Spaceship Earth changes officially paused as Disney confirms it will reopen along with EPCOT on July 15

Jun 20, 2020 in "Spaceship Earth"

New Spaceship Earth concept art
Posted: Saturday June 20, 2020 1:38pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has included Spaceship Earth in EPCOT's reopening day attraction line-up, which finally confirms that the planned changes have been put on pause.

Spaceship Earth had been scheduled to close beginning May 26 2020 to begin a major refurbishment, but construction throughout Walt Disney World came to a halt due to the COVID-19 shutdown.

According to Disney, "the next iteration of Spaceship Earth will focus on the story of humanity, following our long journey from prehistoric humans to today brought to life with magic and depth that only Disney can deliver. Many of the moments you know and love will be updated in amazing ways, blended with brand-new scenes to tell a story about our human experience."

Details remain scarce on what changes were to be made, but Disney had said that "Throughout the attraction, you’ll hear new narration and see how light plays a central role in our shared human journey, coming to life in dynamic ways in a celebration of the magic that’s possible when we all come together." The concept art above shows the new look of the Egypt scene.

A reopening date is yet to be announced, but there is speculation that the work will take 2 to 3 years.

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montyz81Dec 24, 2020

I would think they would highlight their existence if they were plan to be used in the refurb.

Mac TonightDec 22, 2020

Wouldn't they just be "off" during that portion of the ride anyway?

trainplane3Dec 22, 2020

The screens (their "boxes") are still there, they just aren't colored in.

montyz81Dec 22, 2020

The refurb concept art never had any touchscreens in it. But then again, this is just a drawing, so who knows.

DisneyGentlemanV2.0Dec 18, 2020

I got to speak with George about 8 years ago, and it was fascinating to chat about Horizons. That place had an impact...

Mickeynerd17Dec 10, 2020

At least that is a part of nature. I can live with that Being sucked up in a vacuum only to be dumped into a landfill that's NOT where you wanted to be makes me uncomfortable.

larryzDec 10, 2020

You'd rather be puked on under the bushes than immortalized in the AVACS?

DragonmanNov 23, 2020

Let’s see here shall we lol 82-86: 3 86-94: 8 94-2007: 13 2007-20??: going on 13 years now but given circumstances I have no doubt it’ll end up being more than the last update.

*Q*Nov 23, 2020

What an injustice that the worst version of the ride is going to end up being the one that stuck around the longest.

FigmentFan82Nov 16, 2020

i hope screens go bye-bye. Let the attraction pull you in to it's story and envelope you with wonder and awe.

The PhoNov 14, 2020

Ya it wouldn’t be perfect, so perhaps having them front and center wouldn’t work. Could always be a hidden menu like Rip Ride Rocket has to get the other audios. I think the type of people that would choose the older narrations would also be the type to be fine with it not lining up perfectly.

UNCgolfNov 14, 2020

I think the biggest issue with this idea (even though I'd love it) is that the older narrations wouldn't always match up with the ride. Some of the scenes have been changed and of course the ending is different.

DragonmanNov 14, 2020

At least a couple of those old narrations would need some restoration if so, most notably the original Perrin audio which hasn’t been touched since 1986.

The PhoNov 14, 2020

I think of this as not so much an expansive idea. Sure it changes the ride significantly, but only by allowing guests to experience previous audio that they already have primarily. And they already have the screens as well. I think it’d be a small portion of the budget for a significant ride experience upgrade.