Josh D'Amaro talks about Splash Mountain retheme and opening the parks during a global pandemic

Jul 11, 2020 in "Splash Mountain"

Posted: Saturday July 11, 2020 2:27pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Josh D'Amaro, the new Chairman Disney Parks, Experience and Products took part in an interview with CNN earlier today and shared some comments on the reopening of the parks, and on Splash Mountain.

When asked about reopening the parks when cases are increasing in Florida, he said, "We are in a new normal right now, so what's happening outside of the gates of Walt Disney World is our new world. I think you know we were one of the first theme parks to close, and we'll be about the last to open. And we spent every minute of every day thinking about how to operate in this new normal that we're in. I'm exceptionally proud of this group in terms of what they've put together from a protocol perspective and being able to open in a phased and really responsible way. I had a chance to walk Main Street just a few minutes ago. It feels really good in the park. So yeah, the world is a different place, but we feel really prepared to operate in this new environment that we're in."

He goes on to talk about new safety protocols and how guests so far have accepted the new environment and are complying with health and safety requests.

Josh also briefly commented on Splash Mountain's retheme to Princess and the Frog, "We actually have been working on it for well over a year. In fact, I was a part of those conversations over a year ago. Listen, our stories evolve all the time. I mean, back from when Walt started Disneyland back in 1955, he stated that if we would continue to evolve our stories, that they're never ending, that they'll always be contemporary. And I think that that's what you're seeing with Splash Mountain. I keep using the same word, but I'm really proud of this team and what we're doing on this front. I think Splash Mountain, no doubt, is a sacred attraction to many of our guests. And I think you're going to love what we're doing in making the attraction even more contemporary."

Read the full interview at CNN.

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Rich Brownn26 minutes ago

That was the similar reason for not including Pirates at opening and we all know how well that turned out :)

Basil of Baker Street22 hours ago

PatF should have replaced TSI. Complete with the Riverboat.

Disney-Universal Fanboy1 day ago

Can’t believe Disney got rid of the riverboat, Tiana could have gone in between pirates and mansion at disneyland and I wouldn’t have put a patf ride in Florida since it’s right next to/is in a bayou, so it would be too redundant.

donaldtoo4 days ago

Thanks…!!! :)

Alanzo4 days ago

Absolutely beautiful.

EagleScout6107 days ago

Holding onto this one for future use

trainplane37 days ago

Too early. Brain slow. 🙃

Cmdr_Crimson7 days ago

trainplane37 days ago

Didn't say everything is at someone's house. Most likely it's the smaller AAs that got pulled out of there.

Brer Oswald7 days ago

By the sounds of it, unfortunately all scrapped for parts. They should’ve kept a goose and a Swamp Boy.

donaldtoo7 days ago

I was a CM at our local mall Disney Store (long since gone) for 4+ years from ‘09-‘13, including 1+ year as a Lead Manager. It was one of the old “pink and green” Stores with big fig scenes above the 7’ (or was it 8’…? 🤔) line. Dumbo, 101 Dalmatians, Pinocchio, etc. All broken product, recalled product, old displays/fixtures, etc., by corporate decree, were to be stored until taken out back to the crusher to be destroyed. The crushing/destruction also had to be witnessed by at least one Manager and another regular CM. We had a display there next to the box office (cash wrap) at one point that had gift cards and Park passes for both WDW and DLR. We got word from corporate that we would no longer be carrying any Park passes, and the gift cards would be in drawers behind the box office. The display was to be destroyed. The display had a castle atop it that the Store Manager always knew I liked. As we were disassembling it, she said to me “Take this out to your car right now, and don’t say a word…!!!” I just smiled, and did as directed. I gave it to our oldest daughter, and she used it in both of our granddaughters nurseries…sorry, not sorry…!!!!! :D:hilarious::inlove::happy:

Cmdr_Crimson7 days ago

Not sure what you'd want to do with a AA of Brer Bear posed like this.... But,

trainplane37 days ago

I've heard some AAs have ended up with various people in WDI. Which makes sense since everything in the new ride is probably servo based and anything that was hydraulic is gone. And a side note with the archives, they usually don't even know everything they have.

SuddenStorm7 days ago

Plus, some stuff gets kept backstage in break areas and cafeterias and offices.