Splash Mountain closing for a 1 day refurbishment in December

Sep 08, 2016 in "Splash Mountain"

Posted: Thursday September 8, 2016 1:22pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom is set to be closed for a single day refurbishment in December.

The closure is planned for December 7, with a reopening to guests on December 8 2016.

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JohnDSep 10, 2016

Feel free to create a thread in Imagineering and dream away. Let's stick to the topic here, shall we?

JohnDSep 10, 2016

That makes lots of sense. Create a checklist in anticipation for its usual winter refurbishment.

trampdogSep 10, 2016

In the immortal words of Ronald Reagan, "well, there you go again". Thank you for proving my point. The only people who associate racism to an object are those who are racist to begin with. Only a human capable of thought can be racist. An object does not have the ability to be racist. Unfortunately, its a downward spiral from there as it spreads like a virus. The fox made a doll out of a lump of tar. How the hell is that offensive? It's a story/fable written in a book that is read and proclaimed around the world. Holy shmoly you are off the scales with this. By your thought process, the following should be also banned from the Walt Disney archives: Steamboat Willie Country Bear Jamboree Jungle Book Jungle Cruise WDW Railroad Small World Peter Pan's Flight Maybe, just maybe, if you took a step back, open your eyes, and let some color in. Then everything wouldn't be so black and white to you. I'm done with this thread.

MerlinTheGoatSep 10, 2016

And you were given an honest answer that you refused to accept- Splash Mountain should not be rethemed at all. There is absolutely nothing about the ride that can be reasonably construed as offensive to anyone (the ride doesn't even have a tar baby). It's one of the most popular Disney rides and is adored by people of all races.

RapunzelsWeaveSep 10, 2016

I asked an honest question to what fans would want to retheme Splash Mountain into and this is the ridiculous response I get SMH.

RapunzelsWeaveSep 10, 2016

Really? Wow. You're right... Disney should totally run with the Tar Baby. There's zero reason they refuse to put Song of the South on Bluray. It's just TOTALLY PC, not common decency. *rolling eyes*

trampdogSep 09, 2016

And what would those "obvious" reasons be? Hmm? Come on, say it. People are so freaking PC it's absurd! While we are at it, you better re-theme Small World since it represents stereotypes among every nationality and race in the world. Racist people are the ones that always have to bring up race, even if they only hint at it. Yeah, this subject gets my blood boiling because it is causing way too much tension and setting this Country back 50 years. We are all learning the wrong thing from the idiot in the lead role. What a disaster!

PizzaPlanetSep 09, 2016

I know you are being sarcastic, but that idea makes me feel physically ill. :depressed:

ShoalFoxSep 09, 2016

Any love going towards Splash Mountain is a good thing in my book. Even if it is only 1 day...

RSoxNo1Sep 09, 2016

No... stop it.

RapunzelsWeaveSep 09, 2016

I've always wondered what they would retheme this ride as eventually. It just seems odd to keep Song of the South characters (for the obvious reasons) and also because kids today and even adults under 30 don't know these characters. My idea would be based off the Donald Duck Vacation cartoon where he's camping and goes over the waterfall in the canoe. Donald would fit well into Critter Country/Frontierland. The logs could be replaced with "canoes", and the story inside could be based on the funny scenes of Donald's camping mishaps. Anyone else have a retheme idea?

RSoxNo1Sep 08, 2016

I wonder if this will be followed up with an additional refurb in January or if they will forgo that in 2017. If so, my sister will be delighted as she hasn't been on the ride in years due to the January refurbs.

HeroOfWDWSep 08, 2016

That's actually really cool

DisneyPrincess5Sep 08, 2016

One day closure hmmm. I may be looking too much into it but is it possible that they're installing something to prevent alligators from entering and inhabiting Splash's water system?