Disney Imagineer Charita Carter comments on the Princess and the Frog overhaul of Splash Mountain beginning soon to Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

“I am extremely honored to have this responsibility,” she says. “It’s hard work. And yes, I am nervous because I feel every day the weight of what it is that we are doing. But we have put together an amazing team of people. We are working with so many consultants and just really encouraging everybody who is touching this attraction to be curious, and to be humble and be open to learning, expanding on ways that we can tell this story.”

She adds, “We are building upon what was done with the animated film. We’re telling a next chapter story. We have this beautiful opportunity to give the character of Tiana depth and a dimensional space. I’m honored and excited. And I just feel like, ‘Yes, I’m ready. Let’s do this.'”

“When I think about what this project means to my parents, there’s that aspect. And then when I think about the young people, there’s just the full gamut, multi-generational impact. We are taking our responsibility very seriously,” Carter says. “I feel privileged and honored to be in a driving seat where I can help influence the choices that we make because like I said, we have a big responsibility and we plan to deliver.”

You can read the full interview at Essence.

Disney has said that it plans to release more information about the Splash Mountain re-theming to Princess and the Frog in July. The voice of Tiana, Anika Noni Rose recently responded to a question about Disney making a ride about "The Princess and The Frog," and that it is coming in 2024.

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JoeCamel13 hours ago

Park it on the barges.... Ya' know? Put a junkpile in one place to fill the sinkhole?

Communicora16 hours ago

TheMaxRebo19 hours ago

And while we're here, let's toast a few beers! 🍻

EagleScout61021 hours ago

To the Splash Announcement, a happy 2 years. It's caused some laughter, some tears. As this retheme (maybe? Maybe not?) Nears, Let's all come to this thread, for years and years

EPCOT-O.G.1 day ago

Exactly - people buy up anything with Figment on it!

celluloid1 day ago

Even better than that. They realized people buy the merch of extinct attractions anyway without needing the big ROI.

Rhinocerous2 days ago

I have been pushing a very similar idea for years. Use something like the Cyberspace Mountain or Sum of All Thrills tech to simulate departed ride experiences. Change the menu regularly to keep people coming back. Use the "Disney vault" model. If a ride is in refurb, consider adding it to the list. Maybe even seasonal overlays. They love to play on nostalgia. This would be a huge revenue generator for them. They should also do detailed 360° scans of all existing rides. Sell merch in the gift shop. It's a license to print money.

Poseidon Quest2 days ago

It doesn't seem plausible to me that it would go in Epic, even if Illumination is supposed to have representation there. I was under the assumption that the statement referred to meet and greets and the attraction doesn't seem to fit with the current progress we're seeing in the park. So does that mean... Islands somewhere? Tearing down the theater near Toon Lagoon?

celluloid3 days ago

Not for Studios...

Disney Analyst3 days ago

I believe Secret Life is not currently planned for USO. So far just the minions villain con attraction where Shrek was.

matt91123 days ago

I agree with that…. Granted that’s probably harder….more expensive land to use. The concept of Tom Sawyer island just doesn’t mesh well with the modern attendance.

solidyne3 days ago

Two out of three ain't bad. So sad, so true. Even those who are aware don't care. It's clear the current crowd, most of whom just want to move their faces from cell phone screen to ride screenz and back, sees things like Treehouse as "wastes of space."

crazy4disney3 days ago

Yes i would love that space to be used as a new land/attraction

bhg4693 days ago

No, there is a new minions attraction coming in addition to the simulator ride. Its supposedly a walk through shooting type attraction.